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BAcon, L.-Macaulay and the Anglo-IBAcon, L-Palfrey's History of New

Catholics, VII, 288. Music in Worship, VII, 350..... . The Applications of Političak. Ecgn

omy, VII, 419. : ... : : - . Review of J. P. Lesley's Address to

the Suffolk North. Association of

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Isaac Taylor's Works, W1J 6.10: Looking for the Church, VIII, 106. Are you Ready for the Question ? VIII, 299. John Cotton, VIII, 388. Conscience and the Constitution, with remarks on Webster's Speech in the Senate [1850] on the subject of Slavery, VIII, 472. Moses Stuart, X, 42. Evangelical Alliance, X, 309. Review of Prof. Park's Memoir of Hopkins, X, 448. Literature of Slavery, X, 588. The Church Review and New England Theology, XI, 92. The Life and Works of John Robinson, XI, 136. Church Review Theology examined, XI, 261. Review of Thornwell on Slavery, XII, 93. Review of Prof. Schaff's Church History, XII, 237. Morality of the Nebraska Bill, XII, 304. The Southern Apostasy, XII, 627. The Puritan Ritual, XIII, 450. Review of Hodge on Presbyterianism, XIV, 1. The Relation of Christianity to Law and Government, XIV, 447. The President's Message at the Third Session of the 34th Congress [1856], XV, 1. Paul on Politics, XV, 462. Buchanan on Kansas, XV, 675. Review of the New Andover Hymn Book, XVII, 69. The Moral of Harper's Ferry, XVII, 1066. The Minister's Wooing. From the Dr. Dryasdust Point of View, XVIII, 145. The Crime against the Right of Suffrage, XVIII, 453. A Hymn and its Author—Augustus L. Hillhouse, XVIII, 557. A Half Century of Foreign Missions,

England, XVIII, 1020, Puritan History, XIX, 126. : Thé Pulpit and the Crisis, XIX, 140. * Thé Martyrs under Queen Elizabeth, XIX; 437.

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XVIII, 711.

Relations of the Federal Constitution to Slavery, III, 595.

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DAGGETT, O. E.—The Impressiveness of
Preaching, W, 90.
Church Building, WI, 1.
Churches and Parsonages, XII, 276.
C. H. Spurgeon and Extemporaneous
Preaching, XVI, 28.

DANA, J. D.—The Mosaic Cosmogony,
XVI, 74.
Anticipations of Man in Nature,
XVII, 293.

DAVIs, E.-The Common School Controversy in Massachusetts, W, 513.

DAvis, J. G.-Systematic Benevolence, IX, 14.

DAY, G. E.-The Israelites in Egypt, XVI, 65.

DAY, H. N.—Review of A. B. Chapin's Classical Spelling Book, II, 350. Principles in the Art of Landscape, VI, 331.

DAY, J.-Doctrine of the Higher Law,
XI, 161.
Analysis of Conscience, XIV, 243.

DEFoREST, J. W.—Olimpia Morata, XIII, 216.

DENIson, A. C.—Reflex Benefits of the Clerical Office—a Letter from a Country Clergyman to his Desponding Brethren, XVIII, 573.

DEXTER, H. M.–Review of Dyer on
Inspiration, VII, 515.
Note to the Review of Dyer on Inspi-
ration, VIII, 144.

DIMON, J. L.--Dr. Grant and the Mountain Nestorians, XI, 440. Early Christianity in China, XI, 481.

DUNNING, E. O.-Review of Headley's

Writings, W, 402.

Martial Men and Martial Books, WI, 482.

Review of Abbott's Napoleon, XI, 329

Review of Abbott's Napoleon Bonaparte at St. Helena, XIV, 215.

Private Character of Thomas Jefferson, XIX, 648.

DUTTON, H.-Increase of Crimes against Life, II, 346.

DUTToN, H.-The Doings of the Last Connecticut Legislature on Temperance and Liberty, XII, 449.

DUTTON, S. W. S.—Review of Matthew H. Smith’s “Universalism, Examined, Renounced, Exposed,” I, 35. The Protestant Principle in its Application to High Church Episcopacy, II, 66. Review of Dr. G. Peck on the Divine Rule of Faith, II, 304. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone on Scriptural Views of Preaching and the Sacraments, as distinguished from Baptismal Regeneration and the Real Presence, II, 510. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone's Memoir of Bishop Griswold, III, 227. The Tract Society's Alterations of Standard Works, reviewed and censured, III, 272. Review of Gov. Hammond's Defense of Slavery, in his Letters to Thomas Clarkson, III, 567. Religious Instruction of the Slaves, IV, 45. Memoir of John Breed Dwight, IV, 127. Review of Albert Barnes's “Scriptural Views of Slavery,” IV, 384. Review of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales, and Mosses from an Old Manse, W, 56. The Sufferings of Christ not confined to His Human Nature, W, 415. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone on the Church Universal, V, 247. Proposed Substitution of Sectarian for Public Schools, WI, 230. Supplement to “Proposed Substitution of Sectarian for PublicSchools,” VI, 299. The French Revolution of 1848, VI, 431. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone's Memoir of the Life of Dr. Milnor, VII, 122. The American Board and Slavery— Review of S. Treat's Report, VII, 273. Popular Education in the West by Female Teachers from the East, WII, 593. David Hale, VIII, 129. The Supremacy of God's Law. (“The Higher Law.”) Mr. Seward's Speech on the Admission of California, VIII, 378.

Reform and Reformers, VIII, 507.


DUTTON, S. W. S.–Steamships to Liberia. African Colonization, IX, 70. Sketch of the Life and Character of the Hon. David Daggett, IX, 296. Sketch of the Life and Character of the Hon. Simeon Baldwin, IX, 426. The Maine Temperance Law, X, 63. Thomas H. Gallaudet, and Deaf-Mute Instruction, X, 415. Vicarious Religion. Review of Whately’s “Errors of Romanism, traced to their Origin in Human Nature,” X, 511. The “New Themes” Controversy— the Relation of Christianity to Poverty, XI, 571. Life and Works of Stephen Olin, XII, 124. Note.—The Church Review on “A disputed Fact,” XII, 159. The Relation of the Atonement to Holiness, XIII, 493. Slavery. Its Effects on the Property, Intelligence and Morals of the Whites. Review of Olmsted's Seaboard Slave States, XIV, 264. Prof. Huntington's Sermons, XIV, 429. Review of Jos. P. Thompson's Slavery and the Bible—Albert Barnes's Slavery and the Church—W. W. Patton's Slavery and Infidelity, XV, 102. Southern Writers on Slavery. IIelper Against Slavery—Stiles Against Anti-Slavery, XV, 634. Review of Prof. Fisher's Historical Discourse, “The Church of Christ in Yale College,” XVI, 434. Review of Dr. Cleaveland's Twentyfifth Anniversary Sermon, XVI,841. Review of Dr. Cleaveland's Reply to the New Englander, with respect to the Misrepresentations charged

upon his Twenty-fifth Anniversary

Sermon, XVII, 164. Coöperation in Home Missions. The American Home Missionary Society and the Presbyterian Church Extension Committee, XVII, 1016. Discourse Commemorative of Charles Goodyear the Inventor, XVIII, 774. The Duties to their Country in the present Crisis, of those who remain at Home while their Brethren go down to the War, XIX, 674. Address Commemorative of the Life and Services of Eli Ives, M. D., XIX, 930.

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EUSTIs, W. T.-The Middle Kingdom,
VII, 215.
The Railroad Enterprise, its Pro-
gress, Management, and Utility,
IX, 321.
The Corruption of the Lord's Supper
into the Latin Mass, XI, 420.
John Wesley, XII, 82.
Utah and the Mormons, XII, 553.
C. A. Bartol's Pictures of Europe
Framed in Ideas, XIII, 595.
The November Number of the New
Englander and Prof. Huntington,
XIV, 295.
Review of Charles Kingsley's Two
- Years Ago, XV, 448.
Unchastity, XVII, 469.

FIELD, H. M.–The Ministry favorable to the highest Development of Mind, III, 44. The Italian Revolution in 1848, VII, 72. Writings and Opinions of Thomas Carlyle, VIII, 46.

FISHER, G. P.—Prof. Shedd’s “Discourses and Essays,” XIV, 363. Review of Mrs. Stowe’s “Dred,” XIV, 515. Is Protestantism Responsible for Modern Unbelief? XVI, 1. Review of Mansel on the Limits of Religious Thought, XVII, 601. Dr. Bellows on the Suspense of Faith, t XVII, 968. Dr. Osgood on the Broad Church, XVII, 980. Original Sin. The State of the Question, XVIII, 694. Discourse commemorative of Prof. Josiah Willard Gibbs, XIX, 605. Review of Prof. E. A. Park's Memoir of Nathaniel Emmons, XIX, 709.

Fisk, F. W.—The Forces of the Pulpit and their Relation to its Power, XVII, 632.

FISKE, N. W.-A Letter explanatory of a Case of Optical Illusion in Sickness, III, 199.

FITCH, E. T.—Emmons as Sermonizer, Theologian and Metaphysician, I, 110. On Perfect Intonation and the Euharmonic Organ, VIII, 278.

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GIBBS, J. W.-Resemblance of Certain
Languages to the Latin, I, 140.
Vowel Changes in the English Lan-
guage, I, 434.
Messianic Prophecies, X, 102.
Catholic Complaints against the Early
Protestant Versions of the Scrip-
tures, X, 300.
The Jewish Kabbala, X, 433.
Philological Miscellany, X, 472—XI,
The Use of Testament for Covenant,
XV, 242.
Critical Miscellanies, XV, 666.
The Ante-Mosaic Origin of the Sab-
bath, XVI, 691.
Common Version and Biblical Revis-
ion, XVII, 489. -
The Latin Question, XVII, 801.
Hints on Lexicography, XVIII, 226.
Common Schools and the English
Language, XVIII, 429.
GILMAN, D. C.—The Editorial Pro-
fession, XI, 210.
Barth and Livingstone on Central
Africa, XVI, 347.

Art Exhibition in Yale College,
XVI, 807.
Humboldt, Ritter and the New

Geography, XVIII, 277. Disunion Conspiracy, XIX, 754.

GILMAN, E. W.-The Permanence of the Pulpit, XIII, 435. Revision of the English Bible, XVII, 144.

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