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GooDRICH, C. A.—Review of Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit, XV, 169.

GooDRICH, W. H.-The Preaching for the Age, XII, 1.

Goodwin, H. M.–Review of Horace
Bushnell's Sermons for the New
Life, XVII, 382.
The Divine Humanity of Christ,
XVIII, 851.
Review of Horace Bushnell’s “Chris-
tian Nurture,” XIX, 474.

GRIDLEY, A. D.—Imagination in the Preacher, III, 548.

GRosvenor, L.-Review of O. Dewey on Claims of Seamen, III, 481.

GUERNSEY, J.-The Hand of God in the Gold Region, VIII, 80.

GULLIVER, J. P.-Physiology in Schools, XIII, 276.

HADLEY, J.—Review of Alfred Tenny

son's Princess, VII, 193.

Review of Mure's Critical History of the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece, IX, 161.

The Number Seven, XVI, 742.

Notice of the Journal of the Oriental Society, (Vol. VI, No. I, 1859,) XVII, 830.

Notice of the Sūrya Siddhānta, XVII, 832, XIX, 168.

Notice of Dwight's Modern Philology,
XVII, 1089.

HALL, E. E.-The Church Review and New England Theology, XI, 92.

HALL, E. F.—Italy and the War, XVII, 708.

HALL, G.-Christian Simplicity, XII, 440. Symptoms Modifying our National Joy, (1855,) XIII, 19. The Hypothesis. Directions and Cautions with respect to its Use in Reasoning, XIV, 481.

HALL, J. G.-Review of Mark Hopkins's Sermon on the Subjection of the Creation to the Bondage of

HAMILTON, D. H.-The Kantian Philosophy, XV, 61.

HAMMOND, C.—American Puritanism,
I, 352.
Review of Denison Olmsted's Life
and Writings of E. P. Mason,
III, 313.
Common Schools and their Relations
to Higher Seminaries, VI, 313.

HARRIs, S.–Cause and Cure of Sectarianism, W., 78. Dependence of Popular Progress upon Christianity, W, 433. Upham's Life of Madam Guyon, WI, 165. The Necessity of Completeness in the Christian Life, VII, 369. Professor N. W. Fiske, VIII, 67. The Conditions of Missionary Success, VIII, 489. Review of Gobat's Abyssinia, VIII, 515. Endless Punishment a Result of Character, IX, 186. The Harmony of Natural Science and Theology, X, 1. t Louis Kossuth, X, 109. The Complete Academic Education of Females, XI, 295. Politics and the Pulpit, XII, 254. Infidelity. Its Erroneous Principles of Reasoning, XII, 341. Development and Evolution, XVII, 880.

HART, B.—Human Government a Divine Institution, III, 525. The Results of Modern Missions Permanent, IX, 207. The New Northwest, XVII, 995. The Acquisition of the Amoor, XIX, 352.

IIART, J. C.—Ohio Congregationalism, XIII, 607.

HASTINGs, T.—Church Music, WI, 424. Music in Worship, VII, 357.

IIAvPN, J. Jr.—The Doctrine of the Trinity, VIII, 1.

HEQUEMBourg, C. L.-The Necromancy of the Nineteenth Century, XII, 33.

HITCHCock, E.-A Letter respecting a Case of Optical Illusion in Sick

Corruption, IV, 40.

ness, III, 192.



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Johnson, S. W.—Spiritualism tested by Science, XVI, 225.

JoSEs, E. C.—Saul and the Woman at Endor, XIV, 75.

Jones, J. H.-The Sepoy Mutiny, XVII, 357.

JUDsoN, E. –Evangelization of the West, IV, 29.

KINGSLEY, H. C.—The American Tract

Society, XVI, 612.

Roman Catholic Contributions and Missions, XVII, 93.

Daniel Lord and the American Tract
Society, XVII, 618.

The Oberlin-Wellington
XVII, 687.


KINGSLEY, J. L.-Early History of Connecticut, I, 224. Review of John Frost's Pictorial History of the United States, I, 600. Sketch of the Life of Gurdon Saltonstall, II, 495. Chronology. Review of Jarvis's Chronological Introduction to the History of the Church, V, 215. Chronology, V, 531–VI, 378. Review of Eliot's History of Harvard College, VII, 140. Review of the “Motto " of Jubilee College, VII, 470.

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LARNED, W. A.—Dorr's Rebellion in Rhode Island, 1, 85. Review of J. Perkins's Residence among the Nestorians, I, 285. Henry Clay as an Orator, II, 105. Annexation of Texas, II, 453. Shall we Vote to Perpetuate Slaveryo II, 589. A Review of Whately, Mill, Tappan, on Logic, IV, 457. Discourses at Cambridge and New ... Haven, at the Inaugurations of President Everett and President Woolsey, V, 196. The English Reviews and the French Revolution, VII, 153. Sanitary Surveys, VII, 310. The Slave Compromises of the Constitution, VII, 329. Lieutenant Lynch's Expedition, VII, 443. Hugh Miller, VIII, 237. The Bards of the Bible, by Gilfillan, reviewed, IX, 198. Review of the Life, Letters and Writings of Thomas Campbell, IX, 261. Plank Roads, IX, 290. Review of Campbell's Age of Gospel Light, IX, 544. Review of Longfellow's Golden Legend, X, 90. Joseph Story, X, 147. Review of the Life and Letters of Niebuhr, X, 526.


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MARTIN, B. N.—Reply to the Methodist Quarterly Review, XVIII, 473. Theology of Wesley—Second Reply to the Methodist Quarterly Review, XIX, 621.

MARVIN, A. P.-Review of the Life and
Writings of Robert Murray Mc-
Cheyne, VI, 219.
The Sources of our Population, X,
Review of John Adams's Diary and
Autobiography, XI, 222.
Note to the Article on the Sources
of our Population, (X, 393,) XI,
Review of Rufus Choate's Discourse
Commemorative of Daniel Webster,
|XI, 606.
Review of Nehemiah Adams's South-
Side View of Slavery, XIII, 61.
Postscript to the Review of Nehe-
miah Adams's South-Side View of
Slavery, XIII, 485.
Congregationalism, Past, Present and
Future, XIII, 530.

MINER, T-Autobiographical Letter, II, 19.

MITCHELL, D. G.-Landscape Gardening, and Rural Architecture, I, 203. The Fashionable Monthlies, II, 96. Agriculture as a Profession, or Hints about Farming, XVIII, 889.

MooRE, J.-Review of Motley's United Netherlands, XIX, 386.

MURDOCK, J.-The Assaults of Hume, Voltaire, and Rousseau upon Christianity, characterized, I, 169. Review of E. R. Tyler's Congregational Catechism, II, 180. The Epistles of Ignatius, VII, 501.

NICHOLs, W. A.—Chicago and the West. The Foundations of many Generations, XII, 510.

Nortii, E. D.—Review of Percival's
Classic Melodies, II, 81.
The Homeric Poems, III, 216.

NoFTIIRoP, B. G.-Common School System of Massachusetts, XIII, 43.

OGDEN, D. L.-Criticisms on the Lit-
urgy of the Episcopal Church in
America, I, 469.
Yale College Reminiscences, V, 572.
The Trials of Bishop Ives, XIII, 363.
Baptist Close Communion, XIII, 562.

OLMSTED, D.—Reminiscences of Alex-
ander M. Fisher, I, 457.
Thoughts on the Discovery of Le
Werrier's Planet, W, 126.
Thoughts on the Revelations of the
Microscope, V, 231.
Thoughts on the Riches of the Natu-
ral World, WI, 404.
Thoughts on the Sentiment that “The
World was made for Man,” VII, 17.
Obituary Notice of John Pitkin Nor-
ton, X, 613.
Obituary Notice of Professor A. D.
Stanley, XI, 325.
Review of B. Silliman's (Senior)
Visit to Europe, XII, 24.
The Plurality of Worlds, XII, 570.
A Philosophical Survey of the Ocean,
XIII, 117.
The Divine Love of Truth and Beauty
exemplified in the Material Crea-
tion, XVI, 770.
The Meteorology of Palestine, XVII,

PAGE, S.–Messianic Succession, V, 360.

PALMER, R.—Duties of the Christian
Ministry, I, 340.
Review of Upham's Interior Life, III,
Liberalism in Europe, VIII, 329.
The Puritan Clergy of New England,
XIV, 497.
The Congregational Ministry of the
Future, XV, 366.

PATTON, W.-Apostolical Succession, II, 273.

PEABODY, Mrs. ELIZABETH.-Biographical Sketch of Gen. Joseph Palmer, III, 1.

PERKINs, G. W.-Review of Philippo's Jamaica, Past and Present, II, 560,

PERRIN, L.-The Christian Citizen,
XIII, 422.

God on the Side of the Oppressed,
XIV, 593.


PHELPs, A. A.—Prospects of Religious Freedom, III, 392.

PLATT, D.—Home Evangelization, XIII, 344.

Pond, E.-Examination of the Scriptu

ral Meaning of “The Tree of Life,” I, 384.

Evangelists, II, 297.

Review of L. Coleman's Apostolical Church, IV, 182.

Amusements, IX, 345.

History of Changes in Church Government, XIII, 295.

Natural and Moral Ability and Ina. bility, XIII, 387.

PortER, G. M.–Review of James F.
Clarke on the Forgiveness of Sin,
XI, 24.
Review of the Memoir of Henry
Ware, Jr., VIII, 250.

PortBR, J. A.—Agricultural Education, XVII, 1056.

PoRTER, N. Jr.—Congregationalism in New England, I, 568. Review of Theodore Parker's Discourse of Matters pertaining to Religion, II, 371. 2 Theodore Parker and Liberal Christianity, II, 528. Episcopalianism in Massachusetts, II, 619. Bishop Southgate and the Episcopal Missions, III, 244. 2Theodore Parker and the Boston Association, III, 450. Review of the Autobiography of J. Blanco White, IV, 238. Review of Mark Hopkins on the Evidences of Christianity, IV, 401. Dr. Thomas Arnold as a Scholar, Historian, Teacher, Theologian, Controversialist, Man, W, 364. 2The New Theological Controversy, W, 613. Review of Horace Bushnell's Christian Nurture, WI, 121. Morell's Philosophy of Religion, VII, 566. Bartol's Discourses, VIII, 434. Review of Allston's Lectures on Art and Poems, VIII, 445. Reforms in Collegiate Education, IX, 110. James Handasyd Perkins, IX, 359.

PoRTER, N. Jr.—Review of the Memoirs
of William Wordsworth, IX, 583.
Litchfield County Celebration, X, 76.
The New Infidelity, XI, 277.
Recent Works on Psychology, XIII,
Review of Emerson's English Traits,
XIV, 573.
The American Student in Germany,
XV, 574.
Ellis on the Unitarian Controversy,
XVI, 511.
Review of Horace Bushnell's Nature
and the Supernatural, XVII, 224.
Thorndale; or the Conflict of Opin-
ions, XVII, 652.
The Atlantic Monthly and the Pro-
fessor at the Breakfast Table,
XVII, 771.
The Princeton Review on Dr. Tay-
lor, and the Edwardean Theology,
XVIII, 726.
Review of Ralph Waldo Emerson's
Conduct of Life, XIX, 496.

Post, T. M.–Immortality—The Argu

ment for—from Nature, XIV, 115.

Immortality—The Argument for— from Scripture, XIV, 161.

RAY, L.-Indians of Connecticut, I, 312.

Review of Tennyson's Poems, III, 57.

Review of the Connecticut Colonial Records, X, 198.

RENSIIAw, C. S.—Religious State of
Jamaica, IV, 19.
Historical and Statistical View of the
Working of Emancipation in Jamai-
ca, WI, 557.

Riggs, S. P.-The Indian Question, XV, 250.

RICHARDsoN, M.–Plain Discussion with
a Transcendentalist, I, 502.
Review of Carlyle's Past and Present,
II, 25.
Review of Carlyle's Cromwell, IV,211.
The Relation of Education to the
Well-Being of States, VI, 207.
The Mission of Labor, VI, 473.

RoBBINs, E. W.-James Gates Percival,
XVII, 400.
Review of Hawthorne's Marble Faun,
XVIII, 441.

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