Statistical reports on the pergunnahs of Padshapoor, Belgam, Kalaniddee and Chandgurh, Khanapoor, Bagulkot and Badamy, and Hoondgoond in the southern Mahratta country, by T. Marshall


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207 페이지 - Sir, — I am directed by the Hon'ble the Governor in Council, to...
37 페이지 - The male screw cylinder is about a foot higher than the female and into its head a horizontal bar is let to Chapter IV. Agriculture. CROPS. Wheat. Sugarcane. Chapter IV. Agriculture. CROPS. Sugarcane. Ragt.
179 페이지 - ... of savage beasts and more savage men, will not cease to be interesting to their descendants to the latest period of time. It may not be uninteresting to give a short sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the first settlers of New England, in which not only they were concerned but all their posterity to the present day. " The first settlers of the Plymouth Colony, (1620) were called Separatists...
179 페이지 - W. by N. and E. by S. Its layers are almost exactly perpendicular to the surface of the earth. It plainly dips under the Sand stone hills.
125 페이지 - I found nearly a fourth of the dwellings little wattled huts each occupied by a single old woman whose friends were all dead or fled, or by a poor day labourer or Sepoy who had not the means of marrying.
179 페이지 - ... but they are of a very inferior quality. It is not uncommon for a few layers of this clay...
146 페이지 - ... heaped, and in a little time, as the heat increased, a smoke, apparently inflammable air expelled from the ore, appeared at the top of the pile. The smoke was lighted and remained burning during the whole of the process. As the charcoal sank in the chimney more charcoal was thrown in, and more ore was sprinkled on it. The whole load of the furnace in one working, which lasted from eight in the morning until about three' in the afternoon, was about fifty or sixty shovels weighing forty- two to...
179 페이지 - Throughout, thU slate is traversed by numerous most irregular veins, -which have the appearance of having once' been a liquid mailer poured into Iranftveree end curvilinear fissures which run in all (Directions.
125 페이지 - It would appear that the lowest rate of population is found in small hamlets of 8 or 10 huts, which are either just commencing to settle, or have been broken up by the numerous afflictions of the last 20 years...
181 페이지 - Council sufficiently clear to shew that Mr. Marshall was a good deal misinformed in many details of Revenue subjects, and that some of his conclusions...

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