Standing Information Regarding the Official Administration of the Madras Presidency in Each Department: In Illustration of the Yearly Administration Reports

E. Keys, 1877 - 449페이지

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381 페이지 - An Act for the regulation of Printing-presses and Newspapers, for the preservation of copies of books printed in British India, and for the registration of such books.
203 페이지 - ... lunatic asylums, choultries, markets, tanks and wells; the payment of all charges connected with the objects for which such buildings have been constructed; the training and employment of vaccinators and medical practitioners ; the sanitary inspection of towns and villages; the cleansing of the roads, streets and tanks; and any other local works of public utility calculated to promote the health, comfort, and convenience of the people.
176 페이지 - Affecting the Public Debt of India, or the Customs Duties, or any other tax or duty now in force and imposed by the authority of the Government of India for the general purposes of such Government : 2.
176 페이지 - The religion or religious rites and usages of any class of Her Majesty's subjects in India : 3rd. The discipline or maintenance of any part of Her Majesty's Military or Naval Forces : 4th. The relations of the Government with foreign Princes or States.
409 페이지 - For a person of average height, it is equal to about the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, plus a hand's-breadth, the former distance being the natural cubit (for a person of such height).
184 페이지 - Court now subject to the superintendence of the said High Court, and shall have authority to try at its discretion any such persons brought before it on charges preferred by the Advocate-General, or by any Magistrate or other officer specially empowered by the Government in that behalf.
193 페이지 - Judges with the jurisdiction of a Judge of a Court of Small Causes for the...
176 페이지 - India, or the customs duties, or any other tax or duty now in force and imposed by the authority of the Government of India for the general purposes of such Government : 2. Regulating any of the current coin, or the issue of any bills, notes, or other paper currency : 3. Regulating the conveyance of letters by the post office or messages by the electric telegraph within the Presidency : 4. Altering in any way the Penal Code of India, as established by Act of the Governor-General in Council, No.
261 페이지 - ... effected naturally, no works being required for that purpose beyond small open trenches in the rice fields. Ordinary agricultural works in the Madras Presidency irrigate an area of about 3,865,157 acres, yielding a revenue of approximately Rs. 1,31,04,126. They consist of two kinds, viz. (1) rain - fed tanks or reservoirs, generally of minor individual importance, each deriving its supply directly from rainfall distributed over an area of land, which is called the catchment basin ; and (2) channels...
367 페이지 - April 1859 the attention of the Government of India and of the several Local Governments had been drawn by the present Earl of Derby, who was then Secretary of State, to the expediency of imposing a compulsory rate to defray the expenses of schools for the rural population. The measure did not at that time find favor at Madras, the Government, at the head of which Sir Charles Trevelyan, being opposed to any compulsory taxation for educational purposes.

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