Mental Health: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Health ... Eighty-fourth Congress, First Session on S.J. Res. 46 ... S. 724 ... S. 886 (Title VI) ... March 30 and April 13, 1955

Considers (84) S.J. Res. 46, (84) S. 724, (84) S. 848, (84) S. 886.

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4 페이지 - All executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government are authorized and directed to cooperate with the...
4 페이지 - Each member shall hold office for a term of three years, except that any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring prior to the expiration of the term for which his predecessor was appointed shall be appointed for the remainder of such term, and...
2 페이지 - Congress that there exists a critical need for such an objective, thorough, and nationwide analysis and reevaluation of the human and economic problems of mental illness...
7 페이지 - Grants under paragraph (2) of subsection (a) may be made only upon recommendation of the National Advisory Mental Health Council. Such grants may be paid in advance or by way of reimbursement, as may be determined by the Surgeon General ; and shall be made on such conditions as the Surgeon General finds necessary.
3 페이지 - Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this joint resolution may be cited as the "Mental Health Study Act of 1955".
7 페이지 - by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United, States of America in Congress assembled. That...
7 페이지 - Welfare a program of reinsurance to improve the public health by encouraging more extensive use of the voluntary prepayment method in the provision of personal health services.
125 페이지 - An act concerning aliens," is contrary to the Constitution, one amendment to which has provided that "no person shall be deprived of liberty without due process of law...
3 페이지 - General is authorized, upon the recommendation of the National Advisory Mental Health Council, to make grants for the carrying out of a program of research into and study of our resources, methods, and practices for diagnosing, treating, caring for, and rehabilitating the mentally ill, such program to be on' a scale commensurate with the problem.
5 페이지 - The Commission is authorized to appoint and fix the compensation of such other personnel as may be necessary to enable it to carry out its functions, and is authorized to obtain services in accordance with the provisions of 5 USC 3109.

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