The practical angler; or, The art of trout-fishing, more particularly applied to clear water


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3 페이지 - Swift, that angling is always to be considered as "a stick and a string, with a fly at one end and a fool at the other.
227 페이지 - STEWART (WC) The Practical Angler, or the Art of Trout Fishing, more particularly applied to Clear Water.
61 페이지 - ... angler fishing down will be seen by them twenty yards off; whereas the angler fishing up will be unseen, although he be but a few yards in their rear. The advantages of this it is impossible to over-estimate. No creatures are more easily scared than trout; if they see any object moving on the river's bank, they run into deep water, or beneath banks and stones, from which they will not stir for some time. A bird flying across the water, or the shadow of a rod, will sometimes alarm them; and nothing...
112 페이지 - ... that can see them ; whereas if thrown partly across, they all come down in different lines, and the trout in all these lines may see them. In casting across, when the flies light, the stream carries them out at right angles to the line, and they come down the stream first, so that the trout...
71 페이지 - Those anglers who think trout will take no fly unless it is an exact imitation of some one of the immense number of flies they are feeding on, must suppose that they know to a shade the colour of every fly on the water, and can detect the least deviation from it — an amount of entomological knowledge that would put to shame the angler himself and a good many naturalists to boot.
105 페이지 - We have frequently watched the motions of a trout on taking a fly, and when left to do with it as they chose, they very quickly expelled it from their mouths with considerable force ; and we think that if the angler strikes, even when the trout's mouth is open, he will have a much better chance than by leaving it to hook itself. A trout on seizing an artificial fly is almost instantaneously aware that it is a counterfeit, and never attempts to swallow it ; very frequently letting it go before the...
217 페이지 - October in which a good angler should not kill at least twelve pounds weight of trout in any county in the south of Scotland.
78 페이지 - The artificial flies in common use may be divided into two classes. There is first the winged fly, which alone, properly speaking, merits the appellation ; and there is the palmer hackle or spider, by which last name we mean to call it, believing that if it resembles anything in the insect tribe, it is a spider. As a means of capturing trout, we rank them higher than the winged imitations.
62 페이지 - This, although it may not seem of great importance to the uninitiated, tells considerably when the contents of the basket come to be examined at the close of the day's sport; indeed no angler would believe the difference unless he himself proved it. Another advantage of fishing up is, that it does not disturb the water so much. Let us suppose the angler is fishing down a fine pool. He, of course, commences at the top, the place where the best trout, and those most inclined to feed, invariably lie....
154 페이지 - Worm-fishing," says Mr. Stewart, " is the most certain and deadly of all fishing ; and by it more trout may be captured in the month of July than by any other means in any other month of the year. And he is not worthy of the name of angler who cannot in any day of the month, when the water is clear, kill from fifteen to twenty pounds weight in any county in the south of Scotland.

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