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Amelia. Oh, madam, might I implore your influence with—

Lady Am. Thou art ill accommodated here; but I hope thou wilt excuse—My mind is a sea of trouble, my peace shipwrecked—Oh, friend, hadst thou seen my cousin Harry, thou too, all who knew him, must be anxious for his safety.

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Enters with Sm GEORGE.

Sir Geo. Rascal! whip me up like a pound of tea, dance me about like a young bear, make me quit the preserver of my life ! yes, puppy unknown will think me a poltroon, and that I was afraid to follow, and second him.

John. Well, you may as well turn into your hammock; for out to-night you shall not budge—[Sees AMELIA.] Oh! marcy of Heaven! isn't it~—-Eh, maste,r? Only give one look.

Amelia. [Seeing Sm GEottoE.] My husband!

[Saoons,- LADY AMARANTH supports her.

Sir Geo. ’Tis my Amelia!

John. [Stopping Sm GEORGE, and looking attentively at AMELiA.] Reef the foresail ! first, you

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overset her by bringing to.

Lady Am. Hold—soft!

Amelia. Are you at length returned to me, my Seymour?

Lady Am. Seymour! her mind is disturbed; this is mine uncle, Sir George Thunder.

J0/m. No, no, my lady, she knows what she's saying very well.

Sir Geo. Niece, I have been a villain to this lady, I confess. But, my dear Amelia, Providence has

done you justice in part. From the first month I quitted you, I have never entered one happy hour on my journal; bearing that you foundered, and considering myself the cause, the worm of remorse has gnawed my timbers.

Amelia. Qu're not still offended with me?

Sir Geo; tie ! can you forgive my offence, and con. descend to take my hand as an atonement?

Amelia. Your hand! Do you forget that we are already married?

Sir Geo. Ay, there was my rascality.

John. You may say that.

Sir_ Geo. Hold your tongue, you impudent crimp, you pander, you had adviser—I'll strike my false colours—l'll now acknowledge the chaplain you provided was—

John. Was a good man, and a greater honour to his black, than your honou1' has been to your blue, cloth—Eh, by the word of a sea.man,here he is himself!

Enter BANKS.

Sir Geo. Your brother! ‘

Banks. Captain Seymour! have I found you, sir?

Sir Geo. My dear Banks, I'll make every reparation.—Amelia shall really be my wife.

Banks. That, sir, my sister;_is already; for when I performed the marriage ceremony, which you took only as the cloke of your deception, l was actually in orders.

John. Now, who's the crimp, and the pander? I never told you this since; because I thought a man's own reflections were the best punishment for betraying an innocent woman.

Lady Am. Madam, my inmost soul partaketh of thy gladness, and joy for thy reformation. [T0 Sin. GEORG But thy prior marriage to this lady, annuls the subsequent, and my cousin Harry is not now thy heir.


Sir Geo. So much the better; he's an unnatural cub ; but, Amelia, I flatter myselfl have an heir, my infant boy

Amelia. Ah, husband, you had; but—

Sir Geo. Gone! well, well, I see I have been a. miserable scoundrel—Eh, I will, yes, I'll adopt that brave kind lad, that wou'dn't let any lfldy kill me but himself. He shall have my estate, that's my own _acquisition—My lady, marry him, puppy unknown’s a fine fellow! Amelia, only for him, you'd never have

found your husband Captain Seymour in Sir George Thunder.

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Land. Please you, madam, thcy've got a footpad in custody. _ _

Ep/1. I am come to sit in judgment, for there is/ a bad man in thy house, Mary. Bring him before rlu.

Sir Geo. Before you, old squintabus? And perhaps you don't know Pm a magistrate?

Eph. I'll examine him.

Sir Geo. You be damn'd l—I'll examine him myself. [S/woes EPHRAIM.] Tow him in here. I'll give him a passport to Winchester bilboes.

Amelia. [K-neels to Sm Gaonm-1.] Oh, sir, as you hope for mercy, extend it to this youth; but even_ Should he be guilty, which, from our knowledge of his benevolent and noble nature, I think next to an impossibility, let the services he has rendered to us—he ‘protected, relievc_d- your forsaken wife, and her unhappy brother, in the hour of want and sorrow.

Sir Geo. What, Amelia, plead fora robber! Consider, my love, justice is above bias or partiality. If my son violated the laws of his country, I'd deliver:

him up a public victim to disgrace and punishment.

Lady Am. Oh, my impartial uncle! Had thy country any laws to punish him, who, instead of paltry gold, would rob the artless virgin of her dearest treasure, in the rigid judge I should now behold the trembling criminal.

Enter TwvrcH, with Rovza bound, who heaps hisfacc averted, and Two RuFFisN s.

Eph. [ddz:ances.] Speak, thou.

Sir Geo. Hold thy clapper, thou——-Who are the prosecutors t

Eph. Call in—

Sir Geo. Will nobody stop his mouth ? [JOHN Dom? pushes him up against the wall.] Where are the prosecutors?

Twitch. There, tell his worship, the justice.

2d Riff A justice—Oh! the devil !—I thought we should have nothing but quakers to deal with.—[/1side.] Why, your honour, I'll swear— s

[In a feigned country voice.

Sir Geo. [Looking at them.] Oh, ho! Clap down the hatches—secure these sharks.

Rover. Ithought I should find you here, Abrawang, ahd that you had some knowledge of these fellows.

Liuly Am. Heavens! my cousin I-larry ! [As2'de.

Sir Geo. The devil ! isn't this my spear and shield?

John. [A¢l‘vances.] My-young master—Oh! what have you been at here? [Unbinds Rovza.

Enter HARRY.

Harry. My dear fellow, are you safe? _ Rover. Yes, _Dick, I was brought in _here very safe, I assure you.

Harry. A confederate in custody below has made a confession of their villany; that they concerted this plan to accuse him of a robbery; first, for revenge, then, in hope to share the reward for apprehending him: he also owns -they are not sailors, but depredators on the public. _

Sir Geo. Keep them safe in limbo. [RUFFIANS taken ofl]—Not knowing that the justice of peace, whom they've brought the lad now here before, is the very man they attacked !—Ha! ha! ha!--The rogues have fallen into their own snare. \

Rover. What, now, you're a justice of peace; well said, Abrawang! '

Amelia. Then, Sir George, you know him too?

Sir Geo. Know puppy unknown! to be sure.

Rover. Madam, I am happy to see you again. [To AMr.LiA.]—Ah, how do you do, my kind host?

[S/lakes /iands with BANKs.

Larly Am. I rejoice at thy safcty.—Be reconciled to him. [To Sm Gizonoiz.

Sir Geo. Reconciled !—If I don’t love, respect, am! honour him, I should be unworthy of the life he rescued. But who is he?

Harry. Sir heis—

Rover. Dick, I thank you for your good wishes; but I am still determined not to impose on this lady. Madam, as I at first told this well meaning tar, when he forced me to your house, I am not the son of Sir George Thunder.

John. No! ThenI wish you were the son of an admiral, and I your father.

Harry. You refuse the lady? To punish you, I've a mind to take her myself.—My dear cousin—

Rover. Stop, Dick.—-If I, who adore her, won't, you shall not. No, no; madam, never mind what

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