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Twitch. Well, Master Gammon, as you desir'd, I'll come to serve this here warrant of yours, and arrest Master Banks; where is he?

F. Gam. Yes, now I he's determined on't—he's¢ZOUSIKIS ! stand aside, I'll speak to you anon. [Looking out.


Lady Am. Friend, Jane, whom I have taken to be my handntaid, is thy daughter?

F. Gam. Ay, so her mother said, an't please your ladyship.

Lady Am. Ephraim Smooth acquainteth me thou art a wealthy ycoman.

1". Gam. Why, my lady, I pay my rent. ,

Lady Am. Being yeta stranger on my estate around here, Ihave passed through thy hamlet to behold with mine own eye the distresses of my poor tenants. I wish to relieve their wants;

F. Gam. Right, your ladyship: for charity hides a deal of sins. How good of you to think ofthe poor ! that's so like me; I'm always contriving how to relieve my neighbours—you must lay Banks in gaol tonight. [Apart to Twiréit.

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Jane. A'nt please you, will your ladyship enter our humble dwelling, and rest your ladyship in feyther's great cane-bottom"d elbow chair, with a high back? [Courtesiea] ‘ _

F. Gam. Do, my lady. To receive so greata bod from her own chariot is an honour I dreamt not o ; though, for the hungry and weary foot traveller, my

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doors are always open, and my morsel ready, Knock ; when he comes out, touch him. [Aside to TWI'rCH.] Lady Am. Thou art benevolent, and IwiIl_ enter thy dwelling with satisfaction. Jane. 0 precious ! This way, my lady. [Exeunt all but 'TWI'rcn. Twitch. Eh, where's the warrant? [Feels his pocket, and knocks at B.snKs's d00r.]

Enter BANKs.

Banks. Master Twitch! What's your business with me ?

Twitch. Only a little affair here against you.

Banks. Me!

Twitch. Yes; Farmer Gammon has bought a thirty pound note of hand of yours.

Banks. Indeed ! Well, I didn't think his malice could have stretched so far—I thought the love, he professed for my sister, might,—--why, it is true, Master Twitch, to lend our indigent eottagers small sums, when they've been unable to pay their rents, I got lawyer Quirk to procure me this mono , and hoped their industry would have put it in my power to take up my note before now. However, I'll go round and try w at they can do, then call on you and settle it.

Twitch. You must go with me.

Rover. [Withoat.] Old gentleman, come quick, or l'll draw another bottle ofyour currant wine.

Twitch. You'd best not make a noise, but come. [Tu BANKs.]

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Twitch. Oh, here's a rescue! '
Banks. Nay, my dear sir, I'd wish you not to bring

yourself into trouble about me.

Twitch. '\low, since you don't know what's civil, if the debt's not paid directly, to gaol you go.

Rover. My kind, hospitable good old man to jail! What's the amount you scoundrel ?

T witch. Better words, or I'll—

Ruver. Stop; utter you a word good or bad, except to tell me what's your demand upon this gentleman, and I'll give you the greatest beating you ever got since the hour you commenced rascal. [In alow tone.

Tiiuitck. Why, master, I dont want to quarrel with

ou, because—

y Rover. You'll get nothing by it. Do you know,

you villain, that I am this moment the greatest man


T-witch. Who, pray?

Rover. “ I am the bold Thunder!” Sirrah, know that I carry myfpurse of hgold in my coat-pocket, Thou h damme i I know ow apurse came there. [Asjdi and takes it out.] There's twenty pictures of his Ma'est ! therefore, in the king's name, I free his liegJe suybje<':t; [Takes BANKS away] and now who am 1? Ah, ah .

Twitch. Ten pieces short, my master ; hut ifyou're a housekeeper I'll take this and your bail.

Rover. Then for bail you must have a house» keeper? What's to be done!


Ah, here's old hospitality! I know y.ou've a house, though your tire side was too warm for me. Lookye, here's some rapacious, griping rascal, has had this worthy gentleman arested. Now a certain, good,

- for-nothing, rattling fellow has paid twenty gllIHt'BS;

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you pass your word for the other nine, we'll step back into the old gentleman's friendly house, and over his currant wine, our first toast shall be, liberty to the honest debtor, and confusion to the hard hearted creditor.

Gam. Ishan't.

Rover. Shan’t! What's your name?

F. Gam. Gammon.

Rover. Gammon! Dem'me, you're the Hampshire hog. [Exit F. GAMMON. Sdcath! How shall I do to e.\ttricate—? I wish I had another purse in my waistcoat pocket.

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Lady Am. What tumult's this?

Rover. A lady! Ma'am_. your most obedient humble servant. [B0ws.] A quaker too! They are generally kind and humane, and that face is the prologue to a play of a thousand good acts—may he she'd help us here. [Aside] l\rla’am, you must know that—that I—-no—-this gentleman—l mean this gentleman and I-—He got a little behind hand, as every honest, well principled man often may, from—bad harvests and rains—lodging corn—and his cattle—~ from murrain, and—rot the murrain! you know this is the way all this affair happened, [Tu B.\:sKs.] and then up steps this gentleman, [To 'I‘wt'ren.] with aa tip in his way—-madam, you understand? And then in steps I-with my a—-ln short, madam, I am

.the worst story teller in the world, where myself is the hero ofthe tale.

Twitch. Mr. Banks has been arrested for thirty pounds, and this gentleman has paid twenty guineas of the debt. '

Ban/;s. My litigious neighbour to expose me thus!


Lady Am. The young man and maiden within, have spoken well of thy sister, and ictured thee as a man of irreproachable morals, t ough unfortunate.

Rover. Madam, he's the honestest fellow—I've known him above forty years; he has the best hand at stirring a tire--If you was only to taste his currant wine—

Banks. Madam, I never aspired to an enviable rank in life: but hitherto pride and prudence kept me above the reach of pity: but obligations from a stranger—-

Lady Am. He really a stranger, and attempt to free thee? But, friend, [To Rovsn.] thou hast assumed a right which here helongeth alone to me. As -I enjoy the blessings which these lands produce, Iown

,, also the heart delighting-privilege of dispensing thcge ,r blessings to the wretched. Thou mad'st thyself my »' worldly banker, and no cash of mine in thine hands, ' [Takes a note from a pocket book.] but thus I balance our account. [Qflirrs it.] _

Rover. “Madam, my master pays me, nor can I take money from any other hand, without injuring his honour, and disobeying his commands."

“ Run, run, Orlando, carve on every tree,
The fair, the chaste, the unexpressive she.”

Banks. But, sir, I insist you'll return him his money.
[To TwrrcH] Stop! [Going.] ‘

Twitch. Ay, stop! [Holds t/reshirt ofhis coat.]

Lady Am. Where dwelleth he?

Banks. I fancy. where he can, madam. I understand, from his discourse, that he was on his way to join a company of actors in the next town.

Lady Am. A profane stage-player with such a gentle, generous heart! Yet whimsically wild, like the unconscious rose, modestly shrinking from the recollection of its own grace and sweetness.

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