India: Its Condition, Religion, and Missions

J. Snow and Company, 1884 - 253페이지

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51 페이지 - He having willed to produce various beings from his own divine substance, first with a thought created the waters, and placed in them a productive seed." " The seed became an egg bright as gold, blazing like the luminary with a thousand beams; and in that egg he was born himself, in the form of Brahma, the great forefather of all spirits.
130 페이지 - A barren wife may be superseded by another ' in the eighth year : she, whose children are all dead, in ' the tenth ; she, who brings forth only daughters, in ' the eleventh ; she, who speaks unkindly, without
57 페이지 - The desire (for rewards), indeed, has its root in the conception that an act can yield them, and in consequence of (that) conception sacrifices are performed; vows and the laws prescribing restraints are all stated to be kept through the idea that they will bear fruit.
51 페이지 - In that egg the great power sat inactive a whole year of the Creator, at the close of which, by his thought alone, he caused the egg to divide itself; and from its two divisions he framed the heaven above and the earth beneath ; in the midst he placed the subtile ether, the eight regions, and the permanent receptacle of waters.
61 페이지 - If land be injured, by the fault of the farmer ' himself, as if he fails to sow it in due time, he shall ' be fined ten times as much as the king's share of the ' crop, that might otherwise have been raised ; but only ' five times as much, if it was the fault of his servants
86 페이지 - Their clothes must be the mantles of the deceased; their dishes for food, broken pots; their ornaments, rusty iron; continually must they roam from place to place.
124 페이지 - She, who is not descended from his paternal or maternal ancestors, within the sixth degree, and who is not known by her family name to be of the same primitive stock with his father or mother, is eligible by a twice-born man for nuptials and holy union: 6.
210 페이지 - Ah ! no ! till life itself depart, His name shall cheer and warm my heart ; And lisping this, from earth I'll rise, And join the chorus of the skies.
121 페이지 - India which could put a stop to the evil practices of sati, infanticide, religious suicide, and human sacrifices. The whole nation presented a scene of stagnation and ignorance ; but the case is now different. Under the auspices of a beneficent, civilized, and strong Government we have become progressive. Light and knowledge are pouring in upon the country. Old prejudices and errors are vanishing. We therefore count it a great privilege to be loyal subjects of the Empress of India. There is now security...
18 페이지 - In seven days, all creatures, who have offended me, shall be destroyed by a deluge ; but thou shalt be secured in a capacious vessel miraculously formed. Take therefore all kinds of medicinal herbs and esculent grain for food ; and, together with the seven holy men, your respective wives, and pairs of all animals, enter the ark without fear. Then shalt thou know God face to face ; and all thy questions shall be answered.

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