The Miscellaneous Works: In Verse and Prose, 2권

W. Strahan, 1777

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159 페이지 - ... there is all Nature cries aloud Through all her works). He must delight in virtue ; And that which He delights in must be happy. But when ? or where ? This world was made for Caesar — I'm weary of conjectures — this must end them.
87 페이지 - Have faces flush'd with more exalted charms ; The sun that rolls his chariot o'er their heads, Works up more fire and colour in their cheeks : Were you with these, my prince, you'd soon forget, The pale, unripen'd beauties of the north.
84 페이지 - What virtues grow from ignorance and choice, Nor how the hero differs from the brute. But grant that others could with equal glory Look down on pleasures, and the baits of sense...
158 페이지 - Else whence this pleasing hope, this fond desire, This longing after immortality ? Or whence this secret dread and inward horror Of falling into...
141 페이지 - Imaginary ills, and fancy'd tortures ? I hear the sound of feet ! they march this way ! Let us retire, and try if we can drown Each softer thought in sense of present danger. When love once pleads admission to our hearts (In spite of all the virtue we can boast) The woman that deliberates is lost.
140 페이지 - tis possible for woman To suffer greater ills than Lucia suffers ? MARCIA. 0 Lucia, Lucia, might my big-swoln heart Vent all its griefs, and give a loose to sorrow Marcia could answer thee in sighs, keep pace • With all thy woes, and count out tear for tear.
136 페이지 - Remember, O my friends, the laws, the rights, The generous plan of power deliver'd down, From age to age, by your renown'd forefathers, (So dearly bought, the price of so much blood) O let it never perish in your hands ! But piously transmit it to your children.
102 페이지 - Cato, you're in Utica, And at the head of your own little senate ; You don't now thunder in the capitol, With all the mouths of Rome to second you. Cato. Let him consider that who drives us hither. Tis Caesar's sword has made Rome's senate little, And thinn'd its ranks. Alas ! thy dazzled eye Beholds this man in a false glaring light, Which conquest and success...
77 페이지 - I'll straight away, And while the fathers of the senate meet In close debate to weigh th' events of war, I'll animate the soldiers' drooping courage, With love of freedom, and contempt of life. Ill thunder in their ears their country's cause, And try to rouse up all that's Roman in 'em.
73 페이지 - Remember what our father oft has told us : The ways of Heav'n are dark and intricate ; Puzzled in mazes, and perplex'd with errors, Our understanding traces them in vain, Lost and bewilder'd in the fruitless search ; Nor sees with how much art the windings run, Nor where the regular confusion ends.

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