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Extra&t of a Letter from Connecticut, March 14, 1742.
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London, in burning a great Number of good old orthodox heavenly Books, such as Willard's Body of Divinity, Shepherd's Sincere Converi, &c. which perhaps you have heard of, will open fome People's Eyes, and make 'em afraid of the Wilds of Enthusiasm. We are credibly informed, that they held a Fast three Days together not long ago at the Shepherd's Tent, in order to know whether a young Man, viz. one Gun from Sunderland, who offered himself, was converted, and so fit for their Society ; but could have no Answer to their repeated Prayers, till they purged the House of Acban, one of their Number, whom they had before suspected; but as soon as this was done, and they began to pray, the Spirit was poured out upon Gun and his father, though in another Room, and filled them with Raptures, and prelently the whole House was full of the Spirit, which convinced them all, that Gun was such an one as belonged to them, &c.

Extract of another Letter from Connecticut, March 16,

TR Davenport, in my Audience, the last week, before a considera

ble Number, has retracted those strange Opinions which he had Lately unhappily broached, as Enthusiastical and Delulive, taking Shame to himself, and acknowledging the Juftice of God in leaving him to himfelf, &c.

ofeph Crowell. **

The following odd Preachment was communicated by a Cor

respondent in Boston, New-England, as it was printed and published there. 1743.

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Rav. Ser.
THE foregoing Preachment I never expected could see the Lite, de

I thou'd hacie taken more care both in compaling and delivering of it; but it seems a Gentleman wbe heard it and took it down in Short hand infilled upon the Publication of it, so was obliged to publish it to prevent its bra ing Printed without


Correction. And as you are a Gentleman which of inte bave taken of the force and Edge of the severe bloes zuhich bare been disfign'd againjt Me, és which have given a Mortal stab to My Ineelectuall & Moral karatter! I can doe no less then condole with you under the honor that is Done you: As for these Oppfors I look upon tbem no others then Kitchen Winches who the more they scour brass Candelsticks the briter they are and I hope you will at la come out as gold purified jeden Times, that is as brite as Nebuchadnazars Image echich was made parily of Clay and partly of other onchlil. As you have always been so good as to patronize Me I can doe no


less than didicate this Preachment to you, and doubt not youl Forgive Me wherein I bare used your own expressions fil hoping for your patronage Agreable to your diftinterefted partiality and gondness. I hope youl excuse My loguacity & prolixity for I am in great baft.

Your ebedent

bumbel farvant,

J. P.

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The Hidden Life of a Christian. A PREACHMENT.


Col. iii. and 3d. re are dead, your Life is bid with Christ in God.
"HARE was an Orator for the Davil that prached from these

Words a few Lecture days ago in this Towne, and he made such miserable Work with the Text that I should not doe justice to the subject, If I did not make a Preachment u pon the fameText this Future part of the Day-He endeavoured to proven that a Cristians Life was not only hiden from the observashon of others but in a great measure it was hidden from himseif, which is as much as tosay that a Man or Woman may be the Sons of God and not know it, which is damnable Doctrine, and leads to Hell & Damnashon, for prove of this satanical Doctrine he said, That the Children of God were some times under fpirital dereli&tion and divine consolation whereby they were reduc'd to great dout about there spirital state and Condishon, arising u pon the hidings of God's face From Them, that they began to question whether they were really Elected or not, or to use other words whether they ware in a Justified Estate, or no: Which Doctrine is contrary to the Experience of the Generation of God's Children, and has a Direct Tendency to Drive Poor Soles to despare, & it is contrary to Many places of Holy Word. I think we rede in the scripture that whom God loves he loves to the end, now How can God love you and you not know it, do you think that and arthly Parent can have an affection for his child and, he quertion and dout about, it, because for his Crimes he may corect him, now & then : Dont you remember my Brethren that JOB was Once under the hideings of God's face, when he faid, Ob, that it was with me as in Time pall, when the face of God's reconciled countenance shined u pon his Soul, Now take Nottice he Obferves that God's reconcild countenance once shine'd u pon him, and that could not be unless he was elect, therefore he comforts himself I Say, with thinking that it will shinc agen.

Befides does no: David when in a dul Frame cry out, Wby art thou desquieted Oh my Sole, Hope thou in God 8. Nay I doe afure you my Brethren, that if you are Elected & Juftufied you wil have allways as clear Evidence of it in this world as ever you wil have when you come 10 Haven it self, and if you are in any doubts about your spirital Condition, you may Infar that you are not the Children of God. So that this Tould be Improven as a Caution to the Saints how they here such Preachers who are so Ignorant as to tell a Man they may be converted and not know it, Indeen they may be Men of Learning, and Talk finely u por speculative & pra&tical points, but it is not likely they will be u sed as the means to save One poor Sole. But I have been so long u pon the Supplemant of his Discourse that its

high a live.

high Time I should come to the Entroducton of the Words, You are dead, that is you are fallin with Adam in his First Transgrelhon.

Your Life is hid with Chrifi, that is no one can tel the Time of your Natral Life nor when it wil End. With Christ in GOD, That is God preserves your Lifethro Christ. Having laid thus much by way of Explination of the Words I lhall farthar Illustrat them in the following Methud.

And First, I shall show & Evidence that every Natral Man is Dead wile he Livech,

And Secondly When he is Regenerated or Justefied he may be said to be
Thirdly, His Life is hid with Christ in God.

And here First I shall Thew That every Natral Man is Dead wile he liveth And this will apparantly appear if we consider that the Life of a Natral Man will certainly come to an End, It is appointed for all Men once to Dye, He may be of a Robus Strong and Tender Confitu!hon, and value hinself u pon the Strength and Buety and other Accomplishments cf ihe Mind and think that his Days shall never come to an end, yet so fure as he is now a live, he will very shortly dye.

Again, The Natral Man is Dead if we consider he has not one spark of fpirital and divine Life in him, nether can he do any one thing towards obtaining it, more than a Dead Man can rise himself to Life. But Lally here, the Natral Man is Dead as he never shall obtain Eternal Life. Thus much for the first Propofilhon.

I come now to the Second Proposifhon which is this, Viz.

When the Sinner is Justified or Regenerated be may be said to be a live: He than has a Pranciple of Life dropt up in his Sole, and to prepare him for this he must be in great A gony, so as to Cry out, Fal Down & Fome at the Mouth, like a Man in a Convolshon fit, but you have seen so many happy subjects of late of this work in this place that I need not spend Time to say any thing further upon this Head, but shall preceed to the 3d & last Head of Discorse,

His Life is hid with Christ in GOD. And here it is hid in the following Respects- -(1) As he doth not know the Time of his own Death, this is a Secret intirely in the brest of God, It is appointed for all Men ence to Dye, but the Time when is known to no Man, but God and Christ know the very Moment, fo that in this sence there Life is Hid, and in this fence & this only it may be said to be hid from Themselves, that is there Natral Life.

pály. This Spirital Life is Hid from the Observafoon of Man, they cant See the Principals they act from, neither doth their Lite always shine before Men that they seeing there Good Works glorify there hevenly Father. But very of:en the Good Man is obliged to cover and Conccal his Goodness, left he should be Laffed ai & Recicuid by the Opolers of the pre!ent Work, who Scof at Every Thing Superstatious & Rathional, lo That if a Good Man that has receiv'd New Litc shoud discover his Piely to the World he may hurt his Karacter & Business, for the Times are Now so Bad that the Riteous Man is dispised while the Wicked & Deibolical Men have there Abbettors, and those that wil Juftify them in the moft Flegrant Crimes. Thus much for the Doctrinol handling the Words. I now preceed to the


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From what has ben said we may Infar the safety of the Riteous Man, notwithstanding the Attentps of Wicked Men, to deprive him of his Life. Those that have a Mind to be fingularly Good have allways met with Oposilhon, thus it is at this Day, and io it has ben from the airliest Days of Cristanity, even as far back as Zoriastes a great Reformur of the Cristan Religgon among the Perfoans, who was caled a Impostor, the fame Tretment his Successours have met with in This Country, Witness the A buses that have ben to the Karacters of W, I, DI & Canal, for there grate Zele in carrying on a further Reformashon ; and fence these Holy & good Men have met with such Tratement it is no Wonder that I am singled out, for the Songe of the Drunkard. Nay the Mallace of the Oposers of the present Day is so great that if it ware equal to thare Strength thare would be Murder committed upon some of the Dear Servants of God if the Laws did not restrane them. For you cannot but remember that One Thursday Night a great Numbers of Ruffeans & Villans came with Clubbs and Stafts to embru thare Hands in our Blood. And thare bitter Speches and hard Words Scofs & Jeres would quite descourage me in my Duty, were it not that I am veryly perswaded in a Judgment of Charity that they that are my Enemyes are the Enemyes of God also. I am acquainted with some of them and God's knows the rest. I would as foon converse with the Davil as I would with such Men, and whoever lives to see them u pon a Death Bed will see the Room full of Davils ready to hurl thare Damnd Soles to Hell.

And it cannot but raise Joy in the Breast of every considerate Mind to consider as the Old World was Destroyed by a Coni agration of Water, so this will be by an Enundation of Fire, when the Good Man hall drop up to Haven, and the Wicked ftri& Moralist shall sore below, then My Brethren will be the Time for your reward, and they will be convinced of their Folly when it is to late, Let this be Matter of Consaulashon to you wile you are in this Walderness and draw you above the Thrats of these Profane scoffers. Nay tho they may be Grate in this World, yet if they are not truly pious you may Trade them under


Futt. And here I cannote but be thankful for the grate Vectory I have obtained over them in detacting a Grate Vallin one of the Champons of the Poffe, I am sure I have given the Davils Kindom a grater Bloe than has ben given to it this 100 years past, to the eternal confulhon & unconsern of all his wicked and Deibolical Abetors.

Thus my Brethren wile I am puling down the Kingdom of Satan I am despised while those that are bulding of it up are careste & adorde.

To Conclude, let us All endeafore to get an Intrefte in the Devine life and then it is Imposibel for Man or Davils or even the Oposers of this Work so deprive us of our Natral Life. AMEN.

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A VINDICATION of the Honest, Learned and Piones

JOHN FOX, and his Aets and Monuments of the Church, from the Censures and Ajpersions of some modern English Writers, particularly those of the Anabaptist Sect. In which Dr Wiclif and his Followers are further vindicated from the false Accufation of their being Anabaptists.

LORD! who shall dwell in thy Tabernacle? Who shall rest upon thy holy H:? Even he that leadeth an uncorrupt Lite, and doth the thing which is right, and speaketh the Truth from his Heart: He that hath used no Deceit in his Tongue, nor done Evil to his Neighbour, and hath not blandered his Neighbours

. He that fetteth not by himself; but is lowly in his own Eyes, and maketh much of them that fear the LORD. Psalm XV. 1, 2, 3, 4. of Cranmer's Tran. Edit. 1539, 1566.


HE cruel Treatment of those who adhered to the Refor

mation of Religion in K. Edward VI's Reign, during the short one of his Siker Q. Mary, occasioned Q. Elizabeth to order, by her Injunctions at the very beginning of her Reign, • That the Oi• dinaries should exhibit to her Visitors their Books or Registers, or a • true Copy of the same, containing the Causes why any person was

imprisoned, famished, or put to death for Religion ; and, that the • Visitors should enquire, what Books of holy Scripture were delivered • to be burnt or otherwise dearoyed, and to whom they had been de• livered; whae Bribes the Accusers, Promoters, Persecutors, ecclesi• asical Judges, and other the Commillioners appointed within the • several Diocesis of this Rea'm have received, by themselves or o

thers, of thole Persons who were in trouble, apprehended or impri- foned for Religion; what moveable Goods, Lands, Fees, Offices or • Promotions had been wrongfully taken away, in the Time of Q. Ma

ry's Reign, from any person who favoured the Religion now set forth. : Laftly, how many Persons for Religion had died by Fire, Famine, or

otherwise, or had been imprisoned for the same?' What the Returns inade to these Enquiries were, or whether they were put into the Hands of the learned and diligent Mr John Fox io digelt and put in Print, is to me uncertain. However, four Years after he published a Book with this Title. Aetes and Monumentes of these latter and perilous Days; --Gathered and collected according to the true Copies and Writings certificatorie, as well of the Parties themselves that sufered, as


The Design of writing this History was first set on Foot among the Exiles abroad in Q: Mary's had Days, and many of them were concerned in it, to supply Fox with Mater from England. The Chief of these was Grindal atierwards Bo of London and Arch bp of Canterbury. Frorn him Fox had the History of the holy Jcbn Bradford, and the Lechers writ by him in Prison, bendes many other things. It was agreed upon by Them, that this Hisory-frould be writtea both in Latin and English,-and so it was. Ic was first printed beyond Sea in Latin at Bafil 1559. Strype's Annais of the Reformati09, Sc. Vol. I. p. 259, 251.

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