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Fol. 30

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Quintilian, of Education
322 Sentiment, what

Quintus Curtius. See Curtius,

Serradus, his Observation on Chrift': Bap-

Ranrismos. Soe Sprinkling.

Sejac, the same with Sefoftris

Rays Sec Ligbt.

Shepherds augmented the vaft Army of the
R. D. See Letters.

Pbilipines, 29. Posterity of Abraham, 33
Reason, as fore a Guide as Revelation, 1, Simonides. Sec Hiero.
Discarded by the Followers of Wbitefield. Sluth a Ground of falle Judgment 245

98 Small-Pox cured
Regrault, Abstract of his Logic 240 Smells, more affecting to others, than those
Religion public, espous'd by Men of louse who carry them

Liver and Principles

351 Smiib, Richard, a remarkable Infance of
Relig.ous Commotions, good abd båd Effects Suicide, 71 - Foba, his Conduct and

58 Opinions, 116. Rebaptises himself, 119.
Rolifance, Doctrine of, discusid 227 Gather'd his firft Congregation of English
Relpi.ation, ito Use

304 Anabap.ists at Leyden 108. --M, Re-
Revelacion, on what Account nec.ffary, 1. marks on his Hypothesis of the Tails of
of St. Yobri, apply d to the Roman Comets


279 Solids and Fluids, animal, their Force, Of.
Revolfion. See Derivaticn.

fice, and mutual Agency, 287, &c.296,
Rewards, pob:ic, to be given

154 &c.
Riccoboni, Author of the Reformation of ibe Sound, how produced and determin'd in


Rodericus Toletanus, Character of
95 Spectator, of Education

Rome, B.lhups of, their Usurpation and Ty- Spelling-Books, censur’d, 248. Preface to

187 the Pinf a new one. End of No. VI.
Roman Empire, lesen'd, 219. - Church, Sprinkling ( Rantismos) not used by the
Prophecies in Daniel and ine Revelations, Ap Ales, nor long aster

rela'ing to it

279, 327 Stackbouse, Rev. Mr, a Passage iş his Apo
Remar Pontificals, 187, 189. Ouchs in-

Faratus criticis'd

Verted in it

191 Sage reformed
Rule, why given

4 Stalbrigienfis. See Letters.
Rilne in Phşfic and Philosophy


See Image, Duck.
Rufticus. Sce Letters,

Srebbing Rev. Dr, vindicated
Rutberforib, M., Opponent of Mr War. Stephenson, his Mecbanic Practice of Phyfie,

R. Y. See Letters. Yate.

Somach and Intestines, their Texture and

Sacrifice, Oblation, Terms abus'd by the Scory, of a Quack, 223. -- of an Enthufiaft,

Sall:ji, Hiftorian, his Chararlie 195 Strype, his Annals of tbe Reformation quo-
Sulmuri, on a Parige in bis Review, 183, ted

104 Note, c.

Seukeley, Dr, reconciles the Christian with
Salop, Curate of. See Letters.

the Egyptian Theology

Saic, fterilises Land
130 Sublimate, Remedy against

Sappbo, Gresk Poetes, quo:ed

55 ublime. See Parberic.
Sarum, Rubric relating to Bipeism 82 Suicide, condemn'd, 36. RcAcations there.
Sacurn's Ring, how caused

79 on, 70. Practis'd hy antient Héroes, 71.
Sawire, Account of, 109. His Conclufions, Forbidden by the Pagan Religion
ibid. Bount

Swimming, Cause of a Diabetes 251
Sclafraburgenfis. S:e Lamberous.

Sa un



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Synthefis, Method of, defined 247
Schvol Educacion, Adancages of 281

Schoonen, cenfur'd, 20. Remark on ene

Table of Comets

who affecied their way of Writing, ibid. Tabor and Pipe, Figure playing on, describ-
Scylax Caryardenfis, Author of a Periplus, ed


Ta itus, Hitorian, his Character 195
Scyrbia, antient, Enquiry into it. Situation, Tar. Warer, good Effects of

341. Discover'd by Darius'a Expedition, Technical Terms, why retained
343. It Dimenfione

344 Te Deum, Pofl ge in, explained
Seagrave, a Meshodift, answers Dr Trapp, 8 Temperament, a Source of Error 245
Selt. Preservation denies a Man's Righi o- Temple, magnificent

ver bis own Life

36 Tecanus cured by Musk Fol. p. 23
Semi-tones, how produc'd from Flotes, 160 Text (Noun) its Acceptacions
Sereia, had a juft Notion of Comets 73 Texts, explained

Sentation, what



Fol. 24

Fol. p. 29

Theocracy, ceased after Samuel, 324.

of Hungary
2 Tbell. ii. 3, 4, 9, explained 327

Vow made to the Pope

Tbomas, Pascoe, Observer of the late Comet, Vulgat, preferr’d to Greek of Hebrew, 335
267, 349

Tourydides, Hiftorian, his Character 194 Hall, Dr, Passage from his Hiftory of lo-
Thumb, Tom, his Memory celebrated 53


Till (Particle) how vled

Folio 23

Warburton, Rev. Mr, emmended, 87.
Tillerfon, Archbp, reconciles Eternity with Observacions on his Sermon at Barb, 169.
Divine Justice, 185. Centur'd

Letter to him, in Defence of Dr Grey,
1 Tim. iv. 1, 2, 3, explain'd 327

221. His loverpretation of Abrebam's
Toletanus. See Rodericus.

offering up. Ifasc, defended, 176. Ob.
Tooes, in Flater, bow determin'd
159 je&tions to his Faft Sermon

Tonguinese Medicine, im Preparation and Wesley, Rev. Cbarles, Encomium of his

Praying and Preaching

Tonguing a Wind-Inftrument, what, 162 Wbarton, Advocate for Non-Residents, 38
Tragedies, modern, censor'd

212 -13

Wbifton, ascribes the Deluge to a Comet, 78
T-pp, Dr, Remarks on


Wbite, Rev. Mr, on his Controversy with
Trent, Council of, afferto the Neceflity of a Diffenter, 349. On a Paslage in hie

3 Note


46 Wbitefield, Rev. Remarks on his Conduar
Truth, all, not necessarily true, 15. Needs and Writing, 5, 7, 10, 11, 2256 Vin-
Examples as well as Rules


dicated, ii, &c. His Preaching com-
Tally, hio Saying of Praise

46 par’d with Longbeard's, 94. Strange Ef.
Turrian, hio Character

229 fects of his Sermon on Pentecoft, 98,
Tythes, Objections against
4 Resembles the Quakers

Whiteness of skin, how caused

Fol. 36
Vanity, a Source of false Judgment 245 Wbirgift, Aschbp, his Testimony of úr
Vapourt, of their Formation and Ascent, Fox

173 Wickliffe, viodicated from being an Anabap-
Vaucanson, Inventer of curious Machines, cift, 104, 115. His Opinions condemned

159. Appror'd by the Academy of Sci: by the Council of Constance, 108. By
ences, 166. Letter concerning his Duck, Archbp Arundel, 113. His Opinion of

ibid. Baptism

Velocity, various, of the Air in Flutes, Will not free

Cause of the Variation of Sourds, 165-6 Willis, several Hypotheses of his, in Ada.
Vesalius, erroneous in Anatomy, 354, &c. tomy, purely imaginary
Via Regia, the Highway to Heaven 174 Wind, how modify'd by human Organs, 160
Vibrations of the Air, by their Slownels or Wird Instruments, Remarks oa 159

Quickness, determine Tones in Flutes, 159 Winslow, a prime Anatomiit 34
Victory dot lo joy ful to a King, as to a pri- Wood, Antbony, bis Character of Me Fox,
vate Person

15 I S. Charges him with a Falfity, 107
Virgil, bis Account of Polypbemus, 55. Of Words used metaphorically, lose not their

the mischievous Effects of Comets, 6;. proper Meaning
of the State of Suicides, 72. Of the Worship, with my Body I ebee, in the Mar.
Sterility of falt Lands

riage Ceremowy, explained 272
"Virtue, inability to practise, inconfiftent

with the Glory of God,

171 Yantbus, a speaking Horse in Homer 56
Viscesa, elementary Glands of, imaginay, Xenopbor, Dialogue from, translated by

354 Elizabeib, 139. His Character as an
Ulcer. See Lungs.


Uncertainty, absolute, deny'd 76, 26

Univerfal Hitory, Observation of the Au. Yate, Mr,defends his Hypothefir of Comets,
those of, disproved

265. Objections against his supposed
Universal Prayer, a new one, 199. See Pope. rectilineal Motion of the late Comet;
Voltaire on Soicide, 70. His Ode to the le with a Cat, 345-6. His Answer, 347



1 20



Cave, at St John's Gate.


HE GENERAL DICTIONARY Historical and Critical ; in Ten Voo lumes Folia; containing, belides a compleat Trasllation of M Bayle's Dictionary, his Dissertati»ns, &c. many additional Lives, a

new and very large Index to the whole, an alphabetical Lift of the Articles, and a Chronolugical Table, which shews the Reader at one View who were contemporary, and enables him to peruse their Lives according to the Order of Time in which they Aourished. The whole work containing the History of the mult lluftrious Pe fons of all ages and Nations, particu. larly those of Great Britain and Ireland.

By The Rev. Mr John Peter Bernard, F.R.S.
The Riv. Mr Thomas Birch, A.M. F.R.S.
The lae M George Sale,

Mr John Lockman; and ther Hands.
N.B. The Observations and Corrections of the late Paris Edition, of Bayle's
Dictionary, and Reflections on the Pallages which seem to favour Scepiicism and
the Manichee System are inserted in their proper Places thro' the whole, but those
as well as all other Additions, are always diftinguished by proper Marks from
what was written by Mr Bayle.

II. A TREATISE of ARTILLERY; or, of the Arms and Machines used in War fince che Invention of Gunpowder. Wri'ten in French for the Use of Lewis Charles ( Lorrain, Count de Brionne, and publich'd for the Instruc. tion of the young Genciemen in the Armies of France.

This Treatise explains the Composition, Properties, and Use of Gunpow. der ; gives the different sizes, Figures, Carriages, Charges, of Cannon, Mortars, and Pedreroes ; with the method of poincing, proving, and managing them; shews the Art of making and throwing Bombs, Carcasses, Cartouches, and Grenadoes ; the Manoer of nailing-up Cannon, and how to remedy the widening of the Touch-Hole; establishes Rules for the Construction of Bašterics, Mines and Counter. Mines, Pontons and Bridges, and of all the Engines and Fireworks used in the Attack and Defence of fortified Places to render this work universally useful, Geomecry and Technical Terms are studiould avoided, and the whole suired to every Capacicy.

III. A TREATISE of the ATTACK of FORTIFIED PLACES ; contain: ing Definitions, or Explications of the Terms used in a Siege ; Maxims neces. sary to be oblerv'd in che Attack of forify'd Places ; Dreations for construct. ing the Lines of Circumvallation and Contravallacion, Trenches and Parallels, opening the Trenches, Saps, Sallies and Lodgments ; for formirg the cover'd way; ior Descenes of Ditches, taking Hall-moons, Redoubus and Bafticos: Attacks of Places cover'a by advanced Foffes, Lunettes, and other Outworks ; of H rnworks, Crown-work', and Cavaliers ; cf Places lurr unded by Fausse brays, fortify'd with Tower-Bastions, fituated in irregular Soils, Moraíses, by grea. Rivers, maritime Places; how the Besiegers are to deal with an Army coming to raise the Siege ; of railing a Siege; of the Acrack of small Towns, Surp ize of large Tw's, Escalades, brusquing an Attack, and many other particulars. By the Author of the preceding Treatise.

IV. Travels into the Inland Parts f Africa; Containing a Description of the several Nasions for fix hundred miles up the river Gambia ; their Trade, Habits, Customs, Language, Manners, Religion and Government; the Power, Dipficion and Chara&ters of some Negro Princes; with a particu. lar Account of JOB BEN SOLOMON, a P boley, who in the Year 1733 was in England, and known by the Name of the African Being the Journal, dc. of Francis Moore, Factor several Years t the R yal African Como pary, of England. To which he has added, Capt. Stibbs's Voyage up the Gambia in the Year 1723, to make Discoveries; and Observations on the Cap ain's Remarks and Condu&t. Also an accurate Map that River taken on the sprt; and the Soundings for soo Miles, by Mr John Leach; with ten more Copper Plates engrayed by very good Hands, viz. Profpeas and Plans


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Of the African Company srort at James Tiang, ada of a ractory ; . urpugnu of the Etrange Sicuacion of a Pholey Town, Pigures of uncommon Birds and Insects, Representation of a Negro Prince on Horseback, and of the Method of climbing the Palm-Tree to extract the Wine. The Author bas likewise, to compleac his Subje&, given Extra&s from the Nubian's Geography, LEO the African, and ocher Authors antiene and modern, concerning the Niger Nile, or Gambia, and this Part of Africa, with Observations thercon; and 2 Vocabulary, English and Mundige, the Language most used by the Negroes: The Work concludes with an Appendix, concaining 1: His Contract wich the African Company. 2. Several Letters, Papers and Instructions relating to the C mpany's Commerce, particulariy che Gum Trade. 3. The Voyage of an Adveocarer, who found, and describes the Way to, the Gold Mines up the Gambia. To the whole is prefix'd, a learned and cricical Introduction. price 6s. bound.

V. The Nature and Laws of Chance, wherein the Subje&t is fully yec concisely handled ; and the more abst

: use and important Problems, as well as the more simple ones, are resolved in a general and conspicuous Manner: Containing the Do&trine of Combioations and Permutatious clearly deduced : An Investigation of the Probability that a proposed Event happens å given Number of Times in a given Number of Tryals; a oew and very compre. heolive Problem, of great Use in Lotceries, Carcs, &c. with others for de cermining the Probability of Winning, whecher at Bowls, Coirs, Rafes, & . jo any Circumstance of the Play: A Problem for finding the Tryals wherein is may be undertaken chat a proposed Eyear shall bappen or fail a given Num. ber of Times; another to find the Chances for a given Number of Points with a given Number of Dice; and another on the Duration of Play, being three of the most curious and remarkable in the Subject, and all felved by now and general Methods. The Solution of a Problem prop sed to the Pub lick fome time ago, in Latin, as a very difficult one, with full and clear Investigations of the two new Problems added at che End of Mr de Moivre's lalo Edition, whose Demonstracions are there omitted ; one of which Problems is allowed, by chat great Man kimself, to be the most useful, as well as the molt difficule in the whole Subject. 4to. price 3 s.,

VI. The entire Works of Dr Thomas Sydenham, newly made English from the Orginals ; wherein the History of Acute and Chronic Diseases, and the Tafest and most effe&tual Methods of treating them, are faithfully, clearly and accurately delivered. Illustrated with explanatory and practical Notes, from the bei: medicinal Writers. To which is annexed, the Author's Life, and a kopious Index. By John Swan, M.D. price bound 6 s.

TII. AQUÆ MINERALES Omnibus Morbis Chronicis medentur ; modo fint medicabiles, et Chirurgia non fuerit opus : Quæftiɔ in Icholis publicis Academiæ Cantabrigienlis haud ita pridem disceptata. Sive De Aquis Mine: ralibus D flercatio : In qua earum natura & qualitates exquiruntur, errores complufculi de iisdem pervalgaci emendantur, nec oon fumma hajus rei accu. ratius exploratur,& philos,phice pertractatur. Accedic Aquarum Sicomagen. lium (vulg. Thetfordienfium) Analysis; ex qua oftenditur eafdem ad ea omnia præftanda, quæ in quæ tione de cæteris generacim lunc prædicata, præcipue valere. Auchore Matthao Manning, M, D.

VIII. A Treatise of CONIC SECTIONS. Dedicated to the Provost, Felo lowo, and Scholars of the College of Dublin. By Robert Steele.

As this Book has been recommended, by good judges, for one of the best, as well as plainelt

, in its kind, it is thought a mure effe&ual Service to the young Student in thcfe Sciences conld not be done, than co oblige him (the firit Impression being become very searce) with a new, and much cheaper Edi ice, which is printed in quarto to accommodate thole who shall chuse to bind ic up with the Miscellaneo Cariofa Mathematics.

ix. The natural Hiltory of Mount VESUVIUS, with the Explanation of the various Phenomena char usually attend the Erupcions of that celebrated Volcano Tranfiated from the original Italian, cumpard by the Royal Aca. demy of Sciences ac Naples, by Order of the King of the Two Sicilies. Pr.28.

X Poems on various Subjects, Humerous and Serious / many gever priated noture. By Mr Moses BROWNE. IA 8uo with a Frontispicce by Grauclos, ose

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