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alive to make societies fecure; but fecurity enough to make fellowships accurs'd. Much upon this riddle runs the wisdom of the world: this news is old enough, yet it is every day's news. I pray you, fir, of what difpofition was the duke?

Efcal. One that above all other ftrifes Contented specially to know himself. Duke. What pleasure was he given to?



Efcal. Rather rejoicing to fee another merry, than merr any thing which profess'd to make him rejoice: a gentleman of all temperance. But leave him to his events, with a prayer may prove profperous; and let me defire to know how you Claudio prepar'd? I am made to understand, that you have him vifitation.

hey find




Duke. He profeffes to have received no sinister measure From his judge, but most willingly humbles himself to the determina tion of juftice: yet had he fram'd to himself, by the inftruction of his frailty, many deceiving promises of life, which I, by my leifure, have difcredited to him, and now is he refolv'd to Efcal. You have pay'd the heavens your function, and prifoner the very debt of your calling. I have labour'd for poor gentleman, to the extremeft shore of my modefty, but brother-justice have I found fo fevere, that he hath forc'd m tell him, he is indeed justice.





Duke. If his own life answer the straitness of his proceeding it shall become him well; wherein if he chance to fail, he ath fentenc'd himself.

Efcal. I am going to visit the prisoner: fare you well. [Zxit.


Duke. Peace be with you!


He who the fword of heav'n will bear,

Should be as holy as severe :
Pattern in himself to know,
Grace to ftand, and virtue go:
More nor lefs to others paying,
Than by felf-offences weighing.


Shame to him, whose cruel ftriking
Kills for faults of his own liking!
Twice treble shame on Angelo,
To weed my vice, and let his grow!
O, what may man within him hide,
Though angel on the outward fide!
How may that likeness fhading crimes,
Making practise on the times,
Draw with idle fpiders' strings
Most pond'rous and substantial things!
Craft against vice I must apply.
With Angelo to-night fhall lye
His old betrothed, but defpis'd;
So disguise fhall by th' difguis'd
Pay with falfhood false exacting,
And perform an old contracting.



[blocks in formation]

Mari. Break off thy fong, and hafte thee quick away:

Here comes a man of comfort, whofe advice

Hath often still'd my brawling discontent.


X x

I cry

I cry you mercy, fir, and well could wish
You had not found me here fo mufical:

Let me excufe me, and believe me so,

My mirth it much difpleas'd, but pleas'd my wo.

Duke. 'Tis good; though musick oft hath such a charm

To make bad good, and good provoke to harm.

I pray you, tell me, hath any body inquir'd for me here to-day? much upon this time have I promis'd here to meet one.

Mari. You have not been inquir'd after: I have fat here all day.

Enter Ifabel.

Duke. I do conftantly believe you: the time is come, now. I fhall crave your forbearance a little; may be, I will upon you anon for fome advantage to yourself. Mari. I am always bound to you.


Duke. Very well met, and well come:

What is the news from this good deputy?

Ifab. He hath a garden circummur'd with brick,
Whose western fide is with a vineyard back'd;
And to that vineyard is a planched gate,
That makes his opening with this bigger key:
This other doth command a little door,
Which from the vineyard to the garden leads;
There, on the heavy middle of the night,
Have I my promise made to call upon him.

Duke. But fhall you on your knowledge find this way?
Ifab. I've ta'en a due and wary note upon't;

With whisp’ring and moft guilty diligence,

In action all of precept he did fhow me

The way twice o'er.

Duke. Are there no other tokens

Between you 'greed, concerning her observance ?
Ifab. No; none but only a repair i̇' th' dark ;





And that I have poffefs'd him, my most stay
Can be but brief; for I have made him know,
I have a fervant comes with me along,
That stays upon me, whose persuasion is
I come about my brother.

Duke. 'Tis well born up.

I have not yet made known to Mariana

A word of this. What hoa! within! come forth!

[blocks in formation]

I pray you, be acquainted with this maid;

She comes to do you good.

Ifab. I do defire the like.

Duke. Do you perfuade yourself that I respect you? Mari. Good friar, I know you do, and I have found it. Duke. Take then this your companion by the hand, Who hath a story ready for your ear:

I shall attend your leifure; but make haste;

The vaporous night approaches.

Mari. Will't please you walk afide?

[Ex. Mari. and Ifab.

Duke. O place and greatness! millions of false eyes

Are stuck upon thee: volumes of report

Run with their falfe and most contrarious quefts
Upon thy doings: thousand 'fcapes of wit

Make thee the father of their idle dreams,

And rack thee in their fancies! Well! agreed?


[blocks in formation]

Re-enter Mariana, and Isabel.

Ifab. She'll take the enterprise upon her, father,

you advise it.

Duke. 'Tis not my confent,

But my entreaty too.

[blocks in formation]

Ifab. Little have you to fay

When you depart from him, but foft and low, "Remember now my brother.

Mari. Fear me not.

Duke. Nor, gentle daughter, fear you not at all:
He is your husband on a pre-contract;
To bring you thus together, 'tis no fin,
Sith that the justice of your title to him
Doth flourish the deceit. Come, let us go;
Our corn's to reap, for yet our tilth's to fow.





A Prifon.

Enter Provoft, and Clown.

(OME hither, firrah: can you cut off a man's head? Clown. If the man be a bachelor, fir, I can: bat if he be a marry'd man, he is his wife's head, and I can never off a woman's head.

Prov. Come, fir, leave me your snatches, and yield n direct answer. To-morrow morning are to die Claudio Barnardine; here is in our prifon a common executioner, in his office lacks a helper; if you will take it on you to him, it shall redeem you from your gyves: if not, you fhall your full time of imprisonment, and your deliverance with unpity'd whipping; for you have been a notorious bawd.


e a






Clown. Sir, I have been an unlawful bawd, time out of mind, but yet I will be content to be a lawful hangman: I would be glad to receive fome inftruction from my fellow-partner.

Prov. What hoa, Abhorfon! where's Abhorfon there?

Enter Abhorfon.

Abhor. Do you call, fir?


Prov. Sirrah, here's a fellow will help you to-morrow in execution: if you think it meet, compound with him by the year,


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