A History of Western Architecture

Laurence King Publishing, 2005 - 720페이지
"In this highly acclaimed survey David Watkin traces the history of western architecture from the earliest times in Mesopotamia to Egypt to the dramatic impact of CAD (computer-aided esign) on architectural practice at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Adopting an approach that sees architectural history as a living continuity rather than a museum of neatly labelled styles, the author emphasizes the ongoing vitality of the Classical language of architecture, underlining the continuity between, say, the work of Ictinus in fifth-century BC Athens and that of McKim, Mead and White in the twentieth-century New York. This authoriatative, comrpehensive and highly illustrated book provides a fresh perspective which will be invaluable to students and anyone interested in the history of architecture." -- back cover.

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The Nineteenth Century
Early Christian and Byzantine 89
Renaissance Harmony 211
Baroque Expansion 283

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저자 정보 (2005)

David Watkin is Professor of the History of Architecture at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Peterhouse. He has written many books, including Morality and Architecture Revisited and Sir John Soane (1996), and is a leading authority on Classicism and its successive renewals in architecture.

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