A narrative of the march and operations of the army of the Indus: in the expedition to Affghanistan in the years 1838-1839. Illustrated by a map, views of Candahar, Ghuznee, and Cabool, and various tables. Comprising also the history of the Dooranee empire from its foundation to the present time

W.H. Allen and co., 1841 - 538페이지

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33 페이지 - GCB, and the heirs male of his body, lawfully begotten, by the name, style, and title of Baron Keane, of Ghuznee, in Afghanistan, and of Cappoquin in the county of Waterford.
5 페이지 - The Governor-general deems it in this place necessary to revert to the siege of Herat, and the conduct of the Persian nation. The siege of that city has now been carried on by the Persian army for many months. The attack upon it was a most unjustifiable and cruel aggression, perpetrated and continued, notwithstanding the solemn and repeated remonstrances of the British...
7 페이지 - Governor-General has been led to these measures, by the duty which is imposed upon him of providing for the security of the possessions of the British Crown...
3 페이지 - Singh, had for their object, by opening the navigation of the Indus, to facilitate the extension of commerce, and to gain for the British Nation, in Central Asia, that legitimate influence which an interchange of benefits would naturally produce.
206 페이지 - A few minutes before 3 o'clock in the morning the ' explosion ' took place, and proved completely successful. Captain Peat of the Bombay Engineers was thrown down and stunned by it, but shortly after recovered his senses and feeling. On hearing the advance sounded by the...
20 페이지 - The plans of aggression, by which the British empire in India was dangerously threatened, have, under Providence, been arrested. The Chiefs of Cabool and Candahar, who had joined in hostile designs against us, have been deprived of power, and the territories which they ruled have been restored to the government of a friendly monarch. The Ameers of Scinde have acknowledged the supremacy of the British Government, and ranged themselves Appendix.
7 페이지 - Sinde, and the integrity of Herat, in the possession of its present ruler, will be fully respected; while by the measures completed, or in progress, it may reasonably be hoped that the general freedom and security of commerce will be promoted ; that the name and just influence of the British Government will gain their proper footing among the nations of Central Asia ; that tranquillity will be established upon the most important frontier of India; and that a lasting barrier will be raised against...
194 페이지 - enceinte" gave a good flanking fire, whilst the height of the citadel covered the interior from the commanding fire of the hills to the north, rendering it nugatory.
203 페이지 - I have the satisfaction to acquaint your Lordship, that the Army under my command have succeeded in performing one of the most brilliant acts, it has ever been my lot to witness, during my service of 45 years in the four quarters of the globe, in the capture by storm of the strong and important fortress and citadel of Ghuznee yesterday.
6 페이지 - Sooja-ool-Moolk, whereby his Highness is guaranteed in his present possessions, and has bound himself to co-operate for the restoration of the Shah to the throne of his ancestors. The friends and enemies of any one of the contracting parties have been declared to be the friends and enemies of all.

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