Dædalus, 10권

American Academy of Arts and Sciences., 1875

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492 페이지 - In yonder old playground, fit spot whereon to commemorate the manliness which there was nurtured, shall soon rise a noble monument which for generations will give convincing answer to such shallow doubts ; for over its gates will be written, " In memory of the sons of Harvard who died for their country.
349 페이지 - J— 1 inch in diameter ; nut shallowly sulcate, the walls rather thin and with two broad cavities upon each side. (J. rupestris, var. major, Torrey in Sitgreave's Report, p. 171, t. 16.) — A large shrub or tree, in the vicinity of San Francisco growing 40-60 feet high and 2-4 feet in diameter, and ranging southward to Santa Barbara, Southern Arizona and Sonora.
491 페이지 - To this end they should be taught something about a good many things, but every thing about at least one thing. But before all systems of instruction. he placed character ; as character alone would enable the young to profit by the many accidental circumstances which schools and colleges do not create and cannot prevent. Dr. Walker had been a member of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College from 1825 to...
499 페이지 - ... on seeing aid lavished by liberal hands on a sister museum when his own was retarded for the total want of means, is well exemplified by a remark he made soon after the death of the lamented Agassiz. After speaking in relation to the position which Agassiz had taken on the all-absorbing questions of natural selection and evolution, he uttered the following sentence in his usual simple, but earnest manner: '• Well, say what we will as to his views, right or wrong, there is no mistake about it,...
396 페이지 - ... the complete number of vids of the corresponding linear algebra is 2" — 1 . The limited character of the algebras which I have investigated may be regarded as an accident of the mode of discussion. There is, however, a large number of unlimited algebras suggested by the investigations, and Hankel's numbers themselves would have been a natural generalization from the proposition of § 65 of my algebra.* Another class of unlimited algebras, which would readily occur from the inspection of those...
334 페이지 - Of very slender habit, wholly glabrous; leaves much smaller, about half an inch long, short-petioled ; flowers light blue, in rather short simple racemes. — In the Sierra Nevada from the Yosemite Valley northward. Possibly distinct, but intermediate forms occur. It is 51 Bridges, 1628 Brewer, 3880 and 4870 Bolander, 68 and 68 a Torrey, and was also collected by Bigelow and by Dr.
397 페이지 - ... linear algebra, and that all the forms of the algebras given by me must be imperfect quadrates, and has confirmed this conclusion by actual investigation and reduction. His investigations do not however dispense with the analysis, by which the independent forms have been deduced in my treatise, but they seem to throw much light upon their probable use.
395 페이지 - But on the contrary, it is a singular fact, and one quite consonant with the principles of sound logic, that its first and general use is mostly to be expected from its want of significance. The interpretation is a trammel to the use. Symbols are essential to comprehensive argument. The familiar proposition that all A is B, and all...
299 페이지 - ... strata. Indeed, in the deep parts of the gravel deposits, we meet with masses of rock in which solution of the silicates in water is hourly going on ; and we may follow these solutions to the wells, and observe that sometimes depositions are formed on the surfaces of the rocks, over which they pass. Vanadium exists in the water, which supplies the wells of the district of the drift, as a transparent, colorless solution of magnesian calcic, manganous, and ferrous silicates, phosphates, carbonates,...
349 페이지 - Leaves subtomentose beneath, very acutely and deeply 5-7-lobed, the lower lobes projected backwards and forming a deep sinus ; petioles j-5 inches long ; racemes not exceeding the leaves; fertile heads three, 8-10 lines in diameter; nutlets glabrous, villous at base, truncate above and tubercled with the short base only of the style ; receptacle densely hairy and fruit-bearing over nearly the entire surface. — Collected by Wright (n. 1880) in southeastern Arizona near the San Pedro, and described...

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