MT/T 1091-2008 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (MTT 1091-2008, MT/T1091-2008, MTT1091-2008): Standard for exploration and evaluation of hydrogeology, engineering geology and environment geology in coal beds

앞표지, 2019. 12. 7. - 83페이지
This standard specifies the basic guidelines for hydrogeological, engineering, and environmental geological work in the geological exploration of coal resources; it focuses on the technical requirements and working methods of the exploration. This standard is applicable to the design and preparation, exploration and construction, geological research, geological report preparation and review, resource / reserve evaluation, mining right assessment, feasibility study at each stage of geological exploration of coal resources.

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Engineering geological exploration and evaluation
Environmental geological exploration and evaluation
Appendix A Normative Grading of waterrichness of aquifer
Informative Empirical formulas for the maximum height of fall
Appendix J Informative Work quantity of engineering geological exploration

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