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(black,) and Milton Trusty, (mulatto,) roads. Were not permitted to talk to a sweep, were brought down the same any one they met, always encamped night and chained along side of Peter. out. Were severely whipped by JohnNext evening two black boys, Clement son, for saying we were free, though Cox and William Chase, were brought he never whipped me. Little John down and chained with the rest. Pe and himself were taken to a Mr. Owen's ter says they were three days and 13 miles from Rockingham, and staid nights before they sailed. That they there a month. Then Johnson sold sailed out of the capes and saw the them all to a Mr. Miller and Josiah Sutlight house. That in about a day's ler near Rockingham. Staten and Consail afterwards, they landed, and he stant, two black men, who said they and the four other boys were chained were taken from Philadelphia, joined together in a small oyster house for them. The whole sixteen, all unchainthree days. The five boys were then ed, then started, under Miller and Suttaken by night in a carryall and gig, ler, and after travelling some time, passed Lewistown about day light, and stopped at a Mr. Low's, 6 miles from stopped at Joe Johnson's house, a ta Clinton, about two weeks; where a vern, on the road six miles from Lew Mr. Walker came to see, and brought istown, saw Abraham F. Johnson, Joe's ten boys, and kept us a week or two, brother, and his wife there, where all when he found out that we were free, five were chained to a staple in the and refused to keep us.

Sutler sent floor of the garret. Soon after, a black Tom Low for us, and he, (Sutler and boy, John Jacobs, a cart driver, from Miller met us on the road) with others, Philadelphia, was brought there. in all the 16 free, and 4 slaves, Lawdy, About three or four days after the 4th Fanny, Maria and Martha. They of July, a black boy, James Bayard, brought us all to this country, but Sta(a 'sweep,) a mulatto, Benjamin Bax ten and Constant, who were sold on ter, who lived in Philadelphia, and lit the way. Mr. Miller got sick on the tle Jack, a small black boy, (a sweep,) road, and returned. Sutler sold four, were brought together to the garret, Clem, Ephraim, Henry and Lydia, in and soon after, Ephraim Lawrence, a Mississippi; Lydia, in Monticello, and black boy, and little John, a mulatto, the other three, twelve miles across the were brought to the garret, and then river, with one of the slaves, (Maria.) a black, Henry, a young man grown, The rest were taken to Holmesville, was brought there. The 12 were all and four of us, William Miller, John chained to the same staple.

Jacobs, James Bayard and myself, were Two girls were brought there some sold to Mr. Perryman, for $450 a piece, time before this, (Lydia Smith and last winter. The other six free ones Sally,) both black. These girls were were taken on by Sutler. chained in a different part of the same garret. Peter never knew Henry before, but Henry said he was kidnap. 500 DOLLARS REWARD. ped by Johnson, on the road, as he was going to see his mother. Peter thinks they were kept in this garret about six months.

Mayor's Office, Feb. 9, 1827. One night, twelve boys and two girls Whereas, information has been rewere taken down, walked 6 or 7 miles, ceived, that in the year 1825, a numand were put on board a ship by Joe ber of free persons of colour, princi. Johnson, and set sail. In about six pally children, inhabitants of the city days after, they were landed, don't and county of Philadelphia, were forknow where, heard them talking about cibly seized by persons then unknown, the Chesapeake bay, and that they and carried into slavery; and whereas were near Baltimore. We then tra. public justice and the dignity of this velled by land for one month, until we city demand, that so signal an outrage came to Rockingham. Joe Johnson on the rights of the inhabitants thereof, with them. He chained the large should not remain unpunished. Now, boys two and two, but not the small in pursuance of authority vested in ones. They travelled generally on bye me, by the Select and Common Coun


cils, I Joseph Watson, Mayor of said stopped before they were sold by the city, do hereby offer a reward of Five agent who had them in possession, and Hundred Dollars for the apprehension || by the noble conduct of the gentlemen and prosecution to conviction of any before mentioned, were forwarded to person concerned in the forcible ab this city, and safely returned to their duction of the free coloured persons friends, except one who was cruelly from the city of Philadelphia, as above murdered near Rocky Spring, (whipstated.

ped and beaten to death,) as the surJoseph Watson, Mayor. vivors declare, by a certain Ebenezer

F. Johnson, the brother of Joe John

son, spoken of by the boy Peter Hook. MAYOR'S OFFICE,

R. Stockton, Esq. the attorney genePhiladelphia, January 20, 1827.

ral of your state, is, I think fully pos

sessed of the details of the horrid do. GENTLEMEN.-I yesterday had the ings of this case of robbery. honour to receive your letter of the The warrants of Governor Shulze 23d December last. I beg you to ac for their reclaimation as fugitives from cept my thanks for the important in the justice of this state, have been forformation I have derived from your warded to Delaware, Maryland, Virgiletter and its enclosures. Your good | nia, Alabama, and Mississippi, nor have offices and humane interpositions in || 1 a doubt that both the outrages to favor of the poor kidnapped blacks, which I have alluded, have been perthat were most inhumanly stolen away petrated by the same gang. We have from this city and its suburbs, in the as yet not succeeded in the arrest of month of May, June and July, 1825, any of them, though frequent efforts call forth the deep and humble thanks have been made for the purpose. of their afflicted parents and friends, They have been driven from their and will be duly appreciated by all be quarters in Delaware and Maryland, nevolent and well disposed citizens. I and most of them are believed to have shall immediately communicate with gone into the interior of

; beDuncan S. Walker, Esq. as you de fore the receipt of your letter, I was sire, in relation to this matter, with a induced in consequence of a private determination, (so far as I am able,) to

intimation to forward a deposition to develope the mazes of this infernal Mr. Stockton, in the case of Peter, plot, by means of which, a great num which I have no doubt will act as a ber of free born children, during sev,

detainer. I have already a number of eral years past, have been seduced depositions, as respects Clem Cox and away and kidnapped, principally, and Baxter,--that Peter's story is substanalmost wholly as I believe, by a gang tially correct, I have no doubt. of desperadoes, whose haunts and head With great respect, I am your obequarters are now known to have been,

dient servant, on the dividing line between the states of Delaware and Maryland, low down

Josepu Watson, Mayor. on the peninsula, between the Delaware

To David Holmes, and J. E. Davis, Esand Chesapeake bays. . The local sit

quires, Natchez. uation of the country afforded them great facilities in carrying on this most iniquitous traffic, the bond and the free, have been equally subjects of their ra

To DUNCAN S. WALKER. pacity ; numbers of slaves have been stolen from Maryland and Virginia, and

MAYOR'S OFFICE, carried to the southern and more wes

Philadelphia, January 24, 1827. tern states for sale.

Messrs. Hamilton and Henderson, of DEAR SIR.--I had the pleasure to Rocky Spring, in your state, about a receive a letter dated, Natchez, 26th year ago, arrested a gang of kidnap. December last, from the Hon. David ped children and blacks, who were Holmes, and J. E. Davis, Esq. with an stolen from this city and Delaware, in enclosure from you containing the narAugust, 1825; they were fortunately || rative of Peter Hook. This narrative

of Hook, I have no doubt is substan munerate you for your services in this tially true, and unfolds a scene of ini good work, I will guarantee to you quity and outrage unexampled within the compensation promised by Messrs. our borders, and deeply injurious to Holmes and Davis, in their letter of the peace and dignity of our city. the 23d of December last. Will it be Great individual distress and affliction absolutely necessary that white perhave been produced by these repeated sons should go on to your place, in aggressions, and the public feeling is order to identify these coloured peohighly aroused and excited in conse ple? might not depositions be taken quence thereof-Messrs. Holmes and under the act of congress, or in some Davis refer me to you, for further com way that would be availing before munications, and legal assistance, in or your tribunal ? otherwise it operates der to procure the restoration of these as a monstrous oppression on these unfortunate blacks, to their friends and poor blacks, most of whom have very homes. I therefore, at the commence little to spare, and the charitable and ment of our correspondencc, pray you humane here, as elsewhere, you know, to leave no stone unturned, no legal or are taxed up to the eyes, for a hunhumane effort unessayed, to speedily dred matters, in which their feeling's accomplish this purpose-I shall for are continually interested. I hope to ward you as I procure it, and I hope hear from you frequently. I shall not before long, a body of documentary easily forget the subject myself, as the evidence, that I trust will at least elu parents and relatives of the sufferers, cidate the history of this foul transac will be continually inquiring after tion, and identify the persons and the them. Once more I recommend this loss of most of the children-the great work to your unremitted exertions, difficulty is to procure even the writ and remain your obedient servant, ten evidence of white people, to es

JOSEPH Watson, Mayor. tablish the identity of black children, more particularly, if they have been out of sight for a year or two. I have

Natchez, Feb. 25, 1827. already found white persons who can Dear Sir,- 1 have the pleasure of identify Peter Hook, Clement Cox and acknowledging yours of the 24th ult. Benjamin Baxter. Before I received received yesterday. the letter of Messrs. Holmes and Da That the citizens of Philadelphia vis, I had received information of Hook would feel aggrieved at this outrage, being at Natchez, and immediately for and that her active and intelligent powarded the description of his parents, lice would use every means of redress, Peter and Eliza Hook, and the depo was expected. Here, if humanity sitions of Hartman Kuhn, and Judge could sleep, our own safety would Hemphill ; I enclosed these documents prompt to action. There will be no to Mr. Stockton, your attorney gene want of either proper feeling or exerral, to whose zeal and politeness on tion among our citizens on this subformer occasions, I am greatly indebt. || ject. ed; I beg leave to refer you to Mr. When my respected friends, Gov. Stockton, and who will, also, be able to Holmes and Mr. Davis, mentioned this give you full information as to the char subject to me as one requiring proacter of the conspirators engaged in fessional aid, I offered my services, but the transaction to which I have allu- without requiring or intending to reded. I presume Mr. Stockton has seen ceive a fee. Your letter contained the the correspondence between Messrs. first intimation I had received of such Hamilton and Henderson, (of Rocky an offer, which I would have declined Spring) and myself; these gentlemen, || accepting from them, and as I do from however, if he has it not, will, i know, you. I cannot agree in such a case, to most willingly, exhibit it to you. receive any pecuniary compensation

I have acknowledged the receipt of from any quarter. the letter of Messrs. Holmes and Da

It was thought advisable not to give vis, which they will, I presume, exhi publicity to this subject, until the nebit to you-although

cessary steps were taken, to ascertain sent, no funds in my possession, to re the residence of all those kidnapped

have at pre

blacks, and to prevent their further March and April. If, however, you removal. This, as far as practicable, will send on satisfactory testimony in has been done. Our laws require these any of the cases, I do not despair of suits to be instituted in the Counties inducing the defendants to waive forwhere the persons claiming the ne mal exceptions. groes reside, and the jurisdiction of I enclose Lydia's statement. In her the United States' Court in such cases, case, commissions, &c. will be waived, was at least doubtful. Five suits have if the testimony is taken under the act been brought for eight of them—one of Congress. Testimony will be rein Pike County, for Peter Hook, Wil quired from Delaware or Maryland, as liam Miller, John Jacobs, and James well as from Philadelphia, in her case. Bayard—three suits in Lawrence I know you “will leave no stone unCounty, for Clem, Ephraim and Henry turned,” to procure the necessary tes-and one in Adams County, for Ly- || timony, and we will leave no bayou dia.—My brother and partner, Robert unsearched for the restoration of the J. Walker, is now at the Supreme captives to their homes. Our soil afCourt, Monticello, and will make fords no stone for building Penitentiaall possible inquiry into the situation ries, but our forests supply gallows for of the remaining six, not yet accurate the kidnapper; and while our laws ly ascertained, although an inquiry protect slave property, they will rewas instantly set on foot. Milton Trus store the free. The defendants, in ty and William Chase, are believed to these cases, have been imposed on, be in Wayne County. Every man, and trials must be had to enable them woman and child, of these unfortunates to regain their money: in our State, must be hunted out, and We need no stimulus to exertion in as at present advised, we expect to ac this cause; public opinion is with us. count for twelve of them. Staten and The Philadelphians may rely on the Constant were sold to one Wood, near hearty co-operation of our citizens in Milledgeville, Georgia; so says Lydia, the pursuit and punishment of these who adds another to this dark cata audacious and infamous aggressors on logue of crime, Hannah, a small yel all laws, human and divine. Forward low woman, stolen from Philadelphia. the testimony, stating it to be “taken

These poor creatures have been so on the petition of for his or their scattered over our sparsely peopled || discharge from illegal confinement,” County, that we have been obliged to and I hope to render a favourable acask the aid of some of the members of count of these kidnapped blacks. the bar who practice in those Circuits, Very respectfully, which neither my brother or self at

Your obedient servant, tend, and which has been very prompt

D. S. WALKER. ly afforded by R. M. Gaines and Wil Hon. Joseph Watson. liam Case, Esqs. The documents forwarded to the late Richard Stockton, I have not yet been able to see, in the Narrative of Lydia Smith.–Says she absence of his Administrator. In his was born in Delaware, eighteen miles death, the cause of humanity has lost from Bridgeville ; she first belonged an able advocate.

to Clement Ross, and afterwards to I can appreciate the difficulty you Governor Collins as his executor ; that anticipate, of identifying black chil she was entitled to freedom at 21, dren, by the evidence of white per now 23 years of age; that she lived

But however onerous it may be for some time with Gary Hitch, who on all hands, we must do our duty. married Ross's daughter; that Hitch, Written evidence, of course, is admis after his wife's death, being suspected sible; but it cannot be taken under of a disposition to sell her as a slave, the act of ress. Interrogatories she was taken to one Aaron Wright's, must be filed, and copies served on de in Maryland, three miles from Norrisfendants, with 15 days' notice, before fork-hedge, and sent thence to Philacommission can issue. This will be delphia, by the Abolition Society; done as soon as possible; but not in that she lived there five years, at time for trial at the Spring Term in Mansfield's Tavern, at Edward Par

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keris ia Zane gener, at Britton Coon Lew Gerrgetonn, Delaware, s. reper's, in siste was

s Market collect her sei. street tart, and with Mson, the 055e silet, send by Peter Hook,) that de 52 kan in Pizdelpra SOXE ACCOUNT OF TEE PERIODICAL by the name of E..22 Parker; that she

ASD LAISS OF THE TORRID returned to ford and thence to Brzesiile; that her father bougit bet tie from Htch for 65 Eolars,

(Continued from page 25.) and soil ba io three years to Lerin If the tropical rains were always synSiesarte berfi, turee miles from chronous with the vertical position of Georgetown, Delaware or Marsland:) the sun, they would necessaris estend Hexart sold ter u Bill Sp.cer, who from one tropic to the other, and in wok ber to Lior, and thence to Sals. the interior of the torrid zone, the bury, Spicer attempted to sell her as ! year would be marked by two rainy a stave; was sent for it, to Snow-Hill seasons instead of one. This hower. ja:), while she was kept at preacher er, is not consistent with facts. As Janes Herron's for six months, till de. the winds are generally directed tockred free; she then returned. Spicer wards those parts of the globe, where got out of jail, caught her going from the greatest heat prerails, it is obrious Mlion to Georgetown; took her for their course, in any particular latitude, cibly to his brother Theodore's, thence within the tropics, must rary with the to James Walker's, one mile from varying declination of the sun. To Milton, thence to Patty Cannon's, the enormous masses of aqueous va. thence to Joe Johnson's, on the line pour, which are driven by the monbetween Delaware and Maryland; soons, across the mountainous tracts, there Spicer sold her to Edward John. with which the equatorial regions of son for 110 doilars; thence to John. Africa are girdled, we must attribute son's sister, the wife of young Jess the regular returns and astonishing Cannon, where she was chained for 5 abundance of the tropical rains in that months, about one mile from Chryst quarter of the globe. The position ler's ferty, and not five miles from her and the elevation of the land, causing birth place; there she found Ephraim great varieties in the periods and Lawrence, John Jacobs, (formerly of strength of the monsoons, as well as the Harrisburg, Pa.) and little John; temperature of the atmosphere, must thence she was taken back to Joe produce numerous phenomena in the Johnson's, where she met those named periodical rains, which cannot be in Peter's narrative; Henry Carr, a clearly explained without a careful black man, of Lombard street, Phila. examination of the various local caudelphia, kidnapped Ephraim, and ses concerned. On this subject much brought him to Johnson's. After sail remains to exercise the industry of ing, she cannot tell where, they land philosophic observers. ed, and were taken to Petersburg, Va. In Borneo, the largest island of the and thence to Rockingham Court East Indies, the rainy season continues House, North Carolina. Robert Mar from September to April, with the tin, and John James Miller, Josias But western monsoon, during which time ler, and Tom Low, all belong to the there are scarcely two successive gang, and live near Rockingham; hours of fair weather. These rains, so does James Jones, who lives near like all the rest of this class, are usuJohnson's in Delaware. She says Ro ally accompanied by the most appalbert Martin is a Post Master! agrees ling thunder and lightning. The dry with Peter in the account of their season extends through the other half travels; recollects one little yellow of the year, though on some parts of woman, about 18 years old, Hannah, the coast the sea breeze is generally stolen from Philadelphia, and a slave, productive of a shower. Upon the Aaron, stolen from his mistress, Wi coast of Siam the rains begin in April, dow Orner, who keeps a boarding soon after the commencement of the house in Baltimore; these two not southern monsoon, and continue, with named by Peter ; says that Dr. Carey, various degrees of violence, until Oc.

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