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stare)——“or what comes,” he went on. to myself; so I cleared out, having duly “I happen to need some champagne this provided for the contingencies of my evening-giving a little dinner day after milieu.. to-morrow.”

A shade of wonderment passed over Barney stared at him, and suddenly Vel's face, and he nodded his head. grinned. “You're not a bad sort,” he “I had no longer anything to fulfill, remarked. “Wouldn't you like a drink you understand; had done pretty well now?"

what was expected of me, didn't owe “Don't mind if I do," said the other, anything more to human relationshipsaffably, and drew up a chair, facing the so here I am, to-day,he added, with a woman at the stern.

certain quaint emphasis on the word. Barney uncorked the second bottle in 'Vel, who had been tilting his chair the bucket and poured first a few drops backward, brought it down with a in his own glass, and then filled one near thump, and began, in a leisurely fashion, the pirate. 'Vel waved his pipe in re to trepan his pipe with a match, looking fusal, and Barney's mute interrogation down into the bowl with an inquisitive of the woman netted him nothing, so he air, as a rabassier, having found his filled his own glass.

quarry, scratches in the ground and The man called Bill had appeared and

waits for his master to come, saying, by reappeared, with cases, noiseless, effi his uplifted paw,“On my word of honor cient, never once glancing at the group as a dog, there's a truffle here." at the table.

Get much fun out of piracy?" inThe pirate held up his glass, and quired Barney, as of a fellow craftsman, looked through it, either at the moon or with the polite interest of the perfect the woman; tasted it with relish, almost host who finds all matters worthy of diswith the gesture of a toast-to the moon cussion. Have some champagne. or the woman-and spoke over his shoul There was a slight cough from the der to the man called Bill (who had set man called Bill. And the pirate, after his last case down at the rail, and was tasting his second glass, pushed it negliwaiting there, staring at vacancy), gently away, and helped himself to a “That's all, Bill.” He seemed to know cigarette. that Bill had finished his task, though his Awfully good cigarettes,” he murbare feet had made no perceptible sound. mured, appreciatively.

“Doesn't your man want a drink?” “Like some to take along?" said Barsaid Barney, easily.

ney, affably. There was in his tone a “Never touches it,” said the pirate. little of the gratification of the man who

“Mind telling us a little about your hears. his private blend of tobacco self?” inquired 'Vel. “You see, we've praised, and a little of something else, all been a little bored, and conversation smoothly disguised. 'Vel smiled with had almost ceased when you came. deep amusement, as Barney fished some Not asking you anything personal” (he keys out of his pocket, and, selecting gave a sharp look at the pirate, with a one, signaled to the man called Bill. quizzical lift of his eyebrows), “of "In number one,” he said, pleasantly, course, but-?"

“top locker, left side, three tin boxes of a “Sure,” grinned the pirate, cheerfully, thousand each. Bring up one, will you?” after a long look at 'Vel. Something like "Thanks," said the pirate, and to his a wink was exchanged between them. perceptible nod, the weather-beaten man “I'm only working out my destiny; was went below with the keys. “Awfully bored once, myself; got born in the decent of you,” he added, to Barney. wrong milieu, stuck in it, feeling respon 'Vel smiled to himself, as Barney sible, until one day I realized I wasn't started to rise. responsible to anyone, any more, except The pirate's chair went back an inch.

VOL. CXLIV.-No. 860.-31

I beg your pardon,” said he, very qui- places,” the pirate resumed; "shall we etly, but in a tone like cold steel, and he say they are simply waiting to be restared Barney in the eyes, all of his turned to their original niches or market cheerful bonhomie gone. His look said: stalls, or—? And those other things “My man is not a sneak thief; and you that have never been in their natural needn't think, either, that by sending locales. Please understand, I do not him downstairs on a courteous errand include your champagne in either of these you can put anything over on me. For abstractions." the moment I'm your guest; that would Barney made a wry face, as if to say, be a dirty trick. Just now I was a pirate, “It's your champagne now," and lifted but there is a time for everything. his hand resignedly. and just because I have sat down to “And I do my humble part as carrier. drink with you and discuss philosophy .. You've seen hothouse flowers in a is precisely why this is a time of truce. Northern greenhouse, that not only

Barney understood him perfectly, as a leaned to the sun, but almost pleaded to practiced gambler, and relaxed into his be set free and returned to the morass chair again, thinking better of whatever they'd never seen. You've observed, no ulterior motive he had.

doubt, a lioness born in captivity who The pirate flicked the ash from his nevertheless knew, in her eyes, at least, cigarette, and hitched his chair forward. how her world ought to look. You've The rules had been preserved. 'Vel fin also seen," he went on, in another key, ished his trepanning, reprimed his pipe, “certain inanimate things that were and lighted it, with a humorous side stolen and never got returned. If they glance at the woman.

had been, they might have become aniThe music that stole up from below mate, the bronze horses of St. Mark'shad become a little, nervous, dissonant, so called-thus giving the credit to the restive.

thief. But you see what I mean? The “It's just a game with you, then?” bronze horses were returned to St. inquired 'Vel, of the pirate, breaking the Mark's after Napoleon had stolen them; tension.

but why shouldn't they have been taken “Call it an art,” said the other, his back to Constantinople, where Enrico easy-going manner coming back. “You Dandolo stole them, and thence to the see” He hesitated, and looked fixedly Arch of Trajan, or just a little farther, at the woman, who was looking out over to the place that they were first set up, the bay again, her face averted; and, as from which they were first stolen? That if giving up his reticence with the ash would be poetic restitution.” from the end of his cigarette, “Of course, “Is that your procedure?” asked gentlemen, you will never repeat what Barney, interestedly. I'm going to tell you” (he spoke half "Most of the time," said the other. boyishly, looking all the time at the “Naturally, it's more fun sometimes to woman), “but my ambition has always take things for the fun of taking, or out been to restore, where possible, and not of necessity. But I picked up a chap to destroy, to contribute a little order to once who had got shaken out of the dice the universe or even a little agreeable cup at Trinidad, when he needed to be disorder.”

in Florida, and I landed him on a key. The man called Bill returned with a Another time it was a little Lucarelli that tin box, gave the bunch of keys to Bar had been stolen from some friends of ney, and went over to the rail, where he mine in Ancona." stood, immobile, with the box under his "And you stole it back?" inquired

'Vel, amusedly. About the world there are certain “There is a temple in a village up the things that are not in their proper Payankiang River, in the province of

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left arm.


Chekiang,” the pirate went on, ignoring big, strong, seasoned, adequate. They the question, “where one god was miss stood looking at each other, and the ing from the row on the stone shelf—had intruder smiled. been missing for forty years. The priests “Thanks for the cigarettes,” he said, had turned out hundreds of prayer rolls simply, but did not extend his hand, nor for the return of that god. ... Well, I

did Barney. saw him one day, sitting on a buhl table “Anything else you'd like?” asked the in-well, let's say in the East Eighties, latter, half ironically. or the Avenue Henri Martin, it doesn't “Yes . . . there is,” was the quiet matter where. He was a bit nicked and battered, having journeyed nearly “Well-what?" around the world, and rested uncom The pirate looked past him at the fortably on so many buhl tables, and woman, who had got up, laying the behind the doors of so many antique- vanity chest on her chair. shop cabinets. He had been repainted Barney looked from one to the other; in places, but-well, he's back on the it seemed to dawn upon him, dimly, stone shelf, in his right place, and the what was happening, as the woman priests of Quang-ho have time to pray walked slowly down the deck, and past for other things now. Do you see?” him, with scarcely a glance. There was

“Yes,” said Barney, “but I'm inter an atmosphere of abandon in her moveested to know about your takings for the ments, a definite relinquishment in the fun of taking?"

way that she drew three rings from her “Now you couldn't expect me to tell fingers and laid them on the rattan table. you much about that,” the pirate grinned; They made a clinking sound, like ice in “that's always impulsive, you see ... a thin glass. They were put down gently, might happen any time. The other is as things once cherished, but now irreladeliberate, foreplanned, an intellectual tive, unimportant. abstraction."

She faced the pirate, a tall woman, in The woman at the stern had aban- her early thirties, ripened and firmly doned her vanity chest and was occupied molded and infinitely mysterious in her in drawing off her rings and putting self-containment, as if life had never them on again, without looking at the touched her poignantly until this momen. There was a flavor of mockery in ment. The pirate regarded her with a her gesture.

somber fire in his eyes, and after a Once” the pirate began, intently. tense and pregnant pause, Barney There was a very slight, sepulchral seemed to come to some acceptance cough, casual enough, but definite, from in his mind, and the pirate kindled to the man called Bill, and he cut short flame as the woman went swiftly past what he had begun to say, and turned to him, brushing his arm with hers, to the 'Vel. “Wonder if you'd mind going landing steps, where the man called Bill down," said he, "and telling Caleb to was holding his arm in readiness for her. come up?"

Caleb appeared at this moment, closing “Certainly,” said 'Vel, pleasantly. the doors of the companionway behind The two looked at each other for a long him. He locked them and thrust the moment, and the pirate held out his brass key into his pocket. hand, which was warmly shaken.

"Locked 'em in saloon," said Caleb, “Some other evening," said the pirate, hurriedly, as if he hadn't altogether and 'Vel nodded and went below. liked doing it, and went to the landing

“Got to be running along now," he steps. said to Barney, getting up. Barney rose The pirate turned on his heel and folalso, and the woman clasped her hands lowed him, without looking at Barney and stared at them. They were both again. But Barney stood transfixed


where he was, and made no movement. dropped it overboard. The splash of it The sound of an auxiliary exhaust, well died away, and after a little the big man muffled, aroused him, and he staggered heaved his shoulders, took out a cigato the rail. The pirate's boat was pass rette case, and lighted one of his ing the yacht's bows, and a sharp rap on fully good cigarettes." the forward deck, and a metallic clatter, Presently be returned along the deck, caused Barney to lurch in that direction. looked about on the table, found the Something glittered on the deck and he brass key, unlocked the companionway stooped and picked it up. It was the doors and opened them silently. Then key to the companionway doors.

he found a chair and sank into it. He looked at the thing stupidly, and 'Vel lounged up to the deck a moment then at the boat making seaward rap- later, unruffled, unperturbed. idly. The moon glinted upon the golden “Hello!” said he. ... “The pirate comb in the woman's hair, and Barney gone?” passed his hand over his eyes to shut Barney nodded. out the sight. Then he made his way 'Vel looked about. “Take anything back to the stern, to the empty chair, else with him?" picked up the pomegranate-colored van “Vera.” ity chest and came back to the table. “Vera?” In it he placed the three rings scattered “Yes." there, and, moving deliberately now, re

” said 'Vel, slowly, comturned to the chair. Over the back of ing over and looking down at him, “I it was a scarf of irridescent glass beads. saw that that was to happen when He wrapped the little chest in it, care he came aboard. ... fully, held it to his lips a moment, and “So did I," answered Barney.

“Well ...

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AST summer, when we went to Maine,

We traveled overnight by train.
At evening, when my prayers were said
The porter came to make my bed.
He drew the curtains all around
And shut me in all safe and sound
So I alone could snugly lie
And watch the stars go sliding by.
What fun it was! and as I lay
The moon came up as bright as day
So I could clearly see at last
The country as we hurried past,
The cows asleep upon the hill,
The little houses dark and still,
A lighted town, a bridge, a brook,
Like pictures printed in a book.
But what seems puzzling to my mind
We never left the moon behind-
It shone above as clear as day
And stayed right with us all the way!




NE morning some twenty years ago window to stop sawing at intervals in

a crowd was gathered around a order to relieve the sidewalk congestion. shoe-store window on Summer Street, The man who developed that simple Boston, watching a man at work. Other idea of sawing up shoes to show people pedestrians, seeing the group, stopped how well they were made exercised and edged their way toward the window shrewd imagination about people and until they, too, could see the man behind their buying processes. He knew that in the plate glass.

selling shoes he faced the same fundaInside the window was a buzz saw mental selling resistance which confronts driven by an electric motor, and with a huxter, for instance, when selling a this buzz saw the man was sawing up basket of strawberries or a watermelonshoes. Z-i-n-g! would go the saw, and the eye may be sold by the outward apthen the man would hold up for the pearance, but the intellect demands to crowd's inspection the two halves of a know what is underneath or inside. The brand-new shoe of the make sold in the huxter tips the basket of strawberries store. Z-i-n-g! And the crowd would into his hand to show the buyer the be shown the two halves of some other berries on the bottom of the basket, or he maker's shoe, so that it could see the plugs the watermelon to show that it is difference of the material which went sound and ripe inside; the shoe man into the soles and heels of the two sawed his shoes apart from toe to heel shoes.

for the same purpose. The demonstraHour after hour the man sawed shoes tion sold shoes so successfully that it is -new shoes, half-worn shoes, dilapidated credited with being one of the largest old shoes. The window was heaped with single factors in winning a national

repushoes, sawed and unsawed.

tation for this make of shoe. People stopped to look and stayed to Probably no subject in the world has marvel at the company's daring in thus more fascination for the keen-minded ripping their own shoes to pieces and business man than the study of how peoshowing them in comparison with shoes ple are influenced to exchange their of competitors.

money for the commodities of life—why “This company's shoes must be made they will spend willingly for one class of of good materials or they wouldn't dare commodities and grudgingly for another; do that,” was the first thought. “They why they will buy this and will not buy are-I can see that they are,' was the that; how they may be led into new buysecond. And this was followed in so ing channels; and what methods are many cases by a third, “I must buy a most effective in stimulating the buying pair," that inside of a few months men impulse. were sawing up shoes in the windows of Buying is a mental function, and as this company's stores all over the coun such it is peculiarly subject to the influtry.

ence of imagination applied or supplied For weeks these window demonstra from without-applied to the buyer's tions continued. So great were the mind in such a way as to take advantage crowds they attracted that in some cities of his mental ductility, or to the product the police had to request the man in the in such a way as to cause it to react

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