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and, in spite of excellent resolutions to one to the other of these four ladies in get in no deeper, we have ended by buy- riding breeches engaged in unknown ing it from Williams—“about an acre." rites. One thin one with a bright-red We shall put in alfalfa, and maybe a cor handkerchief tied over her hair, mixing ral at the far end for our horses.

blue calcimine. Two other tall and thin Of course, José's promises to finish up ones kneeling over a fire. And another, this week have come to naught. Floors neither tall nor thin, writing in a book. done, window frames in, but still no sign Not till I gave him some oranges for his of a kitchen. We have accepted as part children did he leave, murmuring under of the Mexican genius that crookedness his breath. Tesuque is used enough which Robert Edmond Jones put, from to American farmers' wives, but finds New Mexican in

us a remarkable spiration, into the

species. background of his


July 3d. one of the four doors

This is the first in our living room is

really peaceful day a different size and

since we came to set at a different un

New Mexico. It even angle. (The

was not intended to door into the din

be such. After ining room is so low

conceivable efforts that Gertrude gives

we made arrangeher tall head a

ments with one crack every time

Jones, a carpenter, she goes through.)

to break the SabBut we do somehow

bath and the want the doors to

Fourth. Then open and the win

Mrs. O'Bryan, dows to shut! One

the kindest of of the troubles with

neighbors, who José and Ramon is

takes all our trouthat they each have

bles on her shoulders a secondary occupa

(shoulders that tion-playing the

look very slight fiddle and banjo at

and slender, yet lift Mexican bailes.

hundred-pound They can scarcely

sack of grain like a wait to start home

strong man's), inan hour earlier on Saturday nights. vited us to come out again to be near

enough to oversee. But of course Jones did Just here, as I sat scribbling, there not turn up. So we had the luxury of rode up beside me a black-visaged wandering in the fields and orchards so personage who proved to be the famous beautifully tended by our friend herself. Mayordomo, Señor Francisco Jemenez. Here at last, and inside the house as well, He had come to oversee, in relation is French technic! What a lunch she to the ditch, certain constructions we cooked, too! And then, in the hour are making, and he also wished, oh, fer of digestion, we sat in the cool porch vently, to sell me his ragged sorrel pony. that overlooks a tangle of flowers, lisI agreed to try it, but that did not per tening to tales of the old days. Mrs. suade him to leave. He just sat there, O'Bryan's is the sparkle of a spirit his large black orb wildly roving from that laughs at itself, and her speech




is as piquant as the chili she puts in her were living in Las Vegas at the time. rice.

There had been some trouble and all the Her son, a young engineer, here for young men were called out to patrol. the holiday, only half approves his My two brothers elected to go on duty mother's reversion to Southwestern type the same night, leaving my mother and after many years in Paris. “She used to me alone in the house. My mother was be the fussiest little dresser you ever a Southerner of the old school, you know. saw," he lamented.

My father (he was pure Spanish) met Her blue eyes danced. “Yes, I her at St. Louis when he was sent there wouldn't go out till my veil was just so, to the university. She couldn't for her if it took an hour, like any Parisian. life have handled a gun. So the boys And how many hats

said, half in joke, 'If and sets of furs did I

you hear anything, have when I came

Mame, don't take home? Well, I tell

any chances.' Well, you, I sometimes

I did hear something wonder why I'm

mighty suspicious” here. This week,

-and she went on now, when I was

to describe how, godriving the hay rake

ing into a dark room, and tramping down

she saw a man tryalfalfa on top of the

ing to force the wagon. Tramp,

window, and how tramp and a shower

she sat quietly in a of green. Tramp,

chair, holding her tramp till I ached

gun until the right all over—and sud

moment. “We denly I asked my

knew how self what I was doing

badly he was hurt. it for? Just to feed

We found a trail of two little Mexican

blood as far as the ponies I bought for

gate the next twenty-five dollars

morning." apiece!”

So the tales went All the same, the

It is not diffison is proud of his

cult for an Otero to mother's masculine

go back to the days SALOMÉ'S WIFE AND ELDEST SON capacity, her fear

when life was really lessness.

lightly held, when "You ought to see her shoot. The great landowners had not only Spanish natives just stand around and gape dependents, but “bought Indians," in when she takes her shotgun and brings their ranch houses. (So that, I reflected, down a chipmunk. That's the only is where the peasant Mexican got his reason I feel safe about her in this lonely reputed Indian strain.) As if to point place. They know she has a six-shooter the contrast, our hostess's “Cousin under her pillow and won't hesitate to Manuel” just then appeared in his big use it if anybody fails to state his car for a Sunday call. This large and business."

genial gentleman is a combination of His mother said that she was brought astute Republican leader and successful up just like a boy with her brothers. sheep rancher and looks no more Span

“Did I ever tell you how I shot a man ish than Mrs. O'Bryan herself. A child when I was only twelve or thirteen? We could discern that he is a typical West





ern American, and it would be interest Señora Alvina Trujillo, who came bright ing to know by what process he has and early from the house of the round evolved from the Spanish grandee who tower to begin calcimining. But after drove in a coach and six and governed dubious inspection she informed me in men and land with a high hand. It Spanish (she has no English) that the was during Mrs. O'Bryan's father's life whole thing must be done over. The time that the Santa Fe railroad came city muchachos had made a mess of it. into the Territory-indeed, he had been I decided that she was probably right. instrumental in bringing it. Power So we armed ourselves with hatchets seems to be something that hands itself and knives and set to work pulling off down hereabouts; and one feels, both in old layers. Blue ones, pink ones, yellow our friend and her cousin, in their talk, ones, white ones! The natives calcimine manners, and looks, precisely that qual- at least once a year and plaster almost ity-hereditary power over the soil and

as often. the men of the soil, and a sense of per

This afternoon, Alvina's sister, sonal stake in the larger governmental Luciana Sais, summoned from the vilorganism which, in this now very much lage, has been here, and they are beginmodified "frontier,” is still more closely ning to replaster. First they studied our involved with the soil than it is in the various soils with expert attention, and Eastern states.

chose the pink earth by the storehouse.

They then mixed earth with water and TESUQUE, July 4th. attacked the job, throwing the liquid A new way to spend the Fourth mud with a clever, strong flip of the knocking adobe plaster off walls. José wrist against the wall, smoothing it with and Ramon had worked all day yes a trowel, then spattering it with water terday on the walls and we supposed and smoothing it again with the flat of them ready for the ministrations of the hand or a piece of sheepskin. They

[graphic][merged small]


are infinitely swifter and more skillful named Ortiz whom my energetic “pardthan the men, and it is pretty to watch ner,” seeing her departure for the East the two-Alvina, stout and comfortable; rapidly approaching, plucked bodily off Luciana, thin and gaunt, both very a Santa Fe roof and brought out in bright-eyed and Moorish-looking under triumph in a taxi. He still has a dazed the white towels that envelop their air. heads, chattering and spattering away Ortiz is to stay in Tesuque, so — as from the tops of two ladders.

relations had recently been very goodGertrude arrived after lunch, full of I crossed the acequia to give our neighher usual verve. Ducking out of the bor the first chance of a boarder. dining room, she inquired, pertinently: Salomé told me, with his irritating grin, “What is José good for? Not for car that the price would be three dollars pentry. Not even for the plastering that per day. So I recrossed the acequia and is supposed to be his trade! Can he

Can he handed Ortiz over to Anastacio at build that kitchen wall?”

seventy-five cents. This job, the most considerable one of our undertaking, looms immediately

TESUQUE, July 8th. ahead. And unfortunately we have had

At last I can date my journal Tesuque a heavy thundershower to suggest that

and mean it. For we are here, bag and the rainy season-accursed for adobe baggage; ever so much more of both building-has begun.

than we wanted, it seemed, when we

came to pack it into Tom's truck amid

July 6th. the flattering lamentations of the Our hill is again alive with antlike Alarids. The señora, the señor, our activity. Inside the house Alvina and Josephine and the other six children, Luciana are calcimining at last. The Fido, Queenie, dear old grandfather kitchen wall is slowly rising-José and Lobato, and the large family of flies Ramon, full of charm and inefficiency, that had established itself in our kitchen, have demanded a second "helper," so buzzed about us as we labored. But for Salomé's tall son Pedro is bringing up these last I should be a bit homesick the hill the bricks that Hipolito is again to-night; the charming little orchard of gracious enough to haul and dump. the Camino del Monte Sol, the insaluMatias, assisted and encouraged by me brious well, the sociable popotte, have a -he needs the spur of constant admira- halolike radiance as they recede. What tion-is building a terrace back of the in the world shall we do without Gormhouse with the stone left over from the ly's store around the corner? What kitchen foundation. Anastacio, the oven shall we do without the Fanciulla del specialist, “helped” by Alvino, one of Ouest? Hipolito's sons, is making bricks for the Tesuque goes to bed early. From our beehive orno with a funny little mold knoll at nine o'clock I see no lighted they are quite a different shape from window, smell no cedar incense. Under ordinary adobes. I seem to have met the brilliance of the stars Salomé's Anastacio's closed, square, subtle face house makes a dark, unfriendly bulk. before in some Spanish painting. Maybe The black dog, no cousin of Queenie's, it is the dark beard showing through growls from some distant lair. that gives it distinction–distinction and It is no more cheering indoors-less more than a hint of guilt-whereas so. In the sputter of two candles (no Alvino's plump red cheeks radiate all the kerosene yet) this precious casa of ours Christian virtues. I am not surprised to looks exactly like a stage hovel. The hear that he used to be sacristan at the bedroom is a beautiful Mexican blue, cathedral. But the climax of this long the living room is a peerless white, but list is a carpenter, a shy little fellow both are piled high with furniture,

VOL. CXLIV.-No. 863.—75

a cross.

trunks, barrels, boxes of groceries, pots, José and Ramon are so humiliated in and pans. The kitchen is still unfinished the eyes of their peers that, in spite of and the dining room full of tools, putty, the loss they have caused us, I can't help paint, lumber. ...

feeling sorry for them. Ramon bluffs “What's that?” asks Gertrude (we it out with a foolish smile, but José are both on our cots now, she reading, I stalks about blacker than night, mutwriting) as a forlorn wail echoes from tering. For ourselves, we have again the mountains.

discovered something that cuts deeper “Coyotes."

than José's ignorance our own. Adobe “Did the kitchen wall look out of houses may look as if built out of a plumb to you?” I ask, with some child's blocks, but it takes the hand of anxiety, after a long silence.

experience to pile them. “No," answers my “pardner,” firmly -she always suspects me of looking on

Erening. the dark side-"just irregularity in the

We have been down to the village, and bricks.”

the mere sight of the long, low houses, “What's that?”

the feathery tamarisk trees, the female This time I am the inquirer. Cer- figures with white cloths on their heads tainly there is a very queer scratching standing out against the sunset, has very close to the house.

soothed our sore feelings. In Tesuque, “You're nervous,” exults Gertrude, few flowers, no bright paint; dark-gray sleepily. “You'll never stay here alone.'

adobe, white trimmings, an irregular But later, after the candle is out, from village outline straggling over a series of the other cot, “What's that?"

bleak ridges under a pinnacle hill with A queer, sharp little patter like hail

It has a sort of ascetic pathos falling into the room. Feeling it on my

and simplicity that suggests Palestineface, I scratch a match in haste. It is

even to the rough little corrals where gravel, dropping from the rigas. So that

cows and burros stand ruminative in the is why the Alarids envelop their beams twilight, as if translated from pictures of in cheesecloth!

the Nativity

Our object was to find one Timoteo

July 9th. Griego, Anastacio's brother, who is reTragedy. The kitchen wall has ported to be an excellent adobe man. buckled.

A slender fellow whom we accosted at I got up early and went up on the the bridge proved to be Tim himself. knoll and my heart sank several thou He must have been a great buck at sand feet. The walls of the new room twenty. He is perhaps thirty-five now were unmistakably bulging. Gertrude,

Gertrude, and has a mouthful of gold teeth that dragged from her bed, would scarcely sparkle as he talks and seem somehow to agree. The human eye, she remarked, impede his English. But he inspires is deceitful. Then the Tesuque work confidence. He is very busy with his men arrived, stood about staring and

own roof.

. . Solicited to work in all whispering-half pleased, I fear, at our directions, too. . . . He is an expert betrayal by the Santa Fe muchacho. At well doctor and digger. Still . . he last Anastacio approached with his dark, would like to help two ladies. . . overt air. He had known all along; this, "I hear you're a Democrat, Tim," that, the other had been wrong. The says Gertrude, with her most beguiling whole must come down. ..

warmth. “So am I." Mr. Harsh having confirmed this Tim beams now with every tooth in judgment, even Gertrude is convinced. his head. The Republicans may be all The kitchen and its builders must be right in other places, he explains, but scrapped.

here ... Anyhow, to-morrow being

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