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This condition is reflected in psycho- this process on the spot say that "the logical changes also. The peasants now face of new, dawning Russia may be clearly see that all the strands of life are perceived in this movement of the peasgathered in their hands. If the peasant antry toward light and knowledge." will furnish bread, the city, the army, Another great gain has been made as and the government officials will live; if a result of four years of sore trial. These he refuses they will perish. The former difficult years have not only awakened a psychology of semiserfdom is now mak- keen and vital sense of citizenship, but ing room for a new consciousness in the they have also forced the people to live peasant—that of being the real master through and feel intensely, and to realize and ruler of the country, the real “boss” clearly, the need for statehood, for the of his own Russia. The peasant is now unity of the state. undergoing a process of self-discovery as The Russian people-builders of one a citizen. To dispose freely of this des of the greatest empires of the worldtiny, of his heritage, of his own self, and have often been accused of failure to to build the edifice of his existence as a appreciate sufficiently the importance of free and sovereign citizen-these are the the state, of lack of patriotism. But the practical lessons derived by the Russian Bolshevist anarchy has forced the people peasant from the school of revolution. to realize and understand that the viola

The revolution has brought about still tion of the functions of the state spells other favorable changes in the psychol- the ruin of all social life in all its forms ogy of the peasantry. Driven by hunger, and manifestations. The thirst for social the more cultured city population was and political order has been aroused by forced to seek bread in the villages, cre life itself and will not rest until it is ating there new interests and demands. satisfied. Having no money to give for its bread, The civil war, which split Russia into the city has had to barter, bringing to isolated sections and domestic battle the village new articles unknown there fronts, was equally responsible for awakbefore. This has inevitably created en- ening an active desire for unity. People tirely new wants among the peasantry. began to realize clearly what had not

Century-old relationships, traditional been felt before-that Russia is not a forms and molds, have been destroyed by mere mechanical conglomeration of indithe revolution. That which had pre- vidual parts, but a single political and viously seemed to be simple and pre economic organism, held together by a established, to be accepted without ques- network of railways, ports, and other tion, is now subjected to analysis and ex common bonds. The same stern lessons planation; hence a tremendous increase of life have intensified also the meaning in the demand for knowledge on sub of country,” have made that term a jects political, scientific, and technical. tangible reality. The disintegration of “The thirst for learning is overwhelm- the state, its losses and calamities, the ing!" says a report of the Commissariat national dishonor which had to be enof Education. "In southern Russia dured more than once all this could not peasant children have now made their fail to cause a keen realization of the appearance in the intermediary schools, vital importance and significance of a making up in some cases as much as 40 native country, of a motherland. to 60 per cent of all pupils. Formerly Finally, the destruction of economic there were none. . . . In a large number and cultural values, the senseless experiof provinces private schools have been mentation of the Bolsheviki, the imposopened which are being maintained by sibility of creative work-all this has the peasants at their own expense, all tended to arouse an irresistible desire for contributing to the upkeep." People creative, productive work, for the healwho have the opportunity to observe ing of the wounds dealt to the country

and its economic life by the mad and Russia's chief resources are not on the destructive policy of the Bolsheviki. The surface, but still in the bowels of the thirst for vital and fruitful activity is on earth. Destruction, therefore, has failed the increase.

to reach the most important economic I have spoken of the peasantry, for it resources of the country-her mineral is this class that is ultimately bound to wealth, boundless forests, and most fershape Russia's destiny: A sound, ma tile sections of land. The exploitation of ture peasantry is the economic and social all this wealth is left to the future. And foundation of the whole edifice of the therein-combined with the energy of Russian state. Upon this solid founda the people and a rational system of work tion, after the passing of the present evil - lies the possibility of the rapid recovdays, will be reared a sound and free ery of that richest of countries. Under industrial system, with sound and pros- conditions of free labor and individual perous classes of labor and bourgeoisie. initiative, and with the vigorous coThe spiritual and intellectual formula operation of the whole nation, Russia tion of this fact will be supplied by the will be able to march forward on the road “brains” of the nation, the intelligentsia. of economic evolution in seven-league And no matter how much these classes boots. of the population have been crushed Of course, an indispensable condition down, they are already in many respects of such quick progress and rapid healing undergoing the same evolution as the of wounds must be close co-operation peasantry—a process of spiritual and with foreign capital. Foreign capital political growth.

should prove beneficial to Russian labor To-day Russia is prepared for demo as well as to a

proper utilization of natucratic, creative effort more than ever ral resources. Given these conditions, it before. In her sufferings Russia is devel is possible that Russia may see a developing a new fortitude. And of her- this

opment comparable to that of the United truly national Russia-it may be said in States after the Civil War. Foreign the words of Russia's greatest poet, capital played a most important part in Pushkin:

American reconstruction.
A heavy sledge

Such co-operation on the part of
May shatter glass,

American capital would be particularly But also forge the sword.

welcomed by democratic Russia. In the Under the sledge-hammer blows of first place, American capital is at the seemingly unendurable affliction Russia present moment the most powerful. In has not been shattered like fragile glass. the second place, America has been Russia has merely learned to forge a new, throughout Russia's period of revoluindomitable will, her liberty and her tionary trials exceptionally well-meaning glorious future.

and unselfish. The United States has Notwithstanding all her vicissitudes, always been, just as she is to-day, the Russia will recover economically faster champion of Russian democracy and of than may appear possible at first sight. the integrity of Russia's territorial and In this respect we may apply to Russia sovereign rights. It is America that has that old Russian proverb, “There would come to the relief of Russia's dying, have been no good luck if ill luck had famine-stricken population. This will not helped.”

never be forgotten by future Russia. It Russia's misfortune prior to the revo establishes a solid basis for peaceful colution consisted in the poor development operation of both countries in the of her productive resources, of her indus domain of world politics as well as try. But it is due to this very fact that economics.



HE crowd had been waiting round looked on at the parable of the foolish

the doors of the big red house for virgin. In despair she motioned to the more than an hour. Well dressed, eager, taxi-breathingeasier now and preparing discreetly jocular, even, over its demo to depart—not to go. Then the doors cratic curiosity that kept it waiting in opened a grudging inch or two. Was the chill drizzle of an autumn evening to she, perchance, a prying newspaper catch sight of a prince.

person? Except in the matter of lingering on “I'm expected to dinner,” she gasped, the red carpet-impressive as the roll of and gave the name. Forlorn on the pena trumpet—the police were conspicu- insula of red carpet-separating the ously human. From time to time a serv favored within from the spectators withing man whose natural habitat should out she stood while the footman have been the stage came from the house arrived at the most momentous decision and brushed up the scarlet strip with the of his life. Would a guest have the melancholy resignation of the well temerity to arrive after the prince? trained.

Beauty won. The footman opened the Guests were beginning to arrive; im door wide enough for her to slip through. portant-looking men in penguinlike eve The crowd began to melt, buzzing bits ning clothes; officers with captive rain of her family history which had been bows on their sober khaki chests; women lived a good deal in headlines. magnificently glittering as the cast skin The girl did not know how she manof snakes, ermine and sables trailing, aged to drag herself up the flight of stairs nothing left but to melt a pearl, like that led to the drawing-room. Her own Cleopatra. At last came the prince identity slipped, she was watching the simplest of the lot-fair, boyish, appeal- plight of some one named Phyllis ingly conscious as his hand shot up in Brandon. acknowledgment of the cheer of wel Her hostess, on the way to the dining come. The oaken doors swung in. Pre room with the guest of honor, saw her sumably the peepshow was over.

and "registered” the feelings of one Down the street, murderous in its on confronted by a "situation." The rush, sped a taxi; out fell a girl, pale as equerry's coaching had not touched on if she had been dragged from a sick bed. such a contingency; it was unthinkable For a moment the crowd drank its fill anyone could be late. of the lovely creature who broke all the The blond young man about whom polite commandments by arriving after the spectacle turned appeared to be a royalty. Traces of tears were plainly person of infinite resource. He acknowlvisible to those favored with a "close- edged the belated one's curtsy-one felt up.” Here was real drama. Again the that the tremendous contretemps rather crowd took root.

amused him. The hostess, despite an With nervous fingers the girl pressed impulse to murder, said the right word. the bell; the oaken doors did not yield. A sixth sense, working automatically, Again she rang; no response from within. sent the queue of celebrities to the dining She reached for the big brass knocker room with an exhilarating sense of and hammered; breathless, the crowd adventure.

Several times during dinner the always interesting. He was reputed the prince's eyes wandered to the girl and richest young man in the diplomatic servrested there. She was luminously beau ice in Washington. Nitrate beds in tiful-a quiet inner glow that flared now Chile had sent the family fortunes up, and then, like a sanctuary lamp burning up, like a winning roulette wheel. Inin alabaster. Details were gray eyes and credible tales of millions were told. chestnut hair, a great deal of it. And Lysander Salazar was an Arabian Nights the wistful loveliness of Romney at his sort of a person. best was hers.

An English officer with hair a bit gray After dinner there were special pre and a profile that looked accustomed to sentations-dowagers, dowagers, and having its own way observed this little yet more dowagers; officers, diplomats, tragi-comedy with interest. The thing girls, girls, girls

but never Phyllis, who that amazed him was his vehement parseemed to hang on the outer fringes, tisanship of the girl. Why the devil had utterly neglected but for the casual they asked her at all, if she was to be greeting of some detached man.

neglected in a corner, and made a specEveryone in the room, it seemed, had tacle of by that little nitrate Johnny? been brought up but the girl. The prince He was Col. Archer Erskine, and was becoming genuinely curious.


he had done the usual things in the might have appealed to one of his own way of soldiering and big game, and suite, but to transform every one of nothing had specially mattered but his them into recording angels, plus watch- regiment and his hunting. With a pang fully waiting collies, just let him show of retrospective concern, he asked himinterest in any girl.

self if he were about to experience that And then occurred the complication of phenomenon known as falling in love at the dark young man. He had been pre first sight? He left the question open sented; dramatic fervor marked his and immediately set about playing acknowledgment of the prince's gracious knight-errant to the girl. word. His manner was delightfully Wires were pulled, forces set in moLatin; it went with the camellia-like tion; in less than five minutes he had pallor of his skin, the watch-spring agil- the satisfaction of turning Miss Brandon ity with which he moved. Then the dark over to the old Ad.-genial diminutive young man-still with cataclysmic effect for a tremendously important naval per-rushed off to Phyllis Brandon like an sonage and member of the prince's suite. impetuous pilgrim to a shrine.

As she went off on the old Ad.'s arm to Adored!” he murmured, loud enough meet the prince at last, she gave Erskine for everyone within a generous circum her loveliest smile. Yes, he decided, it ference to hear, and he was more fervid must be love at first sight, or maybe he even than when he had been presented had been killed in the hunting field--and to the prince.

had gone to heaven. He and Phyllis had “Lysander”-she spoke as if behind a not exchanged a dozen words. mask-"if anything else happens to The tremendously important blond make me conspicuous to-night, I think I young man told Phyllis, after she had shall die."

achieved a very creditable curtsy, that “Is it that you wish me to go?" His he had been afraid he was not going to despair was perfect, like a tenor's in meet her at all. Now one of the nicest grand opera.

things about him was his smile, not his “Yes, please."

public-appearance smile, not his corner"I go, but I come back to-morrow, stone-laying smile, but that rather winnext day, forever-me, I am like time." ning lift of the corner of the lip that he

He wandered off, but not far, for kept for a few. Iysander had that which makes a man “My punishment for being late, sir."


“What's that jolly thing you say over eyes frighten me. I'm happier home, here-please don't recall it? No, that's poking ashes." not it."

“I'm coming to see you poke the "Perhaps you mean 'forget it,'” she ashes to-morrow.” suggested.

"I shall brag about it to my great“That's it.—Worse if


hadn't grandchildren." Mimicking the cracked come at all.”

whisper of an old woman: “When I was “It was a Cinderella plight" eighteen I talked to the prince after a

“And the fairy godmother didn't ap dinner party. I was late and most of pear?”

the time forgot to say “sir.' Next day he "Everything happened but the fairy came to see me poke the ashes." godmother.” She melted into a smile. “You did that unpleasantly well; I

After the Cinderella reference, per seem to feel the chill of eighty." haps it was inevitable that he should “Life is so wonderful,” she dreamed glance at what she happened to be wear aloud. "I don't believe in eighty. Do ing. Transparent mistlike draperies of you?” dull blue with the five-toed dragon of “Not to-night, at least,” he answered. imperial China writhing, sprawling, Ah, here's our deluge.” The old Ad. had turning with every move. It sung out above the uniformed glitter of every There were flowers next morning, woman in the room. Was it one more heaps of lovely roses, and in the afterthing in the plot against her?

noon the prince came to see her poke the H. R. H. regarded her attentively. “I ashes. Two equerries, or dignitaries say, do you mind looking jolly well equally formidable, came along, and the bored—as if a mayor were reading you ancient cinder tending of tradition bean address of welcome?"

came afternoon tea. “Of course—but why?”

But the glamour of the night before “The old Ad. has a system. If I look did not return. How could it, with the as if I were having a good time, three two gentlemen-in-waiting sitting up minutes is my limit."

watchful as plain-clothes men? The She considered this. No palling prince was bored, irritated. Suddenly about with girls, no college frats, no he proposed that all of them should take dreaming about what you're going to be.

a walk.

It seemed the tour had held Always flags flying and the mayor mak every human experience compatible ing an address,

with such a jealously guarded progress“Don't invoke that picture, please. but a walk. The old Ad. is really coming; it's past The gentlemen-in-waiting received the looking bored—” But they were to have suggestion as if an expedition to Mars a reprieve, it seemed; the admiral was had been suggested. But the blond young waylaid by an important military per man held to it doggedly, and they sonage.

started. Also they walked—sixty yards, "I'm going to claim heaps of fox trots perhaps—and the streets became choked at the little club dance to-morrow -camera men, reporters, pedestrians, night.” He liked her for no reason at all loungers. To escape to the sanctuary of -as men mostly did.

a friendly doorway was to avert a near "To-morrow night, sir, I shall be home riot. poking the ashes. Everything ends to And that was all there was to Phyllis's night at midnight."

affair with the prince, but her name rang “You must come to the dance to from Maine to California. "She walked morrow. I'm going to put your name with the prince,” the headlines read for down.”

a day or two; then-imagination and “Please don't. Im a rank outsider, journalistic enterprise did the rest.

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