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toast which my wife gives me at tea, alike. It was Helmholtz who said that and you may be thinking of a spice mill if an optician should send him an instruwhen they are grinding cinnamon, while ment as defective as the human


he neither of us has in mind the


cinna would send it back as defective. Our mon odor. We haven't any fixed stand situation in regard to noses would be

The situation is very much as worse. They are very defective, and we though none of us could read or write or abuse them more by neglect than we had any knowledge that such an achieve- abuse our eyes by strain. But an ancient ment were feasible. Then, if we were to tradition teaches us that we should do see a few pages printed, respectively, in the best we can, and within the sphere of Gothic, Roman, and script text, and try human effort neglect is not the key to to describe the difference between the


If in the course of time we letters printed, respectively, in German should have a considerable record of and English and written out in longhand, olfactory data in regard to substances of we should use all sorts of ineffective which the chemical structure of the similes. How much more likely are we to molecule has been determined with reafail if we use language designed for the sonable satisfaction, the physiologists eye and ear if we try to describe phe- might be led into a more effective study nomena that are recorded only by the of the phenomena of smelling, and might nose? Therefore our first business is to learn something about it. We shall redo less talking and more smelling. turn to this very shortly. How shall we do this?

It is said that very large molecules First, we need a standard smelling have no odor. It would be worth while bottle which requires no inventive gen to know how large they must be to lose ius whatever to prepare. A 200-c.c. this quality. If we knew the maximum flask with a cork perforated by two number of carbon atoms possible in an glass tubes, one for inlet and the other odoriferous body this might help us for outlet, and with one tube blown amazingly in the study of its molecular into a bulb at the end, with two per structure. It would give us limits, which forated nipples that will fit into the we often need. Of course it may be that nostrils, will serve as the required in there are smell ions. But if there are, strument. A given quantity of any wouldn't it be a help to know it? And substance may be put into the bottle, would not this opinion, if backed up by and the nipples and inlet tube stoppered. proper research, be another excellent A definite time should be given for dif incentive to get the physiological chemfusion. If the substance to be smelled ists at work on the discovery of the is a gas, a third tube may be introduced nature of olfactory processes? into the bottle through which the re It is no less than monotonous to think quired volume of gas may be introduced how lacking we are in ingenuity in the for each test. Or, better still, the olfac face of big problems—until somebody tometers of Zwaardemaker and others begins. I offer the proposal that we may be used. The apparatus is avail- develop the science of olfactory analyses, able; the main thing lacking is the habit with a view to leading up to the chemof work with it.

istry of olfactories. But my solution of Now let us see what we might gain by the problem lacks distinction and invensuch a practice.

tion. All that I can do is to call for that It would be very illuminating to know good old dray horse of science, and ask the approximate proportion of molecules for a millionaire, a willing millionaire. of a given substance in the air which He is a rare bird, and I have not the art produces an olfactory reaction. Of to catch him. But, granted that he course we should make the amazing dis were caught and brought with all his covery that no two noses are exactly willingness and wealth before us now,

our next step would be to find the schol of what is really in the air. It would arly and enthusiastic director of re open up a new source of understanding search. It is open to question whether for the cognoscenti, and provide for a new Professor Zwaardemaker would care to field of scholarship beyond our present leave Holland and come here for the ken. purpose. He probably knows more of The only unfavorable effect of the smell than anybody else living—but he development of this increased medium may not care for soda-water. Then of intelligence that I can think of would would follow the selection of the most be the tobacco business. The man with available laboratory—whether in con an active nose would probably be at nection with a university, or one op most but exceedingly moderate in his erated by private enterprise, would also smoking. But the tobacco dealers need have to be determined. After the work not worry. Only a very few of the great had been in progress for a few years we number of human animals desire to be might begin to expect results. In all wise; most of them desire to be like probability some new instruments would others, and the others are so well settled be designed, and the nature of the work in their habits that we shall probably would reveal special fields for other re have to wait a considerable number of search which might be carried on in the generations for a race of smellers to aporiginal laboratory, or possibly given pear. And even then an occasional out to various university laboratories smoke might be useful to clear the that are ambitious to contribute.

scent. Then a few of us might begin to use If we could make an advance of even our noses with intelligence. We might a small fraction in human intelligence by learn the solution to a number of prob- the introduction of the use of a neglected lems now called psychic, such as the so sense, we should provide for a developcalled transfer of thought, when A sud ment in human progress that is intrinsic denly exclaims that B is in trouble, and subjective, which would loom large although B is a considerable distance against our present efforts to achieve


learn under such circum advancement through the mechanic stances that A smells the effluvia of fear arts. It would provide improvements in of B as these bodies diffuse themselves the operations of the human mind which through space.

It may broaden the are fundamental, which would be real diagnosis of disease by the recognition steps ahead instead of mere convenof various products of degeneration. It iences, or the shortening of the time may even give those of us who have the factor in work of which we have boasted developed olfactory sense, a knowledge, large and loud-and beyond the deserts or a rudimentary understanding, of the of all but very few of us. The man who emotions of others, as special and recog could smell better and with more undernized bodies may be exuded under emo standing than the rest of us could think tion. We may say, offhand, that we do better and know more than the rest of not want to smell anybody's grief, but us. And his increased understanding of the temptation to achieve greater knowl others might give him greater sympathy, edge and understanding and the greater and thus improve his character. He is power and authority that follow under- sorely needed. standing would be very tempting to the A general diffusion of the knowledge of ambitious. As for the science of chem- the power of the nose would cause great istry, we can hardly measure the wealth changes. It would change the pantoof its contributions. These evasive mime of life. It would establish a new bodies that hover about us in dilution drama. And the romantic novels of the which, outside of ordinary trade, we now past three hundred years would have to ignore, would tell us a thousand things be rewritten.

away. We




HERE are the large ways of the world?

For I am tired of little paths. Oh, show me
The gateways, the everlasting gateways,
And highways that do not know me.
Guide me away from little things of me and mine,
And ownership and greed; and, scorning
Homekeeping thrift and providence,
Show me the Gates of Morning!

Show me broad paths! other than I have known!

Star-strown! To which in all these cabined years I have been stranger. Have not a tender care of my small powers. Think not anxiously of danger, And unreturning hours. What if the night falls! Are there not stars to light me? Or the moon's pale lantern hung o'er sea or glen? Or, failing these, if unguessed storms should break me,

What then? Would not God's kind hand reach down and take me?

A large inquietude has come upon me,
That souls inherit, I think, but oftenest lose;
A longing for the fragrancy
Of dawn upon new fields; a divine vagrancy.
Oh, come away! I would not choose
To stay; to linger!
The moon's pale finger
Beckons. Oh, show me
The gateways, the everlasting gateways,
And highways that do not know me.
Guide me away from little things of me and mine
And ownership and greed; and, scorning
Homekeeping thrift and providence,
Show me the Gates of Morning.

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while, hovered over them and would BY LEE WILSON DODD

almost certainly catch them all, one at

a time, was worth no more than the HE

passing shrug which mortality-in other, ,

yet similar circumstancesto the fice into which anonymous informers inevitable. popped the names of such persons as I cannot but feel that the present they hoped thus to deliver over to the Lion's Mouth, while an admirable and Council of Ten for appropriate torture, amiable forum, falls a little short of the incarceration, or death. That informers possibilities of the earlier receptacle. were then permitted to remain anony This is not to be taken as censure; I am mous was naturally a kindness much merely indulging a trait possessed so appreciated by the informers. It made supremely by Mr. Wells—the “historthe whole practice of being an informer ical imagination.” The uses of that a delightfully detached and not danger- elder Mouth woo me and seem quite as ous avocation. One, in those spacious sweet as those of adversity! It was so days, in that exquisite city, could fry and tempting and flexible an instrument, sell small devilfish, and other fruits of the and must have prevented the formation sea, of a morning, and then stroll down to of many an ingrowing complex. Only the Lion's Mouth in the late afternoon consider the possibilities of the gaping and drop into that affable maw the thing! Well, take your own case ! names of whatever customers had passed Are there no bores who cling about one false coinage or had made eyes at you? No people with pet diseases or pet one's wife. To be able to rid oneself of panaceas? No organizers of parlor spleen in this way, without the slightest games, or of the Uplift? No priestesses of immediate risk, must have been enor Progress? Ah, you smile! But are you mously hygienic: in short, the Lion's able to snub these folk into outer darkMouth provided-at the public expense ness? No, you are not. Off with me,

an effective catharsis for all one's back with me, then, to Venice!-jotting baser and more violent emotions. True, down their several names on pink slips, it was always possible that some cus neatly folded, as we retire from this tomer, whom one

one had advertently modern world. And so for a pleasant cheated, had also repaired to the Lion's jaunt to the Doges' Palace. Mouth and availed himself of the com

I there before thee, in the country so well mon privilege! But even so, where a risk

thou knowest, is so generally shared it is easily ac

Already arrived am inhaling the dorous cepted. We must all have "flu” now and

air: then, and die some day; but we spend

I watch thee enter unerringly where thou little time worrying about it. And so, I

goest—! fancy, with those privileged Venetians! What they appreciated was the oppor And now, a curve of the sly wrist at tunity to be sneaks and telltales, and the secret moment! The Lion's Mouth indulge their malicious and revengeful yawns—the pink slips flutter down impulses without any instant physical within, to be harvested by Assistant danger. That the Council of Ten, mean Secretaries of State in black masks and

VOL. CXLIV.-No. 863.-85

dominos! At once the machinery of that magnates of the movies. But that prooligarchic government begins to turn viso, nowadays, may be said to be underand clank, the mills of the Doges to stood. grind exceeding small! Case 237,641: Writes unpunctuated

CO-OPERATION stammerings of the Unconscious in free

BY C. A. BENNETT verse, and recites them frequently without provocation.

HE president of the association rose Nip her rhythmically with white-hot pincers, then simmer in vitriol.

and spoke as follows: Case 237,642: Cannot hear the name

“It is with the profoundest emotion, of Wilson pronounced without foaming gentlemen, that I rise to address you. at the mouth. Sneers at the mere men

As I look out upon this great gathering tion of a League of Nations.

and see before me representatives from Flay him with scorpions!

every state in the Union, I realize that Case 237,643: Cannot hear the name

our message has gone out into every of Harding pronounced without foaming part of this vast country, and that all at the mouth. Sneers at the mere possi

the members of our profession, from the bility of his being compos mentis.

humble practitioner in the country Eviscerate him!

town to the specialist in the great city, Case 237,644: Ever describes, on

are knit in the bonds of a common sight, the remarkable cards held by him

brotherhood. I have often dreamed of in some bridge game, last week but one.

such an occasion as this when we meet Feed on cutlets salted with strych

to celebrate the completion of our nanine, peppered with cyanide.

tional organization; but I never thought Case 237,645: Indulges in cubism.

that I should be privileged to live to see Square him off with a meat ax!

it. Yet truth is often stranger than Case 237,646: Is a toddle toad. fiction, and to-night the dream of a Shiver her timbers!

lifetime has come true.

“I remember how, when I was still But enough has been suggested to in but a lad learning to follow in my dicate the social value and ironic play

father's footsteps, the great idea came fulness of the original institution. Its

to me.

In those days my father used scope was practically unlimited. It

sometimes to allow me to accompany might even be well to revive it-with him on his evening rounds and many a due precautions—for the purgation and time it would be after midnight when amusement of this Land of Freedom. we returned, footsore and weary, to our Why not a legislative Lion's Mouth in house. I knew that the next morning Washington, by the doors of the Capitol would find him at work again. Some

-no names to be dropped into it, how how it seemed all wrong to me. And ever, save those of our Senators and then one night, when we had returned Representatives?

very late, I suddenly put the question The thought is an inspiration! I bring

to him. 'Father,' I said, 'you work too forward this proposal, without diffi hard. Why don't you get some one to dence, as the solitary plank for a new share with you, one of you to do the national party. I believe a party found- day work and the other the night work?' ed on such a plank could sweep the I can still see the way he turned round country at the next presidential elec- swiftly from the cupboard where he was tion. I am even willing to lead such busy putting away his things and a party and accept its nomination for exclaimed, 'What's that you say?' any office—that is, if I have not been Gentlemen, right then and there the earlier approached and acquired by the great idea of co-operation was born.

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