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government than government is worth. their duties--that discipline is slack? It In an article contributed the other day may very well be in the more extreme to the New York Evening Post, he said: cases that the mothers are no better The need of “government,” though un

than they should be, and have, themquestionably real, is not the primary need of selves, relaxed standards of morality or mankind, and all attempts to make it so are

decorum, and it may be in some cases doomed to defeat themselves to the end of

that good mothers, who knew their duty time. Man's primary need is for light, and toward their daughters, have not been until this is recognized, and made into a new able to do it because the license of the basis of human relationship, the world will times ran too strong against them. In continue to advance from bad to worse on all things the spirit of these times is the path of confusion and strife.

against compulsion. The war brought It is a familiar charge that man has an immense enlargement of liberty. In always put on woman all the drudgery this country it sent thousands of the he could. The vote was to emancipate best born and the best brought-up girls her, but, perhaps, after all, man, when

out into comparatively unguarded pubhe handed it to her with so polite a bow, lic service-in many cases beyond the was merely up to his old tricks of putting seas. There had been no like emancipaoff on her something he was tired of do- tion of young women from restraint since ing himself, and something that had

our fathers migrated to this country. ceased to be of first importance. Per- Affairs were running strong toward inhaps man is secretly and instinctively of creased liberty for young women for Doctor Jacks's opinion about govern years before the war. The girls' colleges ment—that it is not so important as were nurseries of that movement. When some other things, and expects gradu- the war came it fairly went over the top, ally to put it off on the sex that is and the girls that came along immediatestrongest in dealing with details, and go ly after the war are thoroughly infected off himself after those other things, and with it. People who think that mothers especially, as Doctor Jacks suggests, will regain the control of daughters after light. The trouble about that is which they had a generation ago must that a large proportion of the new light anticipate a much greater reaction in seems to come through women that it things in general than most of us can appears not to be intended that man see the signs of. Government by mothers should get anywhere by himself. Where is important, just as all government is there is a Dante there is a Beatrice. It is important, but as to domestic governnot recorded who filled that office for ment, the case is very much the same as Roger Bacon, who seems to have got an with political government, which Docunusual line of information from some tor Jacks says is not so important as it source or other, and apparently out of seems because the vital need is the need his own head. But Beatrice was most of light. The thing that is going to help helpful to Dante after she had died, the girls is not so much rules and authorand that leaves a door open for assist- ity, though some of them need both, as ance to Roger Bacon, which might not understanding of life. If they can be be less feminine because it was invisible. helped to that, the help will amount to And there was Joan of Arc through something. whom help came to France, working for the most part through very stupid men.

That, I take it, is the light which Doc

tor Jack calls for-understanding of life. But now again about the girls. Ac- The whole world needs it; the girls need cepting the hypothesis that they are dis it because they are a part of the conorderly, what is the cure for it? Is it the temporary world and subject to its imtrouble that the mothers are neglecting pulses and distresses. Being at a time.

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of life when emotion runs strong and ents are, and what are the influences that experience has not yet gathered much affect him, to verify and illuminate the power of regulation, they show more

conception of man and of human relavisibly than older people the symptoms tions that appears in the sayings of of the world disease, and, being girls, their Christ in the New Testament. “Modern deviations from decorum seem to ob civilization,” Mr. Croly said, “is crackservers more scandalous and disquieting ing for want of a religious truth which than if they were men.

Yet the men,

can earn the allegiance of men by its the gunmen, for example, show even ability, if voluntarily accepted, to libermore astonishing deviations. In their ate and integrate human life. Christiremarkable behavior the girls are seekers anity claims to possess this virtue and after understanding of life—the same might possess it if the Christian minquest that Doctor Jacks would put us istry can reach a common interpretation all on when he says that the world's of their faith. ... Formidable as the great need is light. The light it needs task is, we believe the Christian minis something that will illuminate our istry can undertake it with a sufficient adventure on earth and help us to under chance of success if only they will adjust stand it and to handle it better, with their minds to its necessity. Their more intelligence and with more suc chance of success is born of the profound

When one says that what the congruity between the conception of huworld needs is religion, that is the same man nature revealed by Jesus Christ two story in different words. It means that thousand years ago and the conception we need a truer understanding of life of human nature which is now obtaining and it directs us to religion to get it. year by year, as the result of scientific If we do not get it out of religion, then investigation, increasing authority and religion does not help us.

acquiescence.” Winston Churchill, the American nov That is almost as much as to say that elist, who has devoted three years to science has almost discovered that the efforts to come to a better understanding Sermon on the Mount is a practical about life, and has begun to disclose his treatise on human relations, which is findings, says, “Religion must give you comforting as far as it goes, and intercreative energy or it is nothing." His esting, too. What is not so comforting quest is to get something out of religion is the suggestion that the power of that will give people increased power over Christianity to liberate and integrate their own lives, over their behavior, human life is dependent on the ability of their happiness. That is the most im the Christian ministry to reach a comportant quest that human minds are mon interpretation of their faith. If following to-day, and many of them are Christianity can't operate until its minpursuing it, and not without promise of isters get together it's a bad case, and arriving somewhere. That serious ob fit to persuade stock operators to sell server, Herbert Croly, the leading edi the market. But why wait for them? tor of the New Republic, contributed a Did gravitation wait for concurrence of long discourse to that paper in February scientists with Newton's theory? Gravion “Behaviorism in Religion,” the gist tation is a law that works without regard of which was that the world must have for contemporary opinion, but people a better understanding of human life who understand it have an advantage and that it was likely to get it through over people who don't. If Christianity religion if religion and science could be also is a law, that will work also without induced to work together. Science, he much regard to the opinions of ministers, thought, had at last come far enough and people who understand it and use it toward understanding what sort of a will benefit by it without deference to creature man is, and what his ingredi- the ministers' feelings. No one has a


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patent on Christianity. The world, well recognized as a broken reed in huafter some centuries of hesitation, has man affairs. It accomplishes only mopretty much accepted that position, and mentary things. If it dams a flood the actions for infringement are no longer waters run over the top of the dam, or if dangerous.

they do not it merely puts things back Mr. Croly seems to hope to see religion and postpones solutions that are due. so exhibited that the scientific mind can The world maintains its police forces to grasp and understand it, and to see keep things from getting too much out science so expounded that the religious of hard, and that seems right, but it mind may get out of it a confirmation never looked so little to compulsion for of what it has received by spiritual in- solutions. In that particular it seems to telligence. That seems very much what be getting around to the New Testament Winston Churchill is driving at. “We view of human life and the way to deal can,” he says, “with the help of modern with it—the view that Mr. Croly says science, in biology and psychology, reach the scientists begin to see the point of. a theory as to the nature of the mind The hope of the world nowadays is not that will account for man's dualism, the in armies or in navies, not even in the conflict between emotions. Each of us elimination of war by chemistry; it is has a body that is torn by mental con in thought and the better understanding flicts. The problem is to resolve them. of life; in the acceptation of knowledge We are on the way toward finding out and the infusion of credibility into many what the source of all our neuroses is things that have been incredible. That to-day, and when we have done that we is the job of science to make the inwill liberate powers undreamed of. credible credible; to make the incomMorality has crumbled simply because prehensible understandable; to increase we do not understand what religion belief, especially in scientists, and conreally means. We are entitled to a scien firm the religious people in all the truth tific explanation of the forces operating they have and detach them from such in us, and there has been none. But I am error as is mixed with it. If you think sure that it can be put in terms of mod all that is going on while we wait, it ern science, and when that has been done makes the prospects of this troubled we will know how to put an end to the world seem a good deal better, and enmental conflicts that now rage in every courages everyone to live on a few years one's being, crippling the power that more and see how things work out, exists in each of us, and will learn how whereas for folks who feel that the very to use our mental energy as we should.” difficult complications that the Great

War has left in its wake must all be These are still obscure matters about brought to solution without any new which most of us have very limited helps to thought or action, the prospect understanding. We pick up an idea must be considerably enveloped with here and an idea there, and the most haze. Happily for our world, it is full of that most of us have learned as yet is forward-looking people who expect it to that there is something to be found out outlast all its troubles, and whom the which, if we can discover it, will be recognition of difficulties only confirms helpful to human conduct, to interna in confidence in the ability of man to tional politics, to the behavior of girls, overcome them, and in faith that all the and the dealings of nations one with

power he needs to that end exists and is another. Compulsion, as said, is pretty waiting for him to recognize and use it.

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Napoleon-I mean the King.

How could you think I meant the goody!-
Was Emperor of Everything.

But could he hold his throne? How could he?
The laws of nature said the foe

Must beat this vilest of the vile. . And
They locked him up on-Blackwells? No-

Some other island.

And, Lydia dearest, I could speak

To you of many other cases
Who had their day or maybe week-

Because of brains or lovely faces.
Britannica is full of facts-

So many facts you'd go to sleep, dear;
Or I could furnish you with tracts:

Read 'em and weep, dear!

Hibernian Hyperbole

are treated to a coat of tar, a proceeding IN N one of our New England summer resorts attended by much tracking about of the

lives, during the summer, a family having sticky concoction by the children and the four small children of assorted sizes, and dogs. Nora's distress of mind, after one of several dogs. In the employ of the household these experiences, is great, for she is a cleanly is an Irish maid whose duties include keep soul who has the appearance of her domain ing the living rooms of the house in order. much at heart. When the untidiness was at Early in the season the streets of the village its worst one day she went in search of her

mistress and complained:

I give you me wor-rd, Mrs. Brown, that fer ivery wanst the boys and thim dogs has gone out of this house this day, they've come in twintyfive times!”

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A Youthful Logician MARGARET is only

seven years old, but sometimes quite naughty. On one of these occasions her mother, hoping to be particularly impressive, said, "Don't you know that if you keep on doing so many naughty things your children will be naughty,

too?” Is Yours Like This ?

Margaret dimpled, and Oh, John, I have an awful confession to make! I have been cried, triumphantly, deceiving you for the last ten years! I have saved half of each “Oh, mother, now you month's allowance during all that time, and now have over have given yourself ten thousand dollars in the savings bank!.


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