The Political History of India, from 1784 to 1823, 1권

John Murray, 1826

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12 페이지 - From that time, like everything else which falls into the hands of the Mussulman, it has been going to ruin, and the discovery of the passage to India by the Cape of Good Hope gave the deathblow to its commercial greatness.
220 페이지 - ... enemies of my country nor does it appear necessary or proper that I should any longer conceal from you the surprise and concern with which I perceived you disposed to involve yourself in all the ruinous consequences of a connection, which threatens not only to subvert the foundations of friendship between you and the Company, but to introduce into the heart of your kingdom the principles of anarchy and confusion, to shake your own authority, to weaken the obedience of your subjects and to destroy...
4 페이지 - The truth is," says one of the greatest authorities in Indian affairs, " that, from the day on which the company's troops marched one mile from their factories, the increase of their territories and their armies became a principle of self-preservation ; and at the end of. every one of those numerous contests in which they were involved by the jealousy, avarice, or ambition of their neighbours, or the rapacity or ambition of their own servants, they were forced to adopt measures for improving their...
65 페이지 - Some considerable advantages have no doubt been experienced by the system of neutrality which the Legislature required of the Governments in this country, but it has at the same time been attended with the unavoidable inconvenience of our being constantly exposed to the necessity of commencing a war without having previously secured the assistance of efficient allies.
232 페이지 - Mysore, and exposed our frontier, in that quarter, to every predatory incursion. Such a partition would have laid the foundation of perpetual differences, not only between the Mahrattas and the Nizam, but between the Company and both those powers.
210 페이지 - Thus," wrote Sir John Malcolm, who was present in his capacity of assistant to the Resident, " in a few hours, a corps, whose numbers were nearly fourteen thousand men, and who had in their possession a train of artillery and an arsenal filled with every description of military stores, was completely disarmed without one life having been lost.
224 페이지 - Being frequently disposed to make excursions and hunt, I am accordingly proceeding upon a hunting excursion; you will be pleased to despatch Major Doveton (about whose coming your friendly pen has repeatedly written) slightly attended (or unattended). Always continue to gratify me by friendly letters, notifying your welfare.
436 페이지 - India, since the period of its establishment. The existence of it as the actuating principle of every Indian power requires no demonstration; and we found upon it this undeniable Conclusion, that no extent of concession, or territorial restitution on our part, would have the effect of establishing any real and effectual balance of power in India, or forbearance on the part of other states, when the means of aggrandizement should be placed in their hands.
13 페이지 - ... into and from the East Indies, in the countries and parts of Asia and Africa, and into and from the islands, ports, havens, cities, creeks, towns, and places of Asia, Africa, and America, or any of them, beyond the cape of Bona Esperanza, to the Straits of Magellan...
402 페이지 - Raja's dominions, over territories contiguous to those of the Nizam, with whom community of religion, combined with local power and resources, might lead to the formation of projects probably not uncongenial to the mind of the Nizam himself, and certainly consistent with the views and hopes of a powerful party in his court, for the subversion of the British alliance.

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