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Constant writing for six months is done Improvements made in the Machinery for cheaper with Gold Pens than with Steel Pens; Manufacturing Gold Pens, and secured to the therefore, it is economy to use Gold Pens. subscriber by Letters Patent, have enabled him The Gold Pen remains unchanged by years of

to overcome the many imperfections hitherto uncontinued use, while the Steel Pen is ever

avoidable in their production, and also to bring changing by corrosion and wear; therefore, per

the cost within the reach of all. fect uniformity of writing is obtained only by

He is now selling Gold Pens at prices varying the use of the Gold Pen.

from 25 cents to $1, according to size, the aver

age wear of every one of which will far outlast a The Gold Pen is always ready and reliable,

gross of the best Steel Pens. while the Steel Pen must be often condemned

Sold by all dealers in the line throughout the and a one selected ; therefore, there is a

country. Wholesale and retail at the store, No. great saving of time in the use of the Gold Pen.

25 MAIDEN LANE, where all orders, inclosing Gold is capable of receiving any degree of elas- cash or postage stamps, will receive prompt atticity, so that the Gold Pen is exactly adapted to tention, and a Pen or Pens corresponding in the hand of the writer; therefore, the nerves of value, and selected according to description, will the hand and arm are not injured, as is known to immediately be sent by mail or otherwise, as be the case by the use Steel Pens.

directed. Address A. MORTON, 25 Maiden Lane, New York.


We happen to know Mr. A. Morton to be not only one of the best and most extensive manufacturers of Gold Pens not only in America, but in the world. We use his l'ens, and can assure our readers of their excel. lence. We know them to be the best made.- N. Y. Tribune.

Morton's GOLD L’ENS. – We have been in the habit of using these Gold Pens for a long time, and have always found them the best instruments of the kind that have fallen in our way. – N. Y. Evening Post.

GOLD Pers. - A good Pen is essential to a perfect chirography, and there is nothing to our mind comes under that designation better than a good Gold l'en, such an one, for instance, as is made by Mr. A. Morion. - Commercial Advertise and N. Y. Spectator.

It is now a well-established fact, that constant writing is done cheaper with Gold Pens than with those manufactured of any other material, and time as well as expense is saved in their use. Morton's Gold Pens are the best we have ever used. They are ela-lic, well-finished, well-pointed, and very durable, and of good writing qualities. Being made by machinery, they are sold so low that they are preterable, in point of economy as well as convenieuce, to the Steel Pen.- N. Y. Christian Adv. and Jour.

Six months' writing will wear out more Steel Pens than a Gold One will cost, while the latter will last a good part of a lifetime. - The Independent.

MORTON'S GOLD PENS. Using these pens in our office, we are able to say that they are superior to any pen we have ever used. - The Methodist, N. Y.

We would recommend those of A. Morton's as economical, and at the same time good and useful Gold Pens.- N. Y. 0.8 rver.

We are using one of Morton's Gold Pens, and can assure our readers that they are really excellent, and vastly superior and cheaper than the Quill or Steel len. We bave had much experience iu the use of Gold Pens, and are prepaied to say that we think Morton's the best that we have ever tried. We are so well satisfied with them that we shall use no others at present. — Boston Recorder.

Morton's Gold Pens, owing to their great durability, are much cheaper, in the long run, than the lowest priced Steel Pens in Christendom. Are suitable for every possible style of handwriting.-- Household Journal.

The Gold Pen, if properly made, possesses all the flexibility and softness of the Quill.- N. Y. Examiner.

Morton's Gold Pens are worthy of special attention. We have never seen a lot of pens so universally excellent. It would be running little risk io take any pen out of a hundred, so smooth and fine are the points, and so well bodied are they all. We do not hesitate to assure those who wish a good pen that they will find that article at Mr. Morton's - N. Y. American list.

A Gold Pen is at last produced in every respect a good substitute for the Quill. A. Morton has achieved this desirable result, and has, at the same time, reduced the price so low that Gold Pens are no longer an article of luxury, but of necessity.— Home Mission Record.

Mr. A. Morton has been a long time engaged in the business, and has brought the manufacture of this now indispensable article to the highest state of perfection. He has, in fact, reduced it 10 a science. By means of several inventions he is enabled to present a superior article to the public at a comparatively trifling cost above the mere value of the metal. The price at which Gola l'eus are sold bids fair to drive Sieel l'eus altogether out of the market; and we have no doubt that as soon as their superiority is known they will be used almost exclusively. We can testify to the superior advantages of Mr. Morton's Pens in these all-important points, viz.: their durability, elasticity, anti-corrosive character, and general good writing qualities; and cordially recommend them to our readers, who will find them to be all that is claimed for them. - Metropurilan Recurd, Organ of the Most Rer. Archbishop of New York.

(We have been so much struck with the arguments and recommendations of persons who have had experience of Mr. Morton's Gold Pens, - and so weary of the rapid wearing out of steel pens: -- that we have made arrangements with Mr. Morton to fit us with a pen tuat shall always be ready for use. - Living Age.]


No. 1 of Table of Contents of the Living Age.

PRICE 25 CENTS. [This is a reprint of the pages which have already appeared on the cover, — giving references to the principal articles from the Edinburgh, Quarterly, Westminster, North British, and British Quarterly Reviews, and from Blackwood's and Fraser's Magazines.]

IF Persons wishing to buy any one of the articles in the Tables of Contents occasionally printed on other pages of this cover, can have the number containing it by remitting 13 cents to this office.

F.Ten or Twelve-cent Postage Stamps are of no value to us. We receive One cent or Three-cent stamps for sums under One Dollar.

BOUND COPIES Of the Fourteenth Volume of the Third Series are now ready, for sale, or in exchange for the numbers of subscribers.

Preparing for Publication at the office of the Living Age:

AN ONLY SON. By the Author of "Artist and Craftsman."
ADEN POWER ; or, The Cost of a Scheme.
GRANVILLE DE VIGNE: A Tale of the Day.

The following Stories Reprinted from the Living Age :
Will be sent, postage free, to any part of the country, on receipt of the price :


“ Picciola." 38 cents.
STORY OF A FAMILY. 25 cents.
MARY POWELL. 13 cents.

DEBORAH'S DIARY. 13 cents.
Also, NOTES OF A NATURALIST. 50 cents.
THE LUCK OF LADYSMEDE: a Story of the Time of Richard the

Lion-Hearted. Reprinted from Blackwood's Magazine.
This is the best story that has appeared in Blackwood's Magazine since “Scenes of
Clerical Life.” Some of the scenes remind us of Sir Walter Scott, in his best days Price
50 cents, on receipt of which a copy will be sent to any part of the United States, postage
free. Published at the office of Littell's Living Age, by LITTELL, Son & Co.

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ard the

Scenes of Vg Prin


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