An Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce from the Earliest Accounts: Containing an History of the Great Commercial Interests of the British Empire : to which is Prefixed an Introduction, Exhibiting a View of the Ancient and Modern State of Europe, of the Importance of Our Colonies, and of the Commerce, Shipping, Manufactures, Fisheries, &c. of Great-Britain and Ireland, and Their Influence on the Landed Interest : with an Appendix Containing the Modern Politico-commercial Geopgraphy of the Several Countries of Europe, 2권

Printed at the Logographic Press, by J. Walter, Printing-House Square, Blackfriars, and sold by J. Robson, T. Payne and sons, B. White and son, L. Davis, B. Law, R. Baldwin, T. Becket, P. Elmsly, W. Otridge, J. Johnson, C. Dilly, W. Richardson, J. Murray, W. Flexney, W. Goldsmith, J. Bew, T. Evans, G. and T. Wilkie, T. Whieldon, W. Lowndes, J. Debrett, Scatchard and Whitaker, 1787

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