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suading, whose thoughts are never impeded and concealed by his words, and whose style never draws off attention from what he is trying to say.

In these times of hurry, when so much must be said, so many wish to speak and so few to hear, one must learn to pack his thoughts, and make them obvious at the first hearing or reading, else he will not be able to impart them. And it is a wide error to suppose that our "English undefiled,” with a large share of homely, colloquial Saxon element, can not convey dense and profound ideas clearly. No man ever loaded his language more heavily with thought than Webster; and yet simpler English, with more words of single syllables, and for a child's comprehension, can not be found.

Such simplicity is the height of elegance, if it be conceded that language is a medium or vehicle only, to transmit our notions. If one has nothing to say, and yet must fill the hour or page, we commend him to the long sentences, inflated style, “beautiful style,” words that are musical and lengthy, and ponderous in themselves, and that come swelling up to an audience with an imposing presence and foreign air. The magnificent show and obscurity will be taken for profundity, and under the smoke of a battery where only powder is úsed, and no shot at all, one may for a time keep his reputation safe.

CROOKED STICKS. A man is hopefully converted, and makes a profession of religion. We think he is a Christian. He talks and prays and, in some things, lives like one ; all which is new in him. We hope he is a child of grace.

Yet are we in a wonder and mystery how grace can dwell with a person who makes others so uncomfortable. How coldly and sternly the man speaks to his wife, whom he is commanded to love, even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself to die for it! What a cross, crabbed way he has toward his children! Everything in the house must bend to his iron will and crooked notions. The inmates look out for his step and voice and eyes, as a sailor does for rocks and breakers.

How uncomfortable a neighbor! No plan, work, or opinion as good as his. He has more conscience than a score of hard working and good natured Christian men, who are so intent on God's work that they think nothing about conscience, specially the scruples of it. [Scrupuli, small, sharp pebbles.] Yet the man evidently wants to do good. He rejoices in the cause of Christ. He seems to be going heaven-ward, though it must be confessed he has a strange way in it all. And just so some vines always grow up toward heaven, yet always with a crook and a twist.

We never knew so well what to do with such crooked men, and how to use them, till we had made a visit to a ship-yard. There we learned that crooked sticks were the very best ship tiinber for certain parts of the vessel. The gnarled and ugly knees brace against all storms and insure the cargo. Now we try to put our curved man in the church and society just where the curve will be the line of beauty and of force; and the knotty knees of old oak, that grace does not presume to strengthen, we work in where a rugged resistance and stiffness and will are needed. And since that ship-yard lesson we have discovered that the crooked sticks have often saved the ship of state and of church too.

ART AND REVERENCE. We can not refer this sentiment to its author, but it is a key to the best criticism of any art-production : “ The instincts of true reverence rarely conflict with the principles of true art.” It applies alike to themes derived from nature, humanity, Deity. Each of these has its sanctities which genius can not violate without degrading itself, and, in a degree, forfeiting its claim to that attribute. This is the lee shore which strands so many brilliant but ill-regulated aspirants for artistic fame. No one has executive power enough safely to neglect this law, whether marble, canvas, or language be the material of his work. This is near akin to Coleridge's doctrine of the "close connection between just taste and pure morality, because true taste springs out of the ground of the moral nature of man."

Errata. Page 61, 1. 12, for "calendars" read calculus ; p. 65, 1. 33, for "classics" read claims ; p.71, 1. 39, for "appea read upheared p. 112, 1. 21, read successions of feeling; p. 29, 1. 11, for horrors" read houris.

...... 1.25


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