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wider circulation ; in a word, to make it all that the Christian portion of our denomination would have it become.

We mean to add to the ability, variety, life and scope of its columns, during the year to come; to seek more firmly to seat the Review in the affections of its readers ; to stimulate their minds to thought, to elevate their piety, and to make them more practical, as well as more intelligent Christian men and women. On the principles of Congregationalism, on the best methods of increasing the power of the truth, and of reaching the masses non-attendant upon public worship, and making more eflicient those departments of Christian labor already occupied and worked, we mean that the Review shall take a leading position. We wish, therefore, to call the attention, not merely of young ministers, but also of the young men and women of our church to our work, feeling confident that if God bless our labors, we shall not be disappointed, and shall not disappoint our readers. It may not be unappropriate to announce that we have in contemplation arrangements, which will be made public in due time, for enlarging and giving new efficiency to the editorial corps.


CONCORDIA, Oct. 16, 1845. There was a heavy frost last night, and my summer squashes have stopped growing.

Oct. 19. Walked in the woods to-day, and saw a squirrel. Nov. 3. John Smith and Sally Brown came to see me to-day.

Dec. 20. Have much neglected my Note Book of late. I must be more faithful in recording all important items.

Jan. 1, 1846. This is a prominent day in the year, for it is the first one. The old year closed yesterday. Tempus fugit.

Jan. 18. The trees are nearly all bare, except the beautiful evergreens, and the loose leaves are covered up by the snow.

Feb. 13. Rode in a sleigh to-day with Mr. Brown, the brother of Sally, mentioned under date of Nov. 3, in my Note Book. We saw two snow-birds. They were picking up grass seed, the dear thiugs!

April 1. The Brahmins from Boston dined with us to day. We had for dinner stuffed gosling, veal, and small potatoes from my own garden. After dinner I read to them extracts from my Note Book, for the Brahmins are a literary family, and they said it was a feast. They wish me to publish when I have written the first thousand chapters. I delight to study nature, and hear the innocent crickets, and record my observations.



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History of the Peace, by Miss Martineau, gives repose, 73; harmonizes, 68; liber-
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A. Stevens, noticed, 292.
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tions of Insanity, Imbecility and Sui- noticed, 293.
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losophy, article reviewing, 101; Liberty, Papacy, Unfairness of, 318.
article reviewing, 517; Logic, article Paul, Difficulties in the Writings of, 10-
reviewing, 104; Representative Govern- tiee of, 134.
ment, article reviewing, 567.

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Millennium, What will it be? 204.

noticed, 470.
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Life of, noticed, 464.

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Ministry, partially educated, 459. Pennsylvania Oil Regions, by W. Wright
Minorities. Rights of, 582.

noticed, 155.
Miracles, 165.

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Missouri River, Three Thousand Miles 148.
up, article on, 188.

Pew rent, 580.
Mitchell, D. G. i Doctor Johns, noticed, Philosophy, Positive, 104.

Pilgrim's Wallet, bý G. Haven, noticed,
Monarchians, 512.

Money-making, Ruskin on, 141.

Monthly Religious Magazine, false state. Plain Talks on' Familiar Subjects, by J.
menis of, 312.

G, Holland, noticed, 148.
Moral Science, by F. Wayland, noticed, Political Economy, by A. L. Perry, no-

ticed, 148.
Mormon Missionaries, 488.

Poems, by Mrs. Akers, noticed, 617.
Mozart, W. A., Letters of, noticed, 290. Poems of Miss Proctor, noticed, 301.
noticed, 293.

Mystery of Iniquity Unveiled, by C. Cur. Popery Unfoided and Refuted, by C. Cur.
tis, noticed, 467.

tis, noticed, 467.

Popular Erangelization, article on, 477.

Portugal, Wellington's campaign in, 263.

Pond, E., Lectures on Pastoral Theology,
Naper Sir Charles, article on, 254.

noticed. 307.
Natural and Supernatural, 'article on, Powell, Mary, Maiden and Married Life,

noticed, 464.
New Birth and Divine Life, by J. Craik, Preachers and Preaching, 477,
noticed, 280.

Preacher, the, his Aims and Instruments,
New England, History of, by J. G. Pal. article on, 531.

frey, noticed, 463.
News Boys, Short Sermons to, by C. L.

Presbyterian Board of Publication, Cata-

logue of, noticed, 156.
Brace, noticed, 460.

Principle as an Incumbrance, 320.
Nohl, L.: Letters of Mozart, noticed, Progressive Criticism, 473.

Proctor, B.W.: Life of Charles Lamb, no-
Note-book, Buckthorne's, extracts from, ticed, 616.

Proctor, Miss, poems of, noticed, 301.
Noted Names of Fiction, Dictionary of, Prophecy, its Nature, Functions and In.

by W. A. Wheeler, noticed,
Nurse and Spy in the Union Army, arti-

terpretation, by P. Fairbairn, noticed,
cle reviewed, 11; a false book, 14. Providence, Doctrine of, 167.

Psalter, Sabbath, by H. T. Fox, Noticed,


Oil Regions of Pennsylvania, by W.

Wright, noticed, 155.
Old Picture Bible, noticed, 617.
Only a Woman's Heart, by Ada Clare,

Quakers, persecution of, 30; and Puri.
noticed, 463.

Quakerism, origin of, 23; subordinates

tans compared.
Organic Connection between Parent and
Child, 592.

the Bible to inward monitions, 33;

honors woman, 46.
Orthodox Congregational Quarterly, 471. Quarterly Issue of the Boston Review,

, 307. 471.
Owen, Robert, Lise of, noticed, 285. Quarterly, Orthodox Congregational, 471.

Pagan or Christian ? 321.

Raffles, 496.
Paganism Again, 475.

Rankin, Rev. J. E., articles by, 391, 519.

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