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on, 41.

Rationalism, Hurst's History of, article Sherman and Grant, by J. T. Headley,
reviewing, 165; noticed, 131,

noticed, 151.
Rationalism in Europe, by W. E. H. Short Sermons. 129, 277, 448, 608.
Lecky, article reviewing, 16.

Silliman, B , Life of, by G. P. Fisher, no-
Reason in Religion, article reviewing, 47. ticed, 456.
Reason in Search of a Religion, article Sin, Sabellius' views of, 517.

Snow-Bound, by J. G. Whittier, noticed,
Reciprocity, Ecclesiastical, 318.

Reconstruction and Revolution, by J. Par- Social Life of the Chinese, by J. Doolittle,
ker, noticed, 470.

noticed, 297.
Rectitude, Laws of, 223.

Song Withou: Words, noticed, 154.
Regeneration, True Theory of, article on, Sortes Virgilianæ, 506.

Soul, loss of, Short Sermon on, 130.
Renown, 165.

Soul, True Theory of, article on, 437,
Representative Government, by J. S. Mill, Sour Grapes, Teeth on Edge, 161.
article reviewing, 567.

Spalding, James J, article by, 120.
Reserved Force in Scriptures, article on, Spiritualism, identical with Sorcery, De.

monology and Witchcraft, by W. M'.
Resurrection of Christ, by R. W. Dick- Donald, noticed, 311.
enson, noticed, 465.

Splitting Hairs, 476.
Review, Boston, next Volume of, 619; Spring, Gardiner, Autobiography, noticed,

Quarterly Issue of, 471; Sixth Volume 1.03.
of, 158.

Stanley, A. P.: History of the Jewish
Review Westminster, on Comle's Philoso- Church, noticed, 469.
phy, article reviewing, 104.

Stevens, A.: Centenary of American Meth-
Revolution and Reconstruction, by J. odism, noticed, 292; Women of Metho-
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dism, noticed, 293.
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phy's Commentary on Genesis, 393.
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Satisfaction Theory, Bushnell's State. Trial of Christ, Archæology of, article

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Trinity, Robertson's view of, 339.
Scripture Law of Divorce, by A. Hovey, Sabellius' view of, 515.
noticed, 468.

Trowbridge J. T.: Lucy Arlyn, noticed,
Scriptures, Reserved Force in, and Plea 301.
for their study, article on, 374.

True Theory of the Soul, of Regeneration
Seelye, Dr. J., article by, 400.

and of Conversion, article on, 437.
Seeking the Lord, Short Sermon on, 277. Trumbull, H. C.: Knightly Soldier, Life
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Truth the Preacher's great instrument,
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Shadow of Christianity, noticed, 310. Tübingen School, 165.
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Unsanctified Scholarship, 160.

on, 407.



Whedon, D. D.: Commentary on the Gos-

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Vicarious Sacrifice, by II. Bushnell, arti- Names of Fiction, noticed, 147.
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adjacent, by H. Bushnell, article on, 590. Will, Freedom of, 115.
Voice, Cultivation of, by W. Russell, no- Will this Planet ever be Hearen? article
ticed, 307.

on, 204.
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Woman's Heart, Only, by Ada Clare, no-

ticed, 463.
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noticed, 293.
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results of, 80.

Wright, W.: Oil Regions of Pennsylva.
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Warren, Joseph, Life and Times of, by

R. Frothingham, noticed, 148.
Wayland, F.: Moral Science, noticed, Youny, L.: Commentary on Ecclesiastes,

noticed, 302.
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Westminster Rerutu on Comte's Philoso.

phy, article reviewing, 104.
Whately Richard: Essay on Paul's Writ- Zambesi, Livingstone's Expedition, no-
ings, noticed, 134.

ticed, 458.


13 Corphill, Boston, Is publishing a new book nearly every week. Each manuscript is carefully read by members of our Publication Committee, and no better books for the Sabbath Schools of the Orthodox Congregational church can be found in the country. The names of this Committee are well known in the religious community and their judgment respected :- Rev. J. A. Albro, D.D, Rev. J. H. Means, Rev. A. J. Sessions, Rev. J. M. Manning, Rev. A. II. Quint, Rev. D. L. Furber, Rev. E. K. Alden, and Rev. D. R. Cady. A few of our late books written by laymen and clergymen are as follows: Price

Price Poor House Sam...

1.15 Clara Dwight in the Home of her Broken Fuschia... .50 Adoption

.75 Lieut. Wolcott.

.50 Young Teacher. A Sequel to Clara Grandfather's Bible .80 Dwight.....

.75 The Ferryman's Child. .80 The Old Horseshoe.

1.25 Choice Memorials.. .75 Minnie Watson

1.25 The Fisherman's Children; or, Sun- My First Pennies..

1.00 beam of Hardrick Cove.... .80 On the Frontiers; or, Scenes in the The Red Lion; a Capital Temperance


.90 Story...

.80 Must; or, Ann Holbrook's Childhood .90 Faithful Shepherd. By Rev. J. E. Martha's School-Days....

.80 Todd.... .75 Jewsh Heroes

.80 The Conqueror.. .75 The Buried Cities......

.75 Nora, and Thoughts about Christ, .95 Elsie Bailey; or, One that Loved Ellen's Idol,.....

.75 Everybody Invitation to Little Children... .60 Faith Cleveland; or, Daily Beauty.. .75 Mabel Lee.... .60 The Skates....

.75 Bessie's Visit.....

.60 Frank and Amy's Visit to Palestine 75 VAR Our Boys.....

.60 Ellis Amory. A True Story of Every 75 The Christian Private......


Day Life.... Evelyn Hope, and the Game of Life .40 Mattie Carson...

.70 Percie, or, the Conspirators........ .69 What is a Little Money good for ?.. .65 Lizzie French.. .40 Some Coats that Fit....

.60 Valma Lee. By the author of " The Nuts Ready Cracked..

.60 Huntingtons"...

.75 We also publish the Well SPRING, a beautifully illustrated weekly paper for our children, and a large assortment of Question Books, Catechisms and Gift Cards suitable for Sabbath schools.




The Congregational Board of Publication Has been reconstructed and enlarged. Our object is to publish works on theology, church polity, and experimental religion-works of our Puritan fathers, but more of our able modern Christian writers, adapted to all classes and ages, and thereby to meet in full the demands of the denomination. Our grand aim is the production of a biblical theology, and, as based upon it, the promotion of a biblical Christianity. While, therefore, our issues will be denominational, we intend they shall be preeminently promotive of spirituality in the churches, and the conversion of sonls. We have already issued several works of sterling merit, besides nearly fifty Tracts. Six of these, “Doctrinal Knowledge the Foundation of Religion," Mode of Baptism,” “ Infant Baptism,” “Nature and Design of Infant Baptism,” “Why Will Ye Die ?” and the“ Conversion and Experience of President Edwards," we have just reissued in a neat and attractive form. Other Tracts and small Books will soon be issued. Manuscripts are solicited of able Christian writers, for which, if accepted by the Committee, the usual price will be paid. Catalogues of our publications will be furnished, and all orders for our books promptly mot, by our Treasurer, M. H. Sargent, 13 Cornhill.





Royal 12mo.......

.....cloth, 1 75. The author in his preface, says: “In this volume I have attempted to collect and arrange in convenient form for reference the Ecclesiastical Laws of Massachusetts. which lie scattered in profusion among the Statutes and Reports of the Commonwealth.

" In order to secure completeness, reports of legislative committees, town histories, church histories, reports of councils, sermons, periodicals and biographies have been examined, our present ecclesiastical laws and usages traced to English sources; and with a view of making the work more generally useful in all parts of the Union, decisions of other States, and denominational controversies in which Massachusetts bad no special part, have been cited.”

It will be found a work of interest and of great practical value as a book of reference : touching the numerous questions constantly arising as to the rights, duties and principles of churches, societies, ministers, counsels, rights of property, etc.

Among the multitudes of subjects, etc., treated are the following: America Dedicated to Religious Uses; Support of the Gospel; Tax Laws for Support of the Gospel; Choice of Ministers under the Tax Laws; Principles of the Dedham Casc Apo plied; Churches, Rights and Usages, etc.; Ministers, Early Laws and Uses, etc.; Leacons, their Rights, Duties, etc.; Religious Societies, Organizations, Incorporations, etc.; Meetinghouses, Titles, etc.; Pews, Ownership, etc.; Precincts of the Meetinghouse, etc.; Charities, Jurisdiction, etc.; Marriage, Penal Laws, Observance of the Lord's Day, etc.; Ecclesiastical Councils; Councils, Mutual, Ex Parte, Results, etc.

HOPKINS' LECTURES ON MORAL SCIENCE, Delivered before the Lowell Institnte, Boston, by Mark Hopkins, D. D., President of Williams College. Royal 12mo,.

$1 50 An important work from the pen of one of the most profound thinkers of the age.

Translated from the German of Carl Ritter, by Rev. W. L. Gage. With a
Sketch of the Author's Life, and a Portrait. 12mn,.....

.... cloth, 1 50 This volume contains the grand generalizations of Ritter's life-work, the Erdkünde, in eighteen volumes; his lectures on the Relations of Geography and History, and a number of important papers on Physical Geography.

PEABODY'S CHRISTIANITY THE RELIGION OF NATURE. Lectures delivered before the Lowell Institute in 1863, by A. P. Peabody, D.D., LL.D. Royal 12mo.......

... cloth, 1 50 A masterly production, distinguished for its acuteness and earnestness, its force of logic and fairness of statement, written in a style of singular accuracy and beauty.


59 Washington Street, Boston.

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