Report of the Chief of Engineers U.S. Army

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1867

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481 페이지 - Narrows," is approved, with the condition that the position of the breakwater shall first be determined by a board of engineers. You can proceed, however, to advertise for proposals for furnishing the necessary materials for the work, in order that no unnecessary delay may occur in its vigorous prosecution at as early a day as practicable. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, AA HUMPHREYS, Brig. Gen. and Chief of Engineers, Maj.
268 페이지 - An act making appropriations for the repair, preservation, and completion of certain public works heretofore commenced under the authority of law...
188 페이지 - I certify that the above is a true copy of the original Report of Resolutions adopted in Conference.
176 페이지 - Whenever the Secretary of War invites proposals for any works, or for any material or labor for any works, there shall be separate proposals and separate contracts for each work, and also for each class of material or labor for each work.
269 페이지 - An act further to amend the several acts for the establishment and regulation of the Treasury, War, and Navy Departments.
519 페이지 - GENTLEMEN — I have the honor to submit my annual report for the fiscal year ending December 31. 1899. The assessed value of real and personal property returned for taxation is as follows: Real Estate $12,394,298 oo Personal Property.
194 페이지 - I certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original on file in the Department of State.
19 페이지 - What amount of revenue was collected at the nearest port of entry to each work for the last fiscal year. 7. As far as practicable, what amount of commerce and navigation would be benefited by the completion of each particular work.
157 페이지 - Labor, and no contract shall be made except after public advertisement for proposals in such form and manner as to secure general notice thereof, and the same shall only be made with the lowest...
15 페이지 - That the superintendent of the United States Military Academy may hereafter be selected, and the officers on duty at that institution detailed from any arm of the service ; and the supervision and charge of the academy shall be in the War Department, under such officer or officers as the Secretary of War may assign to that duty;

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