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occasionally been held, and upwards of 4000 tracts distributed on the Lord's-day. From the peculiar circumstances of those visited, the actual results of these labours cannot be known-but they have been works of faith, and labours of love, and cannot be entirely in vain.

The following is the Report of the Queen Street Association :

The operations of this Association commenced at about the date of the last Annual Meeting of the Auxiliary, with which the said association is connected. The Report which follows therefore, comprises the period of one year, during which time, four visitors have been engaged in a periodical visitation of the vessels and barges, found from time to time in the basin of the Regent's Canal. The aggregate of whose reports is as follows:- total number of vessels boarded, 563; tracts distributed, 4159—a few of which, however, were sent on board sloops in the river. The occupants of from four to 500 barges have also had visits paid them; but a register of their numbers has not been kept. Some books from the loan library have also been put in circulation, and are still afioat. A number of hand-bills, publications of the Tract Society, have also been circulated.

In connection with this Association also, two services have been held on shipboard, and addresses given by the pastor of the church at Queen-street; and two other religious public services have been held, with a special invitation to sailors, bargemen, and watermen, at Queen-street meeting-house. It is most pleasing to add, that each of the four visitors certify, that, during the whole year, a reception uniformly kind and ready has been given to them and their advice, and that their books have been cordially and gratefully received. Many sailors too, it is hoped and believed, have, by the invitations given them, been induced to attend upon the public means of grace; it cannot therefore be doubted, but that much good has arisen to these interesting sons of the ocean, and the divine glory been promoted. Thankful for preservation, and cheered by the past, the visitors thank God, and take courage still to go forward, trusting to the promise of him that cannot lie, that his word shall not return unto him void.

An extract or two from the reports of the visitors are subjoined :" The gratitude of the visited is often manifested by acts as well as words; being ready to assist your visitor in boarding their respective vessels by the ship's boat or otherwise, and offering to take tracts to those whom your visitor cannot reach.”

A second visitor on the same head thus reports, on August 16th, 1840 :“ Visited 10 ships, and a greater number of barges than usual; many of the bargemen expressed themselves much obliged by the visit, and the gift of the tracts. It is most painful to find such a prevalence of ignorance, and, as a necessary consequence, a total indifference to the concerns of eternity. The barge being in many cases the only home, the children are here educated, not in useful knowledge, (for very few indeed can read) but in cunning and vice, and indifference to religion. Many of the women and children seem to be as ignorant of the word of God, as they could possibly be, if they were Hottentots.”

On the attendance given to public worship. Invitation was given to all to attend the house of God. Many of them are frequent attendants at the Bethel Chapel. It is cause for devout thankfulness, that a large portion of the seamen we visit attend some place of worship, and not a few of them are seen listening to the truth in our midst.

1st March, 1840. A captain, who had a party of friends on board his vessel, welcomed me on board, and introduced me and my errand to his company : this gave an opportunity for serious conversation. I gave each a tract. The captain then went with me to the forecastle, he there spoke a word or two in favour of those who thus manifested care for the souls of sailors, in bringing them religious books ; and came to give them good advice, which he recommended them to follow.

During the past year, the Ladies' Association has continued in active and successful operation. The following is their Report :

Two years have elapsed, since the Committee of the East-London Ladies' Association first met to combine their efforts on behalf of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society; and though they cannot now report so large measure of success as they could desire, are happy to state, that the funds of the Association are steadily increasing. The total amount collected during the last twelve months being £115. 6s. showing an excess of £11. 15s. 2d. upon the receipts of the preceding year. The Committee prayerfully hope that this increase (though comparatively trifing) may be the earnest of more successful exertions : and, while they would stimulate each other to continuance in well-doing, would especially seek the blessing of Him who has all hearts and all resources at his command, and with whom alone is success.

From removals and other causes, several ladies have been obliged to relinquish their labours; but their places have been quickly supplied by other friends equally devoted to the sailor's interest, so that the number of collectors (about thirty) continues the same as last year.

It affords the Committee much pleasure to state, that from the commencement of the Association, they have been favoured with the active co-operation of several ladies in connexion with the established church; but regret to add, that not a few important districts in the immediate vicinity, are yet uncanvassed-especially in Whitechapel, Ratcliff, and Poplar. They appeal to ladies of influence, respectability, and leisure, residing in those localities, whether such promising fields of labour shall remain uncultivated, or whether they shall be made to yield fruit on behalf of the sailor? Though the efforts of isolated individuals may seem of little avail for the furtherance of so great a work, yet if concentrated and combined, they might be of considerable assistance to the parent Society. The Committee would remind their friends that they plead for those who forego domestic comforts and immunities, religious privileges, and who hazard even life itself, not only in defence of their country, but to obtain the necessaries and luxuries of life for those who live at home, in comparative case and security. Were it merely a question of humanity and justice, the sailor would have claims upon the benevolence, the sympathies, and the efforts of all; but it is more :-it is a matter of eternal life and eternal death! And where is the christian whose heart is not deeply affected and whose spirit is not stirred within him, when contemplating the spiritual condition of the sailor, with his constant exposure to sudden death? Christians ! “ the time is short;" “ work while it is day, for the night cometh wherein no one can work." The emissaries of Satan are prompt in executing his iniquitous designs; would that christians were equally swift to fulfil the pleasure of a better master, even a heavenly. Friends of the Saviour ! be entreated to come forward to the aid of the good cause; and, if engaged in from love to God and the souls of perishing men, assuredly you will have your reward.

The following Resolutions were then submitted to the Meeting, and unanimously adopted :

Moved by Rev. T. WALLIS,-seconded by Capt. ELLIOTT, R. N. I. That the report uow read, be received and adopted ;-[certain gentlemen were then constituted the Commiteee for the year ensuing, with power to add to their number.]

Moved by Rev. E. E. ADAMS, A. M.,-seconded by Rev. F. J. Jobson, II. That the fact of our scamen being subject to the most alarming and destructive influences, loudly calls for renewed sympathy, prayer, and effort, for their salvation ; and that this Meeting recognize with joy, the union of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society and the American Seamen's Friend Society, in this enterprize of mercy.


Moved by T. ROBERTS, Esq.,-seconded by Rev. R. SAUNDERS, III. That while we acknowledge with devout gratitude to God, the persevering exertions both of the Auxiliary and the Ladies' Association, and the practical efforts of the friends of Queen Street Chapel ; yet, as the east of London is so intimately connected with maritime affairs, the Committee would urge with great solicitude the solemn claims of the institution on all classes, and solicit an enlarged measure of support to facilitate and extend its operations.

Moved by the Rev. C. HYATT, Sen., -seconded by the Rev. R. FERGUSON, Secretary of the parent Society,

IV. That the thanks of the assembly be presented to GeoRGE FREDERICK YOUNG, Esquire, for his kindness in presiding over the business of the evening.


It appears that the field of labour is enlarging every month. Nothing is wanted to provide and support an adequate agency, but an increase of funds! Shall the sailor's cause be left to perish, for want of supplies ?

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