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The Church AS IT ought to be:- or EVERY MEMBER EMPLOYED;—A book

for all Christians. By the Rev. J. SMITH, Cheltenham, Author of “the Believer's Daily Remembrancer,” etc. etc. etc. Second Thousand. In cloth, 32mo, pp. 222.

Cheltenham :-R. Edwards, High-street.
London :-Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. Allman & Co. Holborn Hill.

This is a practical little work. The main object seems to be, to exhibit to the christian the relations into which he has been introduced as the subject of divine grace, and the high and solemn obligations arising out of these relations. In other words, that there are certain great imperative duties involved in the very profession of christian faith, from which no power can release him; and that in whatever situation the man be placed, it is required of him that he be found actively employed for Christ. To impress these truths on the mind of the christian professor, and to awaken his activities in the service of his Lord and Saviour, the work before us is well adapted. Nor can we but hope that the excellent author may have his reward in the more enlarged efforts of the whole christian church.

WHAT HAVE I TO DO WITH MISSIONS ?-Exhibiting the Miseries and Degrada

tions of the Heathen Nations, and the Duty of all to support Christian Missions. Designed especially for the use of Missionary Collectors. By the Rev. T. TIMPSON, Author of the “ Key to the Bible,” etc. etc. etc. Illustrated with Ten Engravings. 18mo, pp. 72. Gilt edges.


designed to interest young persons in Missions to Heathen Nations. By the Rev. T. TIMPSON, Author of the “ Companion to the Bible," etc. etc. etc. 18mo, pp. 36.

London :- Snow and Co. Paternoster-row.

Our friend, Mr. Timpson, is certainly to be praised for his literary industry. His pen is never idle. Nor is it ever employed in what is light and trifling. His works are all of a highly useful and practical character. In the present state of our Missionary Institutions, when the field of labour is daily enlarging, and the resources are comparatively restricted, it is important that the minds of christians should be informed and interested in the subject of missions; and that those who have espoused the sacred cause should be strengthened and encouraged. Now to these ends the works before us are well adapted ; and these secured, the author will enjoy the best reward.

Monthly Ehronicle.


It is our painful duty to have to record the recent and sudden death of MRS. EDWARDS, the excellent and efficient GOVERNESS of the Society's Female School. Having no doubt of her personal interest in the Redeemer, and with her faith steadily reposing in his infinite merits, her end was peace. She fell asleep in Jesus. Her spirit has joined the myriads of the redeemed in heaven. Absent from the body, she is present with the Lord,

Intelligence of this melancholy event having been conveyed to the Board, in a letter from the surviving and bereaved partner, the following resolution was unanimously adopted :

RESOLVED,—That this Board has heard, with deep regret, of the decease of Mrs. Edwards, the late governess of the Society's school ; and while they entertain a lively sense of her efficient services, through a series of years, beg to convey to her surviving partner their heartfelt sympathy under his trying bereavement,—and pray that the Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, may not only sanctify this dispensation of his providence to the mourning family, but sustain and console their minds under its pressure.

It is only necessary to add, that the youngest daughter of the deceased, who is resident with her father, has been appointed, pro tempore, to fill

up the situation of governess. The Board have reason to believe, that she is, on the whole, well qualified for the duties of the office; and as soon as circumstances will admit of it, a permanent arrangement will be made. The schools are in active operation, and we may add, in a very efficient and prosperous state.


At our last monthly conference, several members of the Committee were present, which greatly tended to encourage the Agents, and to strengthen the bond of union between them and the Board. The reports which follow require no comment. They are both interesting and encouraging


Senior Thames Missionary.—CAPT. collected me, and one of them came up, PRYNN.-At the close of other two and said, 'Well, mister, how dost thee months, I bless God who has strength. duw ?—we'm glad to see thee. Dost ened and supported me in my varied thee 'member us three fellows ?-we engagements among thousands of old were 'board ship with thee last trip, ocean's sons. It is pleasing to see and thee gav'st us some books.' (Putmany of those once wanderers from ting his hand in his pocket, and taking the fold of Christ, and, in the language out the tract— the Prevailing Interof an inspired apostle, dead in tres- cessor,' he said,)— Here is one you passes and in sins, now quickened to- gave me, and thank God thee gave it gether with Christ, and made the sub- me, for it's been made a blessing to my jects of saving and sovereign grace ; soul. What a mercy, mister, to have --born of the Spirit, and adopted into sic an friend in heaven!' Another of the family of God.

them, waiting with impatience, said It is matter of much rejoicing, that “Thee's had thy turn; I got summut to God continues to bless the means in sey too, dost see?' 'Well, friend,'I operation for the furtherance of his replied, 'let me hear your tale.' " Well own glory, and the extension of the zir,' said he, 'I had two books from Redeemer's kingdom.

thee, and thee told me to read 'em and

pry o'er 'em. Well, mister, I cud read Visitation of Shipping.— I have been but I cud na pry; so thee must know, more than ordinarily rejoiced to see I pry'd and cryd; and when us got to the effects of this work.

Lister, (Leicester,) thee must know, we

paid alike, and bought a Bible; well, Religious tracts have been gratui- we now reads thes Bible every day by tously distributed and freely received, turns -and morn and eve, when we and, in some instances profitably read, have chance, we prys by turn, in our as will appear from the following state- poor way. I hope the Lord will have ment:

mercy upon us.' (Taking out of his Some time since, at a meeting held little pocket-book, two tracts, ‘Prepaon board the Anne Maria, three barge- ration for Death,' and 'Love to Christ,' men from the neighbourhood of Brent- he said, — These are the books thee ford, attended. They appeared very gave me, I bless the day I had 'em, serious whilst addressed from those for hereby I was led to think on words, "The great day of his wrath is death and eternity, and the salvation come, and who shall be able to stand.' of my soul.' I said,—Thank God for At the close of the address, suitable his gracious dealings towards you ; tracts were given to them, with an in- he that hath begun the good work in vitation to attend those means of grace, your souls, will carry on and complete whenever they might have an opportu

the same. nity.

Our time being expired for the comAbout three weeks after this, those mencement of our meeting, we went men were called to visit the Lower below. Each of those three bargemen Pool again, and I was pleased to find engaged in prayer, and my mind was them on board the Jane, where I powerfully affected ;— their petition: came to hold my meeting. On my were urgent-their language scriptural coming on board, they immediately re- During the service, two of these men wept much. I gave them a few tracts Physician been present to apply the each, at the close of the service, com- same. I have held fourteen services mending them in prayer to the care of on shore at the Sailors' Chapel, Bila covenant-keeping God.

Thus we

lingsgate, and elsewhere; have dediparted, I trust, as brethren in Christ.

cated seven new ships to the Bethel Being called on one occasion to im- cause, and obtained fifty-two ships for prove the death of Capt. H. B., of the agents. Industry; on coming on board the vessel, a young man came running to me Sailors' Boarding Houses. — These with tears in his eyes, saying, 'Oh, sir, continue to be visited, and tracts disyou knew our captain,-he is no more; tributed every sabbath. Sometimes when we were last voyage here, he re- the prospects are cheering, at other fused the Bethel flag, and said he times a dark dim cloud seems to envewould have it next voyage, but little lope the whole scene; nevertheless we did he think the colours would be half- do know that good is doing even in mast-high for him. Oh! sir, he only this way, but we want the hearts of was stepping from the next ship, ano- those lodging-house-keepers to become ther captain was assisting him, (the the receptacles of Divine grace. A vessels being some little distance,) sailor, two sabbaths since, came to me when he slipt his foot, and fell; with at the close of the evening service and the rapidity of the tide he was carried said, “ You were at my lodging-house under the ship’s bottom, and seen no this morning, and spoke to me and my more."

shipmates about the Sailors’ Chapel, This was a very solemn season. I and gave us tracts. I was one that thought of my late friend hurried into

replied, we are very well here; no the eternal world -- taken suddenly sooner had you left the room, than away. True it is, 'In the midst of life conscience smote me for what I had we are in death. How ought sailors said, for I had been religiously brought to have their loins girt and their lamps up, and have praying parents, who know burning. The tears flowed freely from not where their rebel son is. But I was the sailors belonging to the ship, and resolved to come and hear as you kindly two of them, amidst groans and sighs, requested : and, sir, I am glad I came.” poured out their hearts before God. I pointed him to Christ-spoke of merThey deeply mourned the loss of their cy, love, and grace; and encouraged departed captain, who was a kind- him to seek the Lord. hearted man. I have met two sailors

God grant that the words thus since who were present on that occasion, spoken, may not be in vain! and from that period they have been led to think seriously on those things that MR. J. PALMER. Since my last relate to their everlasting peace,they Report, I have spent several sabbath are hopeful characters, and bid fair for days, among the seamen at Long the kingdom. May they be kept by Reach, visiting and preaching on the power of divine grace!

board ships three times. These serMy meetings afloat, twenty-one in vices are highly estimated by the sainumber, have been generally well at- lors themselves, and a favourable feeling tended; about three hundred sailors prevails among them generally, which and others have heard the word of has been manifested by their attendance Divine truth. Many a wanderer has from time to time. In connection with been pointed to Christ—the disconsn- some of these services, I have been enlate cheered, the wounded healed, the couraged by the knowledge, that God balm of Gilead applied, and Jesus the has set his seal to the work, on the

hearts of some. There is a letter now rupted by a drunkard. He annoyed in my possession, just received from a us for some time, but, at last, was resailor, in which he states, that he had moved by a policeman. At the close not been in a place of worship for fif- of the service, the persons belonging teen years—that he accidentally drop- to the ground and the London Dock ped in at the Sailors' Chapel, at Bell Establishment, close by, told me, they Wharf, during the public service of were sure good was done to sailors and the Lord's-day, and the sermon there others, by the means thus employed ; was the means of his conversion. He and therefore, they had given orders to is now a sober, steady, praying man. I the police, to remove any one who have returned from the Lower Pool, to should disturb or interrupt those servimy former labour in the second station, ces hereafter. Since this, the whole of and find my old friends going on stead. the family (an extensive establishment) ily and perseveringly, as the token of and servants, attend this especial sercontinual success.

Others are added vice throughout, and are increasingly to their number. Some of the meet- interested in our Society's proceedings. ings on board ship, have been of the It is wished by very many, that it most pleasing character. The number should be continued regularly every present being sometimes thirty, at sunday evening. other times forty, and the minds of I have attended several total abstimost seriously disposed,—the men in nence meetings in Bell Wharf Chapel, the whole tier of vessels, sober and and on board ship ;-been present a steady.

whole sabbath in each succeeding I have also many times preached in month, as well as on the evening of Billingsgate Market on sunday after- the third Thursday, at the Sailors' noons to large congregations, in com- Chapel, where I preached a funeral pany with some of my brother agents. sermon for a boy, belonging to the Also two sunday evenings have preach- Sunday and Day Schools, who was ed in the open air, in front of the Lon. drowned in the Thames. don Dock Gates ; this spot and neigh- I have attended Bethel meetings in bourhood is the most depraved in the the river on board different ships, two port of London. It is the chief re- nights in the week. I have added some sort of the foreign-going sailors, and the new vessels to our Bethel list; and lanes and alleys are filled with charac- have distributed a great number of ters of the very worst description. The books, magazines, and tracts, to seafirst sabbath I met with great interrup- men at my various services. tion from several drunkards, just reel. ing out of the gin palaces near, and set MR. ABBOTT.-My journal of laon by the prostitutes, who were then bour exhibits many proofs, that religion filling up those wretched dens of infa- is advancing among our dear seafaring my; but their continued interruption brethren ; and I trust it will advance increased the number of the attendants more and more, till all are gathered into considerably; and having with me some the fold of Christ. Anong the many Bethel captains, brother Welch, the colours and flags flying at the mast-head sailors' missionary, and other tried of vessels in the river, none are more christian friends, we finally triumphed interesting and lovely than the Bethel over all opposition. I understand that flag, waving in the gentle breeze, emthere has been occasional preaching blazoned with the emblem of purity and there since. And, on the evening of peace, forming also a signal for divine the Lord's-day, August 1st, I preached worship; by many, it is beheld with there again, when we were again inter- emotions of delight and gratitude.

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