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Butler & Tanner, 1892

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324 페이지 - Lynford late of the said earl and in the king's hands as above, to hold of the chief lords of the fee by the services of as many knights' fees and as many other rents and services as they were held by before 4 March, 1 Edward IV.
335 페이지 - Nicholas, son of the said . . . [torn] males of his body, in default to remain to ... [torn] of his body begotten, to hold of the chief lords of that fee by the services which to the aforesaid tenements...
105 페이지 - ... to be the right of the Master and Brethren of the said Hospital and quit claimed the same : for this the Master gave Roger twenty shillings sterling.
342 페이지 - ... right of John and Felicia as by their gift, to hold to them and the heirs of John, of the chief lords of that fee. And besides Thomas and Isabella granted for themselves and the heirs of Isabella, that a garden which William de Muleburn held for a term of eighteen years, the inheritance of Isabella in the aforesaid vill on the day this agreement was made, and which after the aforesaid term ought to revert to Thomas and Isabella and the heirs of Isabella, should wholly remain to John and Felicia...
310 페이지 - ... services thereto appertaining. (Bound between Nos. 26 and 27.) 70. At York in the morrow of All Souls ; between Richard de Rodeny and Matilda his wife, querents, by William Malerbe in their place ; and William de Burne, deforciant ; for a messuage, and a carucate of land, in Stok Giffard juxta Westburi. Plea of covenant was summoned. Richard acknowledged the right of William ; for this William granted the same to Richard, to hold to him and Matilda and his heirs begotten of Matilda, of the chief...
272 페이지 - ... Michael ; between Robert Bishop of Bath and Wells, querent ; and Adam de Nortoft and Emma his wife, deforciants ; for a messuage, a mill, two carucates of land, one hundred acres of wood, and six marcs of rent, in Kynemerdon. Plea of covenant was summoned. Adam and Emma acknowledged the right of Robert the Bishop as by their gift, to hold to the Bishop and his heirs of them and the heirs of Emma, rendering yearly one pair of gilt spurs or six pence at Easter ; and Adam and Emma warranted against...
45 페이지 - ... for this Gervase granted to Albreda the said land, to hold of him for her life, rendering per annum one penny at Easter and doing the regal service appertaining : and Geivase warranted against all men for the life of Albreda, and after the decease of Albreda the said land shall revert to Gervase, to hold of the chief lord of the fee by the service thereto belonging. Isabella his wife, tenents ; for half a virgate of land in Asseland. Assise of mort ancestor was summoned. Roger and Alice quit...
15 페이지 - Warine in the court. 10 3|of)n (AD 1208-9). 10. At Westminster Sunday next after ; between Robert de Chileton, claimant ; and William and Crestian his wife, tenents ; for three virgates of land with appurtenances in Chileton and in Little Bures, and for the fourth part of a knight's fee in Bures, and for half the manor of Fidoc : and one furling of land in Hunespill, and for one furling of land in Pegenes. William and Crestian acknowledged the land to be the right of Robert ; and quit claimed to...
332 페이지 - Cristina and the heirs of John of the chief lords of that fee : for this John and Cristina gave William twenty pounds sterling.
206 페이지 - William and his heirs, rendering annually a rose at the feast of the Nativity of St John Baptist; and if Walter die without heirs by Alice, then after the decease of Alice the whole shall remain to William and his heirs quit of the heirs of Walter and Alice.

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