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Declaration of libel or slander, 131.

Estate by purchase, 591.
Deeds affecting land, enactments concerning Regis- | - by devise, 592.
try of, 401-410.

Exchange, Bill of, forging engraving of, how punish-
Default, judgment by, declared final, 136.

able, 236.
Demurrer, judgment may be passed on, according - Information on, mode of procedure, 247.
to right of case, 130.

Execution, how stayed in case of appeal from De-
- Special, abolished, 130.

cree of Chancery, 80.
- and plea, may, on leave given, be put in same - Supersedeas of, when error in law does not
plea on affidavit of relevancy, 134.

admit of, 143.
Deodand, general, abolished, 607.

Executor (See also WILL).
- under Coroner's Inquest abolished, 262.

may bring and defend actions before Supreme
Derelict goods to be reported, 460.

Court, 85,
Destitute children may be apprenticed, 438.

- may distrain for rent in arrears, 91,
Detainer on prisoner for unsatisfied judgment other - liable for costs in event of nonsuit, 91.
than that on which confined, 138.

Exemption from Duty, Schedule of articles entitled
Disabilities, Civil, of Roman Catholics abolished,

to, 490.
58, 566-577.

Explosive substances, punishment for sending with
Coloured and Black subjects, 58-60.

felonious intent, 309.
Documents, parties may be compelled to produce,

Extortion, attempt at, by letters threatening to
119, 138.

accuse of infamous crime, 214, 216, 233,
Dog-stealing, penalties for, 219.

by officers of Court, 214.
- tax, 483.

by means of threatened libel, 598.
Dower cannot be had out of real estate, not being

descent by devise, till claims of creditors
are satisfied, 108.

Fact, Questions of, may be raised without pleading,
pot more than six years' arrears recoverable,

unless claimed in the interim, 589,

False pretences, obtaining goods by, how punished,
Renunciation of, must be recorded, 110.

deemed effectual bar, 110.

Felo de se, burial of persons on whom verdict of,
- - - Commission may be appointed to take.

has passed, 261.

Finding, special, may be ordered without amending
Duties, schedule of, leviable on imports, &c., 488, record, 88.

Fines (See Money--penalties).

Firing wood, timber, &c., penalties for, 343.
Ecclesiastical Corporation Sole, limitation of right Foreigners naturalized may vote at elections, 41.
to recover rent, 587.

Forgery, Acts relating to, 234.237, 247.
Jurisdiction of Bishop of Jamaica, 430. - Information of, need only aver attempt to
Education, enactments i especting, 439-441.

defraud, 247.
Ejectment, proceedings in action of, 146-157.

- of bail, how punishable, 236.
Elections, mode of procedure at, 44.

description of instrument need only be ap-
- Out Islands, writs for, may be sent to Jus-

proximative, 247.
tices of the Peace, 44,

Friendly Societies, Acts regulating, 62-68.
- Duties of Justices in such case, 44.'

Frontage lots, provisions respecting improvement
Various modes of procedure in case of recess,

of, 399.
death, &c., 45, 46.
Electors may not be arrested for forty-eight hours
before an election, 42.

Gambling, regulations respecting, 352.
- Oath to be administered to, 42.

Goods, general regulations as to landing and clear-
Eleemosynary corporations, limitations of right to

ance of, 461.
recover rents, 587.

Ad valorem duty on, when and how levi.

able, 462.
Embezzlement, punishment of, 223.
Emolument, tenure of any office of, disqualifies

bonded, 466.
for seat in Assembly, 49.

Credit for duties on, extended to six months
- Schedule of offices so disqualifying, 49.

if exceeding £20, 463.
Engraved counterfeits-fac-similes need not be

Drawback of 90 per cent, on imported goods
set forth at trial, 247.

exported in same packages, 464.
Error, Court of, general procedure in, 82, 83.

Entry of, invalid, if improperly described,

Appeal, right of, to Privy Council, 82.

must be entered within twenty days, or
Constitution of Court, 82.
Decree may be appealed to Privy Council, 82.

lodged in Queen's warehouse, 465.
Execution, how stayed in case of appeal, 82.

seized or forfeited, regulations as to, 468-

Interest allowable on all writs of, in delay of
execution upon judgment, 90.

Grand Cay, limits of, how defined, 395.
- in law, when does not admit of supersedeas

| Grand Turk, limits of, how defined, 396.
of execution, 143.

- Suggestion of error, memorandum of, 144,
Estate (See also REAL).

Hawking goods, regulations respecting, 361,
of inheritance, what declared to be, 591.

License for, 482.

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Health of Towns, enactments respecting, 372-377. Jury panel, mode of drawing, 177.
Homicide, accidental, not punishable, 197.

- Special, regulations regarding, 178, 179.
Horse-stealing, punishment of, 218.

verdict of, not required to be unanimous,
Hospital (See Poor-HOUSE).

save in capital cases, 182.
- unless unanimous, must be preceded
by three hours' deliberation, 185.

- if not returned in twelve hours, jury
Ice, enactment encouraging importation of, 351.

to be discharged, 185.
Minimum amount to be imported every six Justice of Peace, general duties of, 284, 304. -
months, 352.

protected against vexatious actions, 290,
- Privileges granted to importers of, 352,

Improperly influencing votes at elections, penalty Powers of, on preliminary examinativn of
for, 41.

offenders cognizable by Supreme Court,
Incendiarism (See ARSON).

294-304, 316-327,
Incontinency, imputation of, made just ground of — Stipendiary (See STIPENDIARY).
action, 237.

Juvenile offenders, mode of trial and punishment,
Incumbencies, how limited for certain purposes,

Indictments, criminal, not barred by plea of at-

Land (See also EJECTMENT and REAL ESTATE)."
tainder, 34f.

Occupation of, without title, summary remedy
Indorsement on contracts not to operate or bar
against recovery, 83.

against, provided, 273-277.

Process on, in satisfaction of judgment in
Information, Criminal

Petty Debt Court, how levied, 195.
may be amended at trial in certain cases,

Amended Titles to, 393-401,
246, 257.
amended, verdict upon, to be in full force,

Larceny, laws relating to, 215-234.

Grand and petit, distinction between, aboli-

tion of, 215.
charging stealing, may also charge for re-

- Appeal allowed, 230.
ceiving goods known to have been stolen,

questions of, may be stated for special opinion
and rice versa, 256.
for embezzlement, may at option of Court

of counsel without pleading, 130.
merge in trial for larceny, 248.

Agreement may be made on such special case
— for misdemeanour may at option of Court

for payınent of money and costs, 130.

- - so made, entitles to judgment and
merge in trial for felony, 248.

execution, unless stayed in error, 130.
for murder, need not state how effected, 247.
- not to be held insufficient for want of tech-

Laws, reprint of, with index, authorized, 539-541.

Legislature (See COUNCIL).
nical expressions, 251.

Libel, declaration of action for, what to contain,
Objections to, how taken, 251.
for perjury, how charged, 251.

for subornation of perjury, how charged,

Apology admissible in evidence, in mitiga-

tion of damages, 597.
stating actual commission of crime, may

by newspaper, what plea admissible and how

satisfied, 598.
carry conviction for attempt, 248.
Inheritance (See also WILL), estate of, defined,

Threatening to publish, or abstaining from

publishing, in order to extort money, how
Interest, legal rate of, fixed at six per cent., 538.

punishable, 598.

- Defendant in action for, entitled to costs on
- Jury may award, 89, 105,
- assign damages in nature of, 89.

acquittal, 599.
allowed in all cases of Writ of Error in stay

Lighthouse, general regulations respecting, 519-

of execution, 91.
Interlocutory judgment, proceedings on, 104.

-- duty, how leviable, 492.

Exemption from, 491.
Lunatics, estate of, may be administered by au-

thority of President; to be confined till
Joint contractors, verdict recoverable against one

friends take charge of them, 340.
or more, 83.
Judgment may be entered up, any time after eight

days has elapsed, 104.

Mail Steamer Act, 484.
Jurisdiction of Stipendiaries (See STIPENDIARIES). Malicious injury to property specified and penalties

No exemption from, in action of £5 and un annexed, 200-208, 211-213, 220-221.
der, in Petty Debt Court, 191.

Man-traps, spring-guns, &c., prohibition against
- Summary, in small sums before Supreme

use of, 564.
Court final, 102

Manslaughter, how punished, 197.
of, Justices of Peace (See POLICE). Marriage, enactments respecting registration of,
Jury, enactments regulating trial by, 175-185.

De medietate linguæ, right of alien to jury When license given by Government, 422.
composed, 181.

Dissenter may solemnize, 420.
Disqualification for serving on, 176.

Certain de facto marriages declared valid,
Exemptions from serving on, 175.


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Miscarria.. 252.

tances constituired by, 87,

Marriage must be solemnized within three months of Ordinary, Court of, office vested in Judge of
proclamation of banns, 421.

Supreme Court, 81.
solemnized by Baptist missionary prior to 1st Decrees, how enforced, 81.

January, 1853, declared valid, 430. - Costs, by whom regulated, 81.
record may be searched daily, 426.

Ordinary rules as drawn up by Judge, must be
Effect of, on action, 142.

confirmed by Legislative Council, 81.
Revokes wills made previous to, 74,

Ownership, when necessary to prove in criminal
Master and servant, law of, 262-268.

cases, name of one owner shall suffice, 238,
- Form of contract of service. 263.
Masters of ships must report arrival before cargo

broken, 460.
- Names of passengers, 339.

Pardon, free or conditional in certain cases, 232,
Militia ordinances, 377-386.

Minor, rights of, how preserved, 85,

Parishes, division of, how regulated, 431.
- Verbal promise of third party to pay debts Parsonage at Grand Cay, money realized by sale of.
contracted by, not valid, 83.

in whom vested, and for what public pur.
Miscarriage, attempts to produce, how punished,

pose, 418.

Passengers arriving from seaward, must have their
Misdemeanour, what offences constitute, 252.

names reported by captain, 339.
Mispomer, when proceedings not vitiated by, 87,

= not having visible means of subsistence, must

be deported, 340.
Mixed actions upon real estate abolished, 588.

Payment into Court, under judge's order when
Money (See also CURRENCY).

allowed, 87,
Base, penalties for passing, 253.

- not allowed in certain specified cases,
chargeable on land not recoverable after

twenty years, unless interest paid and writ-

Pension and Superannuation Fund, enactment re-
ten acknowledgment given in the mean

specting, 541-545.
time, 589.

Perjury, what constitutes, 103.
Description of, in criminal information, 249.

Order for prosecution before Superior Court,
- may be levied on under judge's order, what-

ever its nature or the securities invested in.

- Suboination of, how charged, 251.

Person, offences against, 197-200, 208-214, 233-
Penalties, certain, declared to be in sterling

234, 252.
money, 234.

Personation of bail, 236.
currency, 41 (note).

- of ownership of shares, money, &c., penalty
Mortgage to be recorded, 405.

for, 235.
Discharge of, 407.

Peseta (See CURRENCY).
- First recorded to have preference, if bonâ fide, I Petit treason, deemed murder only, 187.
and for ostensible considerations, 407.

Petty Debt Court, procedure in, 188-195.
Mortgagee may bring action within twenty years of - Appearance, default of, by plaintiff, 192.
last payment of interest, 594.

- Defendant, 192.
Mortgagor, right of, barred against mortgagee,

Appeal from summary convictions in, pro-
within certain limitations, 586.

vided for, 195, 289.
Murder, Punishment of, 197.

Extortion by officers of, how punished, 194.
- Information need not state how effected, 247.

Insulting judge or officers of, penalty for,
Accessaries after the fact, punishment of, 97,


Judgment in, time to be fixed by judge for
- - before, 238.

satisfaction of, 189.

Landed property, process on for judgment in,


may take cognizance of trespass or trover
Negative on laws (See VETO).

when costs do not exceed £5, 190.
Neglect of plaintiff to bring on cause, 137.

- No exemption from jurisdiction for any one,
Night, definition of, for criminal informations, 232,


| Petty Sessions, how formed, 266.
Nisi Prius, proceedings at, 138.

| Piracy, statutes relating to, 196, 595-596.
Nolle Prosequi, entitles defendant to costs, 91.

- Act extending to colony jurisdiction over,
may be submitted in special case, without

wherever committed, 244.
proceeding to trial, 91.

- Exceptions to foregoing, 245.
Non-appearance of defendant, unless accounted for,

Trial for, murder, or manslaughter on high
may entitle plaintiff to judgment, 125.

seas, may be had in colony, 245.
- Right of challenge, limited in cases of, 241.

Plantation lots, prices of, 395.
Oaths, abolition of unnecessary, 551, 552. Plea, Supreme Court, civil side.
Offences against the person, 197-200, 208-214.

Successive, form of commencement of, 132-
Officers, public, appointed by President, 14.

Ordinary, Court of (See also CAANCERY) procedure of nature of set-off may be construed dis-
in, 81,

tributively, 134.

Plea of plaintiff, bow traversed by defen lant, 134. Real estate, contingent interests in, alienable by
and Demirrer (See DEMCHIER).

deed, if entail sared, 601.
several, as many as necessary may be pleaded - Feoffments, leases, exchanges, partitions,
at once under judge's order, 135.

surrenders, or assignments, to be by deed,
Specitic, certain, may not be pleaded without

leave obtained, 135.

Freehold in, may be made by grant if proper
-- when pleaded withont leave may en-

stamps affixed, 600.
title opposite party to judgment, 135.

How levied on, in petty debt process, 195..
in abatement, 83, 86, 128-131.

Limitation of actions relating to, 580-590.
of prescription may be put in, in case of Mixed actions upon, abolished, 588.
trespass, 579.

not by descent by devise, shall not be subject
Various forms of, 167-172.

to dower, till creditors are satistied, lus.
- Supreme Court, criminal side.

Right of action to recover, not barted by any
Dilatory not allowed unless amended, 240.

length of adverse possession, pending dara-
may be amended at trial, 140.

tion of concealed fraud, 586.
of Not Guilty, equivalent to demand for trial, Sale and conveyance of, Act to facilitate, 612

Suit in Equity to recover, cannot be brougat
-- Refusal to plead may at discretion of after period has lapsed at which an actada
Court be held equiralent to, 241.

at law might have been brought, 505. .
of attainder not to bar indictment, unless for When may be taken in execution, 106. -
same offence, 241.

When levied on in a civil suit, three months
Poisoning, attempted, how punished, 209.

notice to be given, 106.
Police regulations, general, 339-372.

Receivers of stolen goods, how punishable, 225, 227.
Poor-house and hospital, rules of, 438.

Record may be amended in certain cases, 57, 158,
Ports of entry declared, 458.

Post-office, ordinance establishing, 523.

Registrar of shipping, fees and duties of, 459.
Postponement of trial allowed in certain criminal Registry of deeds atfecting land, enactments respect-
cases, 246.

ing, 401-410.
- - in civil suits must not exceed one - Fees and other emoluments appertaining to
term, 102.

Prescription, right by, enjoyment for thirty years | - of marriage, enactments respecting, 419-434).
declared to confer, 578.

Release (sole), substituted for lease and release,
Piesentations, ecclesiastical, in gift of Governor of 596.
Jamaica, 13.

Resistance by third parties to officers in discharge of
Previous convictions, how inquired into in criminal duty, how punished, 254.

proceedings before Supreme Court, 253. Reviror, proceedings in, 139.
Prison, discipline to be observed in, regulations con Rewards for stolen property, penalty for offering a
cerning, 257-259.

advertising, 226.
Prisoner may be discharged on order of attorney in Robbery from the person defined, and how punish-
cause, 138.

able, 233.
Profert and Over of documents tendered in evidence Rogues and vagabonds confined in prisons may be
abolished, 131.

deported at discretion, 340.
Prohibition to export certain articles, 490. | Roman Catholic Relief Bill (Emancipation Act,
Property, malicious injury to, specified, and penalties 566-577.
declared, 200-208, 211-213, 220.

Rules to expedite business of Supreme Court must
appeal against conviction for, when

be confirmed by Legislative Council, 121.
allowed to Supreme Court, 205.
Public bank, ordinance establishing, 527-532.

Library, 553.
Loans by debenture bonds of colony, regula-

tions touching, 534.

Sacrilege, how punished, 216.
- Market, regulations of, 442.

| Salaries of public officers of colony, 495.
Officers, how appointed (v. OFFICERS).

- officials', enactments fixing, 546-550.
Revenue, officers of, how appointed, 448.

Salt, export duty on, 492.
Balance to be paid over by Receiver-General

Salvage (See WRECKING).
quarterly, or as soon as sum collected

Sanitary (See HEALTH OF Towns).
amounts to £100, 451.

Sea, protection against ravages of, 555.
Schools, inspectors of, whence to be elected,

Seamen, enactments respecting, 497-505.

Limitation of amount of debt summarily re-
- Bible to be used in, 440.

coverable against, 507.
- Recovery of wages by, 507.

Search warrants for recorery of property may be
Quit rents commuted for certain payments, 410.

issued by judge, 108.
- Rates of commutation, 411.

Secret burial of child, how punishable, 197.
Securities of all kinds may be levied on ueder

judge's order, 107.
Real estate, entry on, does not constitute posses- Separation Act of Turks Islands from Bahamas,
sion, 583,

22nd August, 1848, 1-4.

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. 219.

Sessions, Petty, how to be formed, 266.

Trust, breach of, by agent, how punished, 223.
Set-off, Pleas in the nature of, may be construed Turtling, or turtle-killing, illicit, how punished,

distributivelv, 134.
Ships arriving, no communication to be held with,

until Revenue officer has boarded and re-
turned on shore, 478.

Underwriters, destruction of ship with intent to de-
- not belonging to the Islands, tax on sale of, fraud, penalty for, 207

Unlawful cutting of timber (See TIMBER).
Shooting, felonious, with intent, &c., 209.
Silver, Dollar (See CURRENCY).
Slander, declaration of action for, what to contain,

- Imputation of incontinency made just cause Vaccination, Ordinance for promoting and register-
of action, 237.

ing, 557-560.
Special Constables, duties of, and rules respecting, I Vagrancy, Act for suppressing, 277-284,

Vendue Tax, 480, 481.
- Finding, may be ordered without amending Verbal representation of third party's credit does
record, 88.

not constitute contract to be responsible, 83.
Societies, friendly (See FRIENDLY SOCIETIES).

Veto on all laws and enactinents vested in Governor
Spirits, regulations concerning retail of, 344-358.

of Jamaica, 13.
- License to sell, 483.

Volunteer Rifle Corps (See also MILITIA), 377-
Duties on, chargeable according to actual,

not nominal, contents, 467.

Voters, white, qualification of, 8, 53.
Statute law, schedule of, applicable to Turks Islands, - Coloured, qualification of, 53.

— Registry of, regulations respecting, 52-56.
Stipendiary Justices, and their jurisdiction, 262-

Stolen property, receivers of, how punishable, 225.
- how dealt with, 226.

Walls and fences must be kept in repair by free-
- - Advertising rewards for, how punish-
able, 226.

holder, 416.
Strikes, how punishable, 268.

- Penalty for refusal to repair, 417.

Warrants, search, may be issued by judge, 108.
Suburban lots, price of, 395.

Way, right of, after what period indefeasible, 578.
Suicides, mode of interment of, 261, 564.

Weights and measures, Ordinances respecting, 443,
Summary convictions, appeals from, how regulated,

289, 290.

Wharfage and storage, Ordinances respecting rates
Superannuation (See PENSIONS).

of, 444,
Wife, real estate vested in, how aliened, 401.
Wills, Acts regulating registry of, 69-79, 590-


Certain exceptions, 73.
Taxation Acts, and Ordinances relating to, 479.

Probate of, to be registered, 404.
Tenant, Theft of chattels by, how punishable, 222.

in United States, 402.
Thett from dwelling-house, barge, or boat, 217. Wine and Spirits, enactment regulating importation
of Record, 217.

and retail of. 344-361.
of chattels by tenant, 222.

Witness, declaration may be substituted for oath
- by clerk or servant, 223.

in cases of Quakers and Moravians, 565.
by false pretences, 225.

- if interested in snit, evidence admissible un-
Third party, representation of credit of, does not der proviso, 89.
constitute contract to be responsible, 83.

if plaintiff or defendant in other suits, evi-
Resistance to officers by, 254.

dence to be indorsed on record, 89.
Threatening letters, or accusations to extort money, may be party to suit, 118.
how punishable, 214, 216, 232.

not incapacitated to give evidence by crime or
Timber, unlawful cutting of, Act respecting, 341.

interest, 94, 118.
- Vessel laden with, must report cargo, 341.

not compelled to criminate themselves, 119.
Town lots, prices of, 395.

Commission may issue to examine, when
Trade, laws regulating, 448.

abroad, 92, 102
Treason, what statutes in force, in the colony, 196. — may be compelled to attend by Order of
- Right of challenge of jurors, limited in cases Court, 93.
of, 241.

Deposition of, not to be read uuless unable
-- Petit, deemed murder only, 197.

to attend, 93.
Treating, penalties on candidates, at elections, 43. - Costs of, shall be costs in cause, 93.
Trespass and Trover actions for, not exceeding £5, - -- allowance of, for specific cases, 103.

may be tried in Petty Debt Court, 190. 1 - Penalty for disobeying summons by Justice
Trial, postponement of in Civil suit, must not ex of Peace, 319.
ceed one term, 102.

Wrecked propty, duty on, 493.

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