Management, a Continuing Literature Survey with Indexes

Scientific and Technical Information Office, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1975

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1-64 페이지 - US-Patent-Appl-SN number. Non-NASA publications (no asterisk) should be ordered by the AD. PB. or other report number shown on the last line of the citation, not by the N accession number. It is also advisable to cite the title and other bibliographic identification Avail SOD (or GPO) Sold by the Superintendent of Documents. US Government Printing Office, in hard copy. The current price and order number are given following the availability line. (NTIS will fill microfiche requests...
9 페이지 - Avail: Issuing Activity, or Corporate Author, or no indication of availability. Inquiries as to the availability of these documents should be addressed to the organization shown in the citation as the corporate author of the document. Avail: US Patent and Trademark Office.
110 페이지 - Eighth annual report of the activities of the Joint Committee on Defense Production with material on mobilization from departments and agencies.
iii 페이지 - Avail Univ Microfilms Documents so indicated are dissertations selected from Dissertation Abstracts and are sold by University Microfilms as xerographic copy (HC...
86 페이지 - To reorganize and consolidate certain functions of the Federal Government in a new Energy Research and Development Administration and in a new Nuclear Regulatory Commission in order to promote more efficient management of such functions.
1-37 페이지 - No. 12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address 13. Type of Report and Period Covered 15.
26 페이지 - Environmental Protection Agency. Research Triangle Park, NC: Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, EPA, August.
iv 페이지 - Avail: NTIS. Sold by the National Technical Information Service to US customers at the price shown in the citation following the letters HC (hard, paper, or facsimile copy). Customers outside the US should add $2.50 per copy for handling and postage charges to the price shown.
vii 페이지 - Springfield. Virginia 22161 US Geological Survey 601 E. Cedar Avenue Flagstaff. Arizona 86002 US Geological Survey 345 Middlefield Road Menlo Park, California 94025 US Geological Survey Bldg. 25, Denver Federal Center Denver. Colorado 80225 Zentralstelle...
iv 페이지 - Initially distributed microfiche under the NTIS SRIM (Selected Research in Microfiche) is available at greatly reduced unit prices. For this service and for information concerning subscription to NASA printed reports, consult the NTIS Subscription Section, Springfield, Va.

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