Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 11권


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171 페이지 - Horses and asses were unknown, and humped cattle, of a small size, rare. At length we entered a narrow gorge of rocks, which only left room for two boats to pass one another, and warned us that the aquatic part of our excursion was at an end, and in a few minutes we were in the midst of a number of boats the counterparts of our own, which completely lined a beach about 100 yards long, scarcely leaving space for the painted nose of our own craft to insinuate itself between them. Here were clustered...
225 페이지 - I was in the throes of bringing out a new edition of the chief work of my life, ' Siluria.' But whilst Geology has been •the pusuit on which I have established whatever little reputation I possess as a labourer in the fields of Science, I know that you will believe me when I say that I have so loved Geography that I have through life considered these two great branches of knowledge to be inseparably connected. At all events, during my term of office as your President, I have ever striven to the...
81 페이지 - One of my companions was chilled nearly to insensibility, but we struggled against the tempest for hours, unwilling to be defeated in our purpose to reach the summit. ' On the morning of the 24th of July, 1866, in company with three gentlemen of the city of Portland, Oregon, I set out full of determination to stand upon the summit, if energy and endurance could accomplish the feat. Our rendezvous was at the house of a Canadian, who, fourteen years before, had erected a cabin at the place where the...
185 페이지 - ... it constitutes a foundation for the geography of Northern India, the integrity of which must for ever stand unquestioned. Colonel Everest reduced the whole system of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India to order, and established the fixed basis on which the geography of India now rests.
82 페이지 - River on the left, approach each other and seem to cut down into the very foundation of the mountain. The waters were rushing from beneath the glaciers, which, at their upper extremity were rent and broken into fissures and caverns of unknown depth. The present summit of the mountain is evidently what was long since the northern rim of an immense crater, which could not have been less than 3 miles in diameter.
125 페이지 - Johanna men resting with their loads iar in the rear. " Suddenly he heard Livingstone warn the boys that the Mafite were coming ; the boys in turn beckoned Moosa to press forward. Moosa saw the crowd here and there between the trees. " He had just gained the party, and sunk down behind a tree to deliver his own fire, when his leader fell.
124 페이지 - Yet, as if that which should betide him had already thrown its shadow, he added, 'it is best to say little of the future.' " My Lord, if the report of some fugitives from his party be true, this brave and good man has ' crossed the threshold of the unexplored ;' he has confronted the future, and will never return.
82 페이지 - ... miles in diameter. The southern wall of the crater has fallen completely away, and the crater itself become filled with rock and ashes overlaid with the accumulated snows of ages, through the rents and chasms of which now escape smoke, steam and gases from the pent-up fires below. The fires are yet so near that many of the rocks which project upward are so hot that the naked hand cannot be held upon them. Just at the south-west foot of the circular wall, now constituting the summit, and at a...
206 페이지 - Herodotus,' may be said to have established this point, for, in speaking of the old geographers, he says, " they understood the Aral to be included in the Caspian, since they knew but of one expanse of water in that quarter ; for the Cyrus and Araxes, Oxus and Jaxartes, were all supposed to fall into the same sea.
126 페이지 - Near him, in front, lay the grim Zulus who were killed under his sure aim ; here and there lay scattered some four dead fugitives of the expedition. That one blow had killed him outright, he had no other wound but this terrible gash; it must have gone—from their description—through the neck and spine up to the throat in front, and it had nearly decapitated him.

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