Ivanhoe;: A Romance, 2권

Archibald Constable and Company Edinburgh; and Hurst, Robinson, and Company 90, Cheapside, London., 1820 - 374페이지
The classic epic of chivalry and courtly love features the disinherited knight Ivanhoe, his fair lady Rowena, and such larger-than-life characters as Richard the Lion-Hearted and Robin Hood. This novel of the Crusades, chivalry, and courtly love not only recreates history, but made history as well.

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15 페이지 - FAR in a wild, unknown to public view, From youth to age a reverend hermit grew ; The moss his bed, the cave his humble cell, His food the fruits, his drink the crystal well : Remote from man, with God he pass'd the days, Prayer all his business, all his pleasure praise.
291 페이지 - What device does he bear on his shield ? " replied Ivanhoe. " Something resembling a bar of iron, and a padlock, painted blue, on the black shield." "A fetterlock and shacklebolt azure," said Ivanhoe. "I know not who may bear the device, but well I ween it might now be mine own. Canst thou not see the motto ? " . "Scarce the device itself at this distance," replied Rebecca; "but when the sun glances fair upon his shield, it shows as I tell you.
296 페이지 - They pull down the piles and palisades. They hew down the barriers with axes. His high black plume floats abroad over the throng like a raven over the field of the slain. They have made a breach in the barriers — they rush in — they are thrust back ! Front-de-Boeuf heads the defenders : I see his gigantic form above the press.
294 페이지 - And I must lie here like a bedridden monk," exclaimed Ivanhoe, " while the game that gives me freedom or death is played out by the hand of others !— Look from the window once again, kind maiden, but beware that you are not marked by the archers beneath — Look out once more, and tell me if they yet advance to the storm.
297 페이지 - Knight," answered Rebecca, faintly; then instantly again shouted with joyful eagerness - "But no - but no! - the name of the Lord of Hosts be blessed! - he is on foot again, and fights as if there were twenty men's strength in his single arm - His sword is broken - he snatches an axe from a yeoman - he presses Front-de-Boeuf with blow on blow - The giant stoops and totters like an oak under the steel of the woodman - he falls he falls!
302 페이지 - What remains to you as the prize of all the blood you have spilled, of all the travail and pain you have endured, of all the tears which your deeds have caused, when death hath broken the strong man's spear, and overtaken the speed of his war-horse?" "What remains?" cried Ivanhoe. "Glory, maiden, glory! which gilds our sepulchre and embalms our name.
290 페이지 - A singular novelty,' muttered the knight, ' to advance to storm such a castle without pennon or banner displayed ! Seest thou who they be that act as leaders ? ' ' A knight, clad in sable armour, is the most conspicuous,' said the Jewess; 'he alone is armed from head to heel, and seems to assume the direction of all around him.
288 페이지 - You must not - you shall not!" exclaimed Ivanhoe; "each lattice, each aperture, will be soon a mark for the archers; some random shaft-
290 페이지 - ... from the rest of the fortress, so that, in case of its being taken, it was easy to cut off the communication with the main building, by withdrawing the temporary bridge. In the outwork was a sallyport corresponding to the postern of the castle, and the whole was surrounded by a strong palisade. Rebecca could observe, from the number of men placed for the defence of this post, that the besieged entertained apprehensions for its safety ; and from the mustering of the assailants in a direction nearly...
298 페이지 - they bear themselves right yeomanly - the Black Knight approaches the postern with his huge axe - the thundering blows which he deals, you may hear them above all the din and shouts of the battle Stones and beams are hailed down on the bold champion - he regards them no more than if they were thistle-down or feathers!

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