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Rob. Farewell! the best wish M'Gregor car* give his friend is, that he may see him no more.

Helen. A mother's blessing!—for the only kindness shewn for years to the blood of M'Gregor—i be upon you! Now, farewell !—Forget me, and mine forever!

Frank. Forget! Impossible!

Helen. All may be forgotten but the sense of dishonour, and the desire of vengeance.

Rob. No more—strike!

(MarchThe Highlanders file through the mouth of the Cave—Robert and Hamish M'Gregor stretch forth their hands to Frank, as they pass in the March; Helen and Rob Roy each take leave of him with cordiality and regret, and exeunt).

Frank. What a wayward fate* is mine! My father's peace of mind is happily restored, but mine, with Diana, is for ever lost!

(Rashleigh appears at the back of the Cave, and seeing Frank, conceals himself).

What noise? surely I heard—No, they have left me!

(The Boats are seen passing the Loch with the Highlanders).

—They are passing the Loch—I shall see them no more!

Diana Vernon and Sir Frederick rush in, greatly alarmed.

Diana. Gone! M'Gregor—Helen—our friends gone!

Sir Fred. Embarked already! then my course is ended!

Frank. Amazement! Diana Vernon, and—

Diana. Her father! her unhappy, her wretched father! Oh Frank! we are beset by enemies on every side;—the only path by which we could escape, is guarded.

Frank. No danger shall befa! you here.

Sir Fred. Do not involve yourself in my fate— protect my child, but leave me to suffer j I am familiar with danger, and prepared to meet it —

Rashleigh advances.

Rash. Meet it then here.
All. Rashleigh!

(Dian* turns from him, to her Father's arms).

Rash. Ay, I come to repay the various obligations conferred on me by my friends.—(He beckons on Lancie Wingfield, Jobson, i£c. &c.)—Apprehend Sir Frederick Vernon, an attainted traitor, Diana Vernon, and Francis Osbaldistone, aiders and abettors of treason.

Frank. Rashleigh, thou art too a great villain for words to speak thee.

Rash. I can forgive your spleen, my gentle cousin—it is hard to lose an estate and a mistress in one night. Take charge of your prisoners— if my conduct displeases you, Lady, thank your minion there.

Frank. I never gave you cause.

Rash. 'Tis false! in love, in ambition, in the paths of interest, you have crossed and blighted me at every turn. I was born to be the honour of my father's house —I have been its destruction, and disgrace—my very patrimony has become yours; but, if you ever live to possess it, the death-curse of him you have thus injured, stick to it!—Ah!

Rob. Gregarach!

(Rob darts in, and confronts Rashleigh, who
instantly levels a Pistol at himit flashes
in the pan Highlanders, led by Dougal,
appear at the mouth of the Cave—Rash-
leigh's parly shout " Rob Roy!" and
defend themselves, merely to effect their re-
treat, Dougal attaching Lancie, &c. &c.)

Rob. Now ask mercy, for your soul's sake!
Rash. Never !—(Standing on his guard).
Rob. Claymore! die, traitor, in your treason!

(Short and rapid combatRashleigh falls,
and is caught by Dougal, who returns at
the moment, and by signal from Rob,. is
borne off— Helen, with Females, enter
towards the close of the tumult, and Bailie
Jar vie runs on confused). ,

Bailie. Gude save us! what's here to do! I fear I've lost my way.

Frank. Mr. Jarvie! I thought you were on the road to Glasgow.

Bailie. So did I; but, troth, the whisky has deceived me—My Conscience !—to think of a Magistrate losing his head, and losing his horse too! A little man, called Jobson, dismounted me just now in a trice, and gallop'd off, as though my cousin Helen herself was at bis—(Sees Helen) —My Conscience!

Sir Fred. Brave Highlander! you have saved more than my life—you have preserved my honour! You, young man, have proved yourself worthy of my child, and to you I give her. But whence this unexpected aid? I surely saw the boats depart.— (To Rob.)

Rob. With half my band, no more. Dougal overheard, and fortunately apprised me of Rashleigh's intentions, and I kept up the appearance which decoyed the villain to his own snare.

Helen. (To Frank) By Sir Frederick Vernon's means your Father's house has been preserved; that consideration must induce his honourable mind to confirm the gift you prize, and endeavour to obtain from the Government a remission of the law, in favour of a noble enemy. (Pointing to Sir Frederick).

Rob. We shall rejoice in your happiness, though we may not share it. If in such moments, you ever think upon M'Gregor, think kindly—when you cast a look towards poor old Scotland, do not forget Rob Roy!


Pardon now the bold Outlaw,

Rob Roy M'Gregor, O!
Grant him mercy, genlles a',

Rob Roy M'Gregor, O!
Let your hands and hearts agree,
Set the Highland Laddie free—
Mak us sing wi' muckle glee,

Rob Roy M'Gregor, O!

Frank. Long the state had doom'd his fa*,
Rob Roy, &c.
Still he spnrn'd thehatefu' law,

Rob Roy, &c.
Scots can for their country die,
Ne'er from Britons' foe they flee,
A' that's past forget—forgie,
x Rob Roy M'Gregor, O!

Chorus. Pardon now, Sec.

Diana. Scotland's fear, and Scotland's pride,
. Rob Roy, &c.
Your award must now abide,

Rob Roy, &c.
Lang your favours ha' been mine,
Favours I will ne'er resign—
Welcome then for aula" lang syne^
Rob Roy M'Gregor, O I
Chorus. Pardon now, &c.


London i Printed bir 1). MWillas, J
Mow Street, Coy en t Cwlen. )

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