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Bluff. You shall know all, but first—
Diego, Silence!

(Friday has appeared at the mouth of the Cave).
Fri. Massa Diego!
Bluff. 'Tis Friday!

Music.—(Diego has run eagerly to Friday, who meets him with great delight, till enquiries are made, when his expression instantly varies, and he describes in action the situation of Ines and Crusoe).

Bluff. (Observing them). I say, Blackee! what do you turn up the white of your eyes, and keep bailing out bad luck there for? Be alive, my lad, and smother the flame, quick!

Diego. They are lost, inevitably lost! nothing now can save them.

Bluff. Nothing! you forget, you forget — courage, Captain! do not shame your mother! she has a heart as feeling as your own, but as fearless as your father's! remember how he was saved, how wonderfully found. Never believe the hand that preserved him then, means to desert him now—perhaps at this very moment—

(The low and lengthened note of a Conch is heard. The groupe become fixedat the second sound the Canoes appear).

Fri. (With the most extravagant gestures, exclaims) 'Tis Iglou! 'tis de Carib !. (he runs up the Rock and extinguishes the Fire).

Bluff. I said it, I was sure on't!

Diego. Yes, I see—I acknowledge the innocent are never friendless.

Music.— (The dawn has so far advanced, as to make all the objects distinct. The March of the friendly Indians is hefird. Iglou lands, gives a signal of command to the rest, and is welcomed by Friday and Diego. Iglou points to his War. riors, and intimates their intention to stand by him and Crusoe to the last).

The Indians Enter in March—Bluff looking at them with surprize and satisfaction.

Bluff". Ecod! they are a set of clean made fellows. I say, Captain, what a pity 'tis they can't abide the smell of gunpowder—if they could but stand fire, we should be a match for a score of such fellows as Windlass.

(Diego has received the explanation of Iglou's plan from Friday).

Diego. Friday informs me, that Iglou has selected from his tribe, those who, by a slight intercourse with Europeans, have become acquainted with our arms, and the manner of using them.

Bluff. Ay, ay!

Diego. Our method of attack and defence, they meet by stratagems peculiar to themselves, as snares, ambush, and sudden assault.

Bluff. Why, they are at it now.

Diego. Observe!

Music.— (Friday has been explaining to the Savags the use of his Pistols, persuading them not to be alarmed, &c.Iglou has ordered his people to the Wood, and they are seen lopping down branches with their Tomahawks, each man returning with a boughIglou, by a signal^ causes the hidians to crouch behind their branches, and not one appears in sight.Iglou in front, with his ear to the ground).

Diego. Some one approaches! 'tis a single step —we must act as occasion justifies.

Music — (Bluff retires to the Chasm, from which he observes what passes; Diego, Friday, and Iglou retire to the upper end).

Enter Nipcheese, tipsy.

Nip. Oh dear, oh dear! when will all my troubles end? Every thing I do, makes bad, worse. I thought to dispel fear by drinking, instead of that, it makes me see danger double.

(The Indians move slowly, and form a line behind Nipcheese, still concealed by the branches).

—I can't move an inch without meeting some accommodating body, ready and willing- to blow out my brains—it's really very unpleasant. First, I was beset with savages, then nearly buried alive, and presently I suppose, I shall—ey! Now whether my head runs round, or those trees have run round, rot me if I can tell. I have it—this Island is enchanted! I shouldn't be surprized if I am transformed as Crusoe is, and look for all the world like an old Ae-goat on his hinder legs —Lord! what will Mrs. Nipcheese say then! However, I'll liide my jewels in the crannies of that rock, till its time toembark, and then —

(He approaches the Chasm, Bluff starts forward with a Pistol presented).

Another pistol! don't! don't fire, you'll oblige me exceedingly.

Bluff. Another word, and 'tis your last!

(Nipcheese makes an effort to get awaythe Indians shout and drop t/icir branches—Nipcheese falls on his biees T)\ego and Friday starting forward at the same instant, to prevent an attach from Iglou).

Diego. Tell me instantly the plans of your accomplices. . .

Nip. I'll tell you every thing, give you every thing, only save me from being roasted, and made a meal of! (holding out the Case of Jewels, which Friday snatches).

Diego. Where is my mother? Where is Ines and Crusoe?

Nip. In the cave —they'll be here presently.

Diego. And Windlass?

Nip. He'll be here too—you may kill him and welcome!

Diego. What's his intent i

Nip. To make somebody swim to the ship, and tell a parcel of lies to the crew—I was afraid he'd pitch upon me, and having no stomach for water, got out of his way, and tumbled into yours.

Bluff. The ship! well thought on—I'll be before hand with them. They have warped her close in shore, and I can paddle one of the canoes there in the turning of a capstan.

Diego. Right!

Bluff. Give us a shove off, Friday. (He gets into Iglou's Canoe, and Friday pushes it off).

Diego. Now aid us to protect my father, assist in preserving my mother, and you will save yourself.

Nip. I will, I will, as I'm a sinner, and hope to be saved.

Diego. Do not think we shall lose sight of you; not a word you utter will escape us. If I observe the least attempt at treachery, tho' I perish in the act, that moment i3 your last! . Nip. You needn't doubt me; I always have an eye to business, and make it a rule to stick by the strongest.

Diego. When they have brought hither, and secured their prisoners, decoy them from the spot, as you may best be able (retires).


(Iglou forms tlie Indians into separate concealed clusters, resembling clumps of Bitsh.es—Diego takes a station near the side).

Fri. See da! poor Massa Crusoe come!

The Party enter, with Crusoe and Ines bound.

Wind. Now then, belay them to those tree3, while the gunner hails the vessel from the rock. (He sees Nipcheese). So, you land-lubber, where have you been skulking?

Nip. Skulking! I've been waiting for you: 'twas no use to hail the ship before it was light, so I amused myself by reading an almanack.

Wind. What, read in the dark, you drunken scoundrel!

Nip. I beg your pardon, I've been sober this five minutes, and the book that I was examining is in large text hand — only look! (Pointing to the inscription).

Wind. It's a rum sort o'log book, sure enough! Messmates! What's that writing at the top f

Nip. That's what I can't make out.

(The Seamen have secured Crusoe and Ines— Swivel ascends the Rock, and makes signal to the S/iipat the call of Windlass the Mutineers come forwardIglou appears, and attempts to cut the cords that confine the Captives at this moment the Parrot perches on the stump to


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