Are You Under Law or Under Grace?: Being Free to Love God Daily

AuthorHouse, 2005. 3. 2. - 200페이지

Christians sincerely love the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, many often become burdened down with trials and sins. They try their best to live the Christian life, but wind up failing and becoming overwhelmed. These types of Christians experience what living under law is like. You do your best for Jesus giving it all you got and flop.

The Christian life is not lived under Law, but under grace. Jesus does not want you to give it all you got. He wants to give you all Hes got. This is why it is called grace. The Christian life is all Jesus all the time.

Enjoy your reading as you experience this intimate love Jesus has for you a life under grace.


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저자 정보 (2005)

Are You Under Law or Under Grace? is Bob Bennett’s fourth (4th) publication. Bob has a very special gift to draw deep into God’s heart and reveal God’s love to his audience.

If you have never read any of his books, you are missing the wonderful opportunity to experience the personal love God has for you. Bob exhorts, “Don’t miss this opportunity!’

Bob’s love for life is all found in Jesus Christ. His passion for a personal relationship will draw you into God’s heart. Bob invites you to come share the love of Jesus through this book and his other writings – Out of Gas? Never With Jesus, Dead, Burred, and A New Life In Christ, and The Normal Christian Wilderness.

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