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our Knight believ'd the Learned Langua

ges more convenient to understand in, than his own Mother-Tongue,

Idem p. 74.

Andis in leed the self same Case

With theirs, that smore t Et cæteras.
The Convecation, in one of the short Par-

liaments that usher'd in the long one ( as
Dwarfs are wont to do Knight Errants )
made an Oath to be taken by the Clergy,
for observing of Curonical Obedience;
in which they enjoin'd their Brethren
out of the abundance of their Conscience:
to Swear to Articles with ec.

Id. ibid.
Or the French League, in which Men vow'd,
To Fight to the last drop of Bloud.
The Holy League in France, design'd, and

made for the Extirpation of the Protestant
Religiou, was the Original, out of which
the Solemn League and. Covenant here
was with difference only of Circun-
stances) inost faithfully tranfcrib'd. Nor
did the success of both differ more than
the Intent and Purposes for after the de-
struction of vast numbers of People of all
forts, both ended with the Murder of
two Kings. whom they had both Sworn
to defend :

our Covenanters Swore every Man, to run one before


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And as

N 3

another in the way of Reformation. So did the French in the Holy League, to fight to the last drop of Bloud.

Canto HI. p. 105, First Trulla fav’d, and Cerdon tail d. Staving and Täiling are terms of Art us'd

in the Bear-Garden, and signifie there only the parting of Dogs and Bears: Tho' they are us’d Metaphorically in several other Profeflions, for moderating, as Law, Divinity, Hectoring, oc.



Or like the late corrected Leathern
Ears of the Circumcised Brethern,

Pryn, Bastwick, and Burton, who laid down

their Ears as Proxies for their Profession of the Godly Party, not long after maintain'd their Right and Title to the Pillory, to be as good and lawful, as theirs, who firit of all took possession of it in their Names.

Idem p. 114.

That old Pygmalion, &c. Pygmalion King of Tyre, was the Son of Matgenus or Methres, whom he succeeded, and lived 56 Years, whereof he Reign'd 47, Dido his sister was to have Governcd with him, but it was pretended the


Subjects thought it not convenient ; lhe married Sichæus , who was the King's Uncle, and very Rich; wherefore he put him to Death; and Dido soon after de. parted the Kingdom. Poets say, Pygmalion was punished for the Hatred he bore to Women, with the Love he had to a Statue.

Idem p. 150. By bim that baited the Pope's Bul. A Learned Divine in King James's time wrote

a Polemick Work against the Pope, and gave it That unlucky Nick-Name, of The Pope's Bull Baited.

Idem p. 152
Canonical Crabat of Smeć.

SmeEtymnuus was a Club of 5 Parliamentary

Holders-forth, the Characters of whose Names and Talents were by themselves exprest, in that senseless and insignificant word; They wore Handkerchiefs about their Necks for a Note of Distinction, (as the Officers of the Parliament-Army then did) which afterwards degenerated into Carnal Crabats. About the beginning of the Long-Parliament in the Year 1641, these Five wrote a Book against Episcopacy and the Common-Prayer, to which they all Subscrib'd their Names; being Stephen Wartal, edmund Cala.



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my, Thomas Young, Matthew Newcommen, William puritow, and from thence they and their Followers were called Smeltymnuans They are Remarkable for arother Pious Bock, which they wrote some time after that, entitld, The King's Cabinet Unlock’dl, wherein all the Chast and Endearing Expressions, in the Letters that pass’d beiwixt his Majesty King Charles I. and his Royal Consort, are by these Painful Labourers in the Devil's ! Vineyard, turn’d into Burlesque and Ri. dicule: Their Books were answered with as much Calmness and Genteelness of Expression, and as much Learning and Honesty, by the Reverend Mr. Symonds, then a depriv'd Clergyman, as theirs was stuf'd with Malice, Spleen, and Rascally. Invectives.

Idem p. 156.
So Cardinals they say do grope

At t’other End the New made Pope.
This relates to the Story of Pope Joan, who

was call'd 7ohn VIII. Platină faith the was of English Extraction, but born at Mentz; who having Disguised her self like a Man, travelld with her Paramour to Athens where fhe made such Progress in Leasping, that coming to Rome, the met with few that could cqual her, so that on the Death of Pope Leo IV. she was chosen to succeed him ; but being got with .


Child by one of her Domesticks, her Travel caine upon her, between the Colofjian Theatre and St. Clements, as the was going to the Leteran Church, and died upon the Pla e, having Sat two Years, ore Morth and four Days, and was buried there without any Pomp. He owns, that for Shame of this, the Popes decline going through this Street to the Lattili and, that to avoid the like Error, when any Pope is plac'd in the Porphyry Chair, his Genitals are felt by the Youngest Deacon, through a Hole made for that Purpose; but he supposes the Reason of that to be, to put him in mind that he is a Man, and Obnoxious to the Neceflities of Nature


whence he will have that Seat to be called, Sedes Stercoraria.

Id. ibid.
And leave your Vitilitigation.

Vitilitigation, is a Word the Knight was paf

fionately in Love with, and never faild to use it upon all poiiible Occasions; and therefore to omit it, when it fell in the way, had argu'd too great a Neglect of his Learning and Parts, though it means no more than a perverse Humour of Wrangling

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