Isabella; Or, The Fatal Marriage: A Tragedy, in Five Acts

Mathews and Leigh, 1808 - 58페이지

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16 페이지 - In charitable pity to our wants, At last have left us : now bereft of all, But this last trial of a cruel father, To save us both from sinking.. Oh, my child ! Kneel with me, knock at nature in his heart : Let the resemblance of a once-loved son Speak in this little one, who never wrong' d you, And plead the fatherless and widow's cause.
40 페이지 - I was preserved but to be made a slave : I often writ to my hard father, but never had An answer ; I writ to thee too Isa.
44 페이지 - Rack me not with imaginations Of things impossible Thou canst not mean What thou hast said Yet something she must mean. — 'Twas madness all Compose thyself, my love ! The fit is past ; all may be well again : Let us to bed.
11 페이지 - Though I have taken care to root her from our house, I would transplant her into Villeroy's There is an evil fate that waits upon her, To which I wish him wedded— only him : His upstart family, with haughty brow, (Though...
8 페이지 - Southern at a gentleman's house a little way off, who often comes to see us; he is now seventy-seven years old, and has almost wholly lost his memory; but is as agreeable an old man as can be ; at least I persuade myself so when I look at him, and think of Isabella and Oroonoko.
44 페이지 - The fatal innocent cause of all my woes. Bir. Is this my welcome home? This the reward Of all my miseries, long labours, pains, And pining wants of wretched slavery, Which I've outlived, only in hopes of thee ; Am I thus paid at last for deathless love ; And call'd the cause of thy misfortunes now?
42 페이지 - My prayers ! no, I must never pray again. Prayers have their blessings to reward our hopes, But I have nothing left to hope for more. What...
34 페이지 - Oh ! could I think, Could I persuade myself, that your concern For me, or for my absence, were the spring, The fountain, of these melancholy thoughts, My heart would dance, spite of the sad occasion, And be a gay companion in my journey ; Enter CARLOS.
46 페이지 - Ay, so it does; and our lady has not been a widow altogether seven years. SAMP. Why then, Nurse, mark my words, and say I told you so: the man must have his wife again, and all will do well. NURSE. But if our master, Villeroy, comes back again — SAMP.
30 페이지 - I thank you for the proof of your affection : I am so much transported with the thoughts Of what I am, I know not what I do. My Isabella ! but, possessing her, Who would not lose himself? — You'll pardon...

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