Select Comedies of Mr. de Molière, 3권

John Watts, 1732

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42 페이지 - Mais de grâce, Monsieur, ne soyez pas inexorable à ce fauteuil qui vous tend les bras il ya un quart d'heure, contentez un peu l'envie qu'il a de vous embrasser.
29 페이지 - ... unadorned ; a hat destitute of feathers ; a head with the locks irregular; and a habit that endures an indigence of ribbons: Heavens ! what lovers are these ! what a stinginess in dress ! what a barrenness of conversation ! it's over with them presently, they keep it not up at all. I took notice likewise, that their neckcloths were not made by a good workwoman, and that their breeches were not big enough by more than half a foot.
47 페이지 - I feel in the vein ; and you will find handed about in all the nicllcs of Paris two hundred songs, as many sonnets, four hundred epigrams, and more than a thousand madrigals, without reckoning enigmas and portraits.
27 페이지 - Here's my cousin, father, will tell you as well as I, that matrimony ought never to be brought about till after other adventures. A lover, to be agreeable, must understand how to utter fine sentiments, to sigh forth the soft, the tender, and the passionate; and his addresses must be according to the rules.

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