Memoir of Johann Gottlieb Fichte

John Chapman, 1848 - 168페이지

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88 페이지 - The One remains, the many change and pass : Heaven's light for ever shines, Earth's shadows fly ; Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity, Until Death tramples it to fragments.
25 페이지 - We state Fichte's character, as it is known and admitted by men of all parties among the Germans, when we say that so robust an intellect, a soul so calm, so lofty, massive, and immovable, has not mingled in philosophical discussion since the time of Luther.
132 페이지 - In the progress of my present work, I have taken a deeper glance into religion than ever I did before. In me the emotions of the heart proceed only from perfect intellectual clearness ; — it cannot be but that the clearness I have now attained on this subject shall also take possession of my lieart."— Fichte's Correspondence. ".THE VOCATION OF MAN...
15 페이지 - The Log Cabin; or the World before You. By the Author of " Three experiments of Living," " Sketches of the Old Painters,
27 페이지 - The autobiography of Richter, which extends only to his twelfth year, is one of the most interesting studies of a true poet's childhood ever given to the world.
35 페이지 - This fragment, by its distinct recognition of the radical difference between feeling and knowledge, and the consequent vanity of any attempt to decide between the different aspects which the great questions of human destiny assume before the cognitive and emotional parts of our nature, may be looked upon as the stepping-stone to that important revolution in Fichte's mental world, to which the attention of the reader must now be directed. The Critical or Kantian Philosophy was at this time the great...
24 페이지 - is, as Fichte truly says, intelligible to all readers who are really able to understand a book at all ; and as the history of the mind In its various phases of doubt, knowledge, and faith, it is of interest to all. A book of this stamp is sure to teach you much, because it excites thought.
11 페이지 - Channing's Works, Complete. Edited by JOSEPH BARKER. In 6 vols. 12mo. 6s. sewed; 8s. cloth. " Channing's function was rather that of the prophet than that of the scholar and philosopher; his scattered pieces have gone out into the world like so many oracles of religious wisdom ; he uttered forth in tones of such deep conviction and thrilling persuasiveness, sentiments and aspirations which...
65 페이지 - Every judgment, however expressed, I shall thankfully acknowledge ; every objection which seems incompatible with the cause of truth, I shall meet as well as I can. To truth I solemnly devote myself, at this my first entrance into public life. Without respect of party or of reputation, I shall always acknowledge that to be truth which I recognise as such, come whence it may ; and never acknowledge that which I do not believe. The public will pardon me for having thus spoken of myself, on this first...

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