The Southwestern Reporter, 178권

West Publishing Company, 1915

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212 페이지 - An instrument is negotiated when it is transferred from one person to another in such manner as to constitute the transferee the holder thereof. If payable to bearer it is negotiated by delivery ; if payable to order it is negotiated by the indorsement of the holder completed by delivery.
251 페이지 - This company shall not be liable beyond the actual cash value of the property at the time any loss or damage occurs, and the loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value, with proper deduction for (2) depreciation however caused, and shall in no event exceed what it would then cost the insured to repair or replace the same with material of like kind and quality...
188 페이지 - Any city containing a population of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants may frame a charter for its own government, consistent with and subject to the Constitution and laws of this State...
258 페이지 - ... vested by operation of law with the title of the bankrupt, as of the date he was adjudged a bankrupt...
236 페이지 - That the jury, on the trial of any issue or on any inquisition of damages, may, if they shall think fit, give damages in the nature of interest over and above the value of the goods at the time of the conversion or seizure...
135 페이지 - The defendant may demur to the complaint within the time required in the summons to answer, when it appears upon the face thereof, either— 1. That the court has no jurisdiction of the person of the defendant, or the subject of the action ; or, 2.
41 페이지 - It is a part of every man's civil rights that he be left at liberty to refuse business relations with any person whomsoever, whether the refusal rests upon reason, or is the result of whim, caprice, prejudice, or malice.
289 페이지 - an executor or administrator is a party, the other party shall not be admitted to testify in his own favor...
373 페이지 - An act to confer jurisdiction upon the Court of (Maims to hear, audit and determine the claim of Frank A. Hall of Canandaigua for damages for injuries to property alleged to have been sustained by him through the negligence of the State, its officers, agents and employees...
248 페이지 - The case was tried before the court and a jury, and resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff, for $20,000, for which amount, with costs, he had judgment.

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