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OF THE REFORM OF THE CONSTITUTION. CLXXXII. No Motion for the reform of one or more Articles of the present Constitution shall be admitted, in either of the Chambers of the Legislative Power, unless supported by a fourth part of the Members.

CLXXXIII. When a Motion shall have obtained such support, after discussion in the ordinary form, two-thirds of the votes in each Chamber shall be requisite to sanction the necessity of the reform of the Article or Articles in question. : CLXXXIV. This resolution shall be communicated to the Executive Power, for its opinion, which shall return the resolution to the Chamber, whence it first originated, with its Report.

CLXXXV. If the Executive Power do not concur, the subject being re-considered in both Chambers, the concurrence of three-fourths at least of each of their Members shall sanction the necessity of the Reform, and in this case, as well as in that of the consent of the Executive Power, it shall be immediately verified by the number of suffrages prescribed in Article CLXXXIII.

CLXXXVI. The reform being verified, it shall pass to the Executive Power for publication, or for the suggestion of amendments. Should it be returned with amendments, three-fourths of the votes of each Chamber shall ultimately sanction it.


CLXXXVII. This Constitution shall be presented for the examination and free acceptance of the Capital and the Provinces, through the medium of the Juntas which exist at present, or which may be formed for that purpose.

CLXXXVIII. The acceptance of it by two-thirds of the Provinces, including the Capital, shall be sufficient to carry it into effect, in those Provinces, and relations and good intelligence shall be maintained with those which may delay giving their assent to it.

CLXXXIX. If the Provinces should determine to abide by the judgment of the Constituent Congress, it shall proceed to accept their determination by a special declaration.

CXC. In the latter case, or in that of the preceding Article, orders shall be immediately issued for the formation of both Chambers, and for the installation of the first Legislature, in order that this Constitution may be solemnly sworn to throughout the Territory of the State.

CXCI. Every one conspiring, or lending any aid towards conspiring, against the present Constitution, after it shall have been accepted, shall be punished, even unto death, according to the magnitude of the crime.

Given in the Hall of Session of the General Constituent Congress, in Buenos Ayres, the 24th day of December, 1826.

Signed by JOSE MARIA ROXAS, President, and by 9 other Deputies for the Capital ; by 8 Deputies for the Territory dismembered from the Capital; 6 for the Province of Cordova; 5 for Corrientes ; 4 for Catamarca; 4 for Entre Rios; 4 for Mendoza; 2 for Misiones ; 4 for Montevideo; 2 for Rioja; 6 for Salta and Jujuy; 6 for Santiago del Estero; 2 for Santa ; 1 for San Juan; 3 for San Luis ; 4 for Tucuman; and I for Tarija.

JUAN C. VARELA, Secretary.

TREATY of Federation between Peru and Bolivia.-Signed at Chuquisaca, the 15th of November, 1826.

(Translation.) DESEANDO los Gobiernos de las The Governments of Peru and Repúblicas Peruana y Boliviana Bolivia, being desirous to insure asegurar de un modo firme su in- in a firm manner their Independependencia, y libertad, y queri. dence and liberty, and wishing endo ademas estrechar las relacio. moreover to draw closer the ties nes que las unen, han acordado which unite them, have agreed to un Pacto de Federacion.

a Treaty of Federation. Con este fin han nombrado sus For this purpose they have respectivos Plenipotenciarios : á named their respective Pleniposaber:

tentiaries, that is to say: El Consejo de Gobierno de la The Council of Government of República del Perú, al Señor Don the Republick of Peru, Senor Ignacio Ortiz de Zeballos, Minis- Don Ignacio Ortiz Zeballos, Mitro de la Corte Suprema de Justicia nister of the Supreme Court of de aquel Estado: y el Presidente Justice of that State: and the de la República Boliviana à su President of the Republick of Ministro en el Departamento de Bolivia, his Minister in the DeRelaciones Exteriores, Coronel Fa partment of Foreign Affairs, Cocundo Infante, y al Señor Don lonel Facundo Infante, and Senor Manuel Urcullu, Diputado en el Don Manuel Urcullu, Deputy in Congreso Constituyente, y Ministro the Constituent Congress, and Mide la Corte Suprema de Justicia. nister of the Supreme Court of

Justice. » Quienes habiendo cangeado sus Who having exchanged their respectivos Plenos Poderes, y hal. respective Full Powers, and these làndose estos extendidos en de having been found in proper bida forma, han concluido y conform, have concluded and agreed venido en los Artículos siguientes: upon the following Articles:

Art: I. Las Repúblicas del Art.b The Republieks of Peru, Perú y Bolivia se reunen para And Bolivia upite, in order to form formar una Liga, que se denomi. a League which shall be denomidarà Federacion Bolivjang. ->',1091 nated the Bolivian Federation.

II. Esta Federacion tendrà un IL This Federation shall have Gefe Supremo vitalicio, que lo serà a Supreme Chief for life, who el Libertador, Simon Boliyar, I shall be the Liberator, Simon Bo

ELI T Jivar. į III. Habrá un Congreso Federal III. There shall be a Federal de la Federacion, compuesto de Congress of the Federation, con9 Diputados por cada uno de los posed of 9. Deputies from each of Estados Federados. 118desembocor the Federal States. ' oes" :

IV. Luego que se hayan ratifi IV. Immediately after the Racado estos Pactos, se procederá al tification of this Treaty, the 10nombramiento de los diputados mipation jof. Deputies for the Fepara el Congreso Federal, 1 por los deral Congress shall be proceeded Cuerpos Legislativos de los Estados upon, by the Legislative Bodies Federados, sise hallaren reunidos: of the Federal States, if they en este caso el nombramiento de. should be then assemblea ; in which berà recaer en ladividuos del seno case, the nomination shall fall de los mismos Cuerpos Legislativos.. upon Individuals belonging to the

said Legislative Bodies. » ..in IV. A falta de Cuerpos Legislati- V. In default of Legislative vos, ó en su receso, se hará el Bodies, or during their recess nombramiento de Diputados al Deputies for the General Congress Congreso General, por los l’ueblos, shall be nominated by the People, en la forma y términos que lo- in such form and manner, as may determine el reglamento que ha be determined upon by the regulade dar cada uno de los Gobiernos tions, which each of the Goverdde los Estados. Vigan Grensi ments of the said States may fix.

VI. En todo evento, los Dipu. VI. In any case, the Deputies tados, para el Congreso General for the General Congress { must, deberán, reynir, ademas de las besides the usual qualifications, calidades comunes, las de probi, possess probity, well known padad, y patriotismo notorio, y co triotism, and a perfect knowledge nocida ilustracion en las materias of the matters which are to come que han de ser de la atribucion under the coguizance of this Conde este Congreso.d lödde obje gress. til 1919.auhule Bubur -70YJA El Libertador queda au- &MIL The Liberator is authori torizado para designar el lugar zed to designate the place where donde se ha de reunir el primer, the first Congress shall assemble Congreso, procurando sea un, chusing such point as may be punto el mas proporcionado por best adapted to that object, from sy, centralidades comodidades, y, its central situation, convenience,

luoridade dem oj mud JIVALO and salubrity. 164 el 1906: 5.Jİts :

debidades comolismo notari materias

donde procurando gero por best, adapt

pelia de la instalacicciones del Con

deral Congress arhe spot at which

VIII. La renpion del Congreso Vill. The sittings l off a the durará, para sus Sesiones ordina. Congress shall last, in its ordinary rias á lo mas el tiempo de dos Session, for the period of two meses en cada año, los que em months at most in every year, pezaràn á correr desde el primer which Session shall count from dia de la instalacion,

the first day of its installation. ;) · IX. Son atribuciones del Con I X. The Attributes of the Fes greso Federal,

1st. Elegir el lugar en que deba 1. To choose the spot at which residir el Congreso y Gefe Sud the Congress and Supreme Chief premo de la Federación, y decre of the Federation shall reside, and tar su traslacion á otra parte, to determine their removal to any cuando lo exijan graves circun- other place, wheneyer weighty eirstancias, y lo decidan á lo menos cumstances may require, and two las dos terceras partes de los Di- thirds of the Deputies present shall putados presentes. D;'decide for, the same. :1.159 . 2. Designar la parte del Ejerci- . 2. To designate what proporto, y Marina militar, que propor- tion of the Army and Navy of cionalmente cada uno de los Esta- each of the States is to be placed dos debe poner à las inmediatas under the immediate orders of the órdenes del Gefe Supremo de la Supreme Chief of the Federation. Federacioni i

ne 3. Señalar la parte proporcion- 3. To determine the proporal de las cantidades con que los tional amount which each State is Estados deben concurrir todos los to furnish every Year towards the años para los gastos de la Federa- expenses of the Federation. cion. 'n Dio . ...

Ini te

r ma ja . 4. Investir al Gefe de la Feder- 4. To invest the Chief of the acion de la Autoridad Suprema, Federation with the Supreme Au. recibiéndole el correspondiente thority, receiving from him the juramento. L'umi.

corresponding oath. J » 5. IV . Autorizar al Gefe Supremo :5. To authorize the Supreme para negociar los empréstitos que Chief to negotiate the Loans which sean necesarios para sostener los may be necessary to support the intereses de la Federacion: en interests of the Federation; on cuyo caso deberá preceder la apro- which occasions the approbation of bación de los Cuerpos legislati- the Legislative Bodies of the vos de los Estados, prévia la mani. States shall be previouslyadhd festacion de la parte que á cada tained, with respect to the proporuno toque amortizar, y los inter- tion which each has to contribute, eses que le correspondan. :... it and of the interest which will acest web y suelo. Whilindores

crue on the same. "ngolo by 16. Decretar la Guerra, á pro- ; 6; To declare War, on the pro- t puesta del Gefe Supremo, é invi- posal of the Supreme Chief, and tarle a hacer la paz. ?*!!u ca bar to invite him to make peace...we? 7. Aprobar ó rechazar los Tra. 7. To approve or reject the tados que hiciere el Supremo Gefe Treaties made by the Supreme de la Federacion.

Chief of the Federation. · 8. Arreglar y componer pacífi- 8. To arrange and compose camente, las diferencias que pue- pacifically, the differences which dan ocurrir entre los Estados Fede- may arise between the Federal rados, y cuando esto no baste, in- States; and, should the same not dicar al Supremo Gefe los medios succeed, to point out to the Suque debe adoptar para restablecer preme Chief the measures which su paz, y buena armonia.

should be adopted to re-establish

peace and harmony. 9. Conocer de las diferencias 9. To take cognizance of the que se susciten entre los Estados differences which may arise beFederados, y cualquiera otra Na- tween the Federal States and any cion, para .componerlas pacífica. other Nation, in order to compose mente; y siendo ineficaces estos them pacifically; and, such meamedios, declarar el negocio comun, sures being ineffectual, to declare y propio de la Federacion. the affair common, and appertain

ing to the Federation. 10. Examinar la inversion de 10. To examine into the aplas rentas que se pongan á dis- lication of the Revenue, placed at posicion del Gefe Supremo para the disposal of the Supreme Chief, los gastos de la Federacion for the expenses of the Federation.

11. Investir en tiempo de Guerra, 11. Toinvest the Supreme Chief, ó de peligro extraordinario, al Gefe in time of War, or of any extraorSupremo con las facultades que se dinary peril, with such powers as juzguen indispensables para la sal. may be judged indispensable for vacion de los Estados Federados. the safety of the Federal States.

12. Aprobar el nombramiento 12. To approve the nomination que haga el Gefe Supremo de la made by the Supreme Chief, of

the Person who is to succeed him. 13. Aprobar el señalamiento de 13. To approve of the Salaries sueldos que haga el Gefe Supremo appointed by the Supreme Chief á todos los Empleados y Funcion- for the Officers and Functionaries arios de la Federacion.

of the Federation. 14. Establecer las reglas, y dic. 14. To establish the rules, and tar las providencias consiguientes dictate the provisions, necessary à la observancia y cumplimiento for the observance and fulfilment de estos Tratados, y al mejor ré- of this Treaty, and for the better regimen de los negocios de la Fe. gulation of the affairs of the Fedederacion ; sin poder alterar, ni ration; without the power of altervariar en lo substancial ninguno ing or varying the substance of de sus Artículos.

any of its Articles. , 10. Ordenar su régimen interior 15. To regulate its own internal

tamentos, y corregir á sus management, and to punish its


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