Annals of Scotland: From the Accession of Malcolm III in the Year MLVII to the Accession of the House of Stewart in the Year MCCCLXXI, to which are Added, Tracts Relative to the History and Antiquities of Scotland, 1권

A. Constable, 1819
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45 페이지 - O God, thou wilt not despise. Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion : Build thou the walls of Jerusalem. Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness, With burnt offering and whole burnt offering : Then shall they offer bullocks upon thine altar.
15 페이지 - Opposed to this are superstitious consecrations, such as are common among the Papists. Thus far of the solemn and reverential mention of the name of God. We are next to consider the duty of making a consistent, and, when necessary, an open profession of his true worship. This is enjoined Matt.
90 페이지 - L'Espec (also) ascended the carriage in which the holy standard was fixed, and harangued the surrounding multitude. He reminded them of the glory of their ancestors, and described the barbarities of the Scottish, invaders. ' Your cause is just ; it is for your all that you combat ; I swear, ' said he, grasping the hand of the Earl of Albemarle, * I swear, that on this day I will overcome the Scots, .or perish.
40 페이지 - magnificent in her own attire ; she increased the number of attendants on the person of the king, augmented the parade of his public appearances, and caused him to be served at table in gold and silver plate. At least (says the honest historian) the dishes and vessels were gilt or silvered over." Malcolm is traditionally said to have, with the advice of his nobility, made various important innovations in the Constitution of the kingdom, or the administration of public affairs. He appears to have...
196 페이지 - that he had been invited to York to marry the princess of England, not to treat of affairs of state : and that he could not take a step so important without the knowledge and approbation of his parliament.
410 페이지 - ... estimated indemnification ; and as the villains were grievously under the power of their lord, it would be often exorbitant and oppressive. In process of time, the lord would discover, that as the young women of his estate were exported, the young men of his estate would import others ; so that, upon the whole, no great prejudice could arise from extra-territorial marriages. Hence the indemnification would be converted into a small pecuniary composition, acknowledging the old usage, and the right...
302 페이지 - Glasgow, and their recantation is recorded in the following words : — ' Be it known to all men : whereas we, with the commons of our country, did rise in arms against our lord Edward, and against his peace, in his territories of Scotland and Galloway...
45 페이지 - Your husband and eldest son are both slain," replied the prince. Lifting her eyes and hands towards heaven, she said, " Praise and blessing be to Thee Almighty God, that thou hast been pleased to make me endure so bitter anguish in the hour of my departure, thereby, as I trust, to purify me in some measure from the corruption of my sins > and thou, O Lord Jesus Christ, who, through the will of the Father, hast given life to the world by thy death, O deliver me !" While pronouncing the words " deliver...
343 페이지 - ... intercourse of friendship or familiarity." So, indeed, it is said by Blind Harry, whom every historian copies, yet whom no historian, save Sir Robert Sibbald, will venture to quote. But, notwithstanding the authority of this romantic writer, it is most improbable that Wallace should have voluntarily put himself in the power of a man whom he knew to be in an office of distinguished trust under Edward. Again, Lord Hailes complains, " My apology for Monteith has been received with wonderful disapprobation...

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