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279 페이지 - Expences which may have taken place or been paid, granted, received, or incurred, for and in respect of all Officers and Persons belonging to or employed in or by or in the Service of all Public Offices or Departments, specifying the amount and nature thereof...
392 페이지 - AN ACCOUNT of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their TONNAGE, and the Number of...
187 페이지 - Of all PRIVATE BILLS and Bills for Confirming Provisional Orders which, in the Session of 1902, have been referred by the Committee of Selection, or by the General Committee on Railway and Canal Bills, to the Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means ; together with the Names of the Members who served on each Committee ; the Number of Days on which each Conmittee sat ; and the Number of Days on which each Member attended...
424 페이지 - Account of the number of vessels, with the amount of their tonnage, and the number of men and boys usually employed in navigating the same, that belonged to the several port?
88 페이지 - An Act to make better provision for the Constitution of the Council of the Governor-General of India, and for the Local Government of the several Presidencies and Provinces of India, and for the temporary Government of India in the event of a vacancy in the office of Governor-General.
85 페이지 - An Act for amending the Law relating to Copyright in Works of the Fine Arts, and for repressing the Commission of Fraud in the Production and Sale of such Works.
380 페이지 - Act for carrying into effect the Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the State of the Dioceses of Canterbury, London, Winchester, and Rochester; and for other Purposes.
194 페이지 - To consolidate and amend the statute law of 'England and Ireland relating to malicious injuries to property...
3 페이지 - Return of the number and nature of the accidents and the injuries to life and limb which have occurred on all the Railways open for Traffic in England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, respectively from the 1st of January to the 31st December, 1856.
407 페이지 - An Act to increase the Facilities for the Transfer of Stocks and Annuities transferable at the Bank of Ireland, and to make further Provision respecting the mutual Transfer of Capital in certain Public Stocks or Funds transferable at the Banks of England and Ireland respectively, and for other Purposes.

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