the peerage and baronetage of the british empire as at prese.


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lxv 페이지 - Viscounts' eldest sons. Earls' younger sons. Barons' eldest sons. Knights of the Garter. Privy Counsellors. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
lxvii 페이지 - GCMG Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George. KCMG Knight Commander of St. Michael and St.
lxxviii 페이지 - Coburg and Gotha, Great Steward of Scotland, Duke of Cornwall and Rothsay, Earl of Chester, Carrick, and Dublin, Baron of Renfrew, and Lord of the Isles, KG His Royal Highness was born at Buckingham Palace 9 Nov.
134 페이지 - FITZ - GIBBON, Earl of Clare, Viscount FitzGibbon of Limerick, and Baron Fitz-Gibbon of Lower Connello, Co. Limerick, in the Peerage of Ireland; also Baron Fitz-Gibbon of Sidbury, Co. Devon, in Great Britain ; Lord Lieutenant and...
lxxix 페이지 - Prince, and subsequently his grandson, afterwards King Richard the Second, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, and this Earldom was by Act of Parliament in 1397, the 21st year of the latter monarch, united to the principality of Wales, since which period it has always been joined in the Patents of creation to the Prince of Wales. Earl of...
lxxiii 페이지 - Osnaburg, was created Duke of York and Albany in Great Britain, and Earl of Ulster in Ireland.
xx 페이지 - III. ; namely, that every Lord spiritual or temporal summoned to Parliament, and passing through the King's forests, may, both in going and returning, kill one or two of the King's deer without warrant, in view of the forester if he be present, or on blowing a horn if he be absent ; that he may not seem to take the King's venison by stealth. The very important privilege of franking letters, which till lately the Peers possessed in common with the members of the Lower House of Parliament, all have...
lxiv 페이지 - Younger sons of the Sovereign. Grandsons of the Sovereign. Brothers of the Sovereign. Uncles of the Sovereign. Nephews of the Sovereign.
lxiv 페이지 - Council. The Lord Privy Seal. The Lord Great Chamberlain. The Lord High Constable. The Earl Marshal. The Lord High Admiral. The Lord Steward of Her Majesty's Household.
xxix 페이지 - His parliamentary-robe is of fine scarlet cloth, lined with taffeta, and doubled with four guards of ermine at equal distances, with gold lace above each guard, and is tied up to the left shoulder with white ribbon.

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