British Theatre: Alzira, by Aaron Hill [adapted from Voltaire] 1791. The Grecian daughter, by Arthur Murphy. 1792. Isabella; or, The fatal marriage, altered from Southern [by D. Garrick] 1792. The fair penitent, by N. Rowe. 1791

J. Bell, 1791

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41 페이지 - Through every state of life the slaves of man ! In all the dear delightful days of youth A rigid father dictates to 'our wills, And deals out pleasure with a scanty hand. To his, the tyrant husband's reign succeeds ; Proud with opinion of superior reason, He holds domestic business and devotion All we are capable to know, and shuts us, Like cloistered ideots, from the world's acquaintance, And all the joys of freedom.
26 페이지 - Be dumb for ever, silent as the grave ; Nor let thy fond, officious love disturb ^ My solemn sadness with the sound of joy.
viii 페이지 - As if misfortune made the throne her seat, And none could be unhappy but the great.
45 페이지 - That fills his easy ears with monstrous tales, And makes him toss, and rave, and wreak at length Bloody revenge on his defenceless wife, Who guiltless dies, because her fool ran mad ? Hor. Alas ! this rage is vain; for if your fame...
50 페이지 - If they are all debas'd, and willing slaves, The young but breathing to grow grey in bondage, And the old sinking to ignoble graves, Of such a race no matter who is king ! And yet I will not think it ; no — my people Are brave and gen'rous ; I will trust their valour.
37 페이지 - My friends, you will forgive me, when I own, I must prefer her peace to all the world ? Come, Isabella, let us lead the way : Within we'll speak our welcome to our friends, And crown the happy festival with joy. [Exeunt.
59 페이지 - To be a wretched Wanton for thy Leisure, To toy, and waste an Hour of idle Time with?
15 페이지 - With expectation of the comina; joy. Thou hast in camps and fighting fields been bred, Unknowing in the subtleties of women : The virgin bride, who swoons with deadly fear, To see the end of all her wishes near, When blushing, from the light and public eyes, To the kind covert of the night she flies, With equal fires to meet the bridegroom moves, Melts in his arms, and with a loose she loves.
46 페이지 - I must fall, death's welcome in these arms. Bir. Live ever in these arms. Isa. But pardon me, Excuse the wild disorder of my soul : The joy, the strange surprising joy of seeing you, Of seeing you again, distracted me • Bir. Thou everlasting goodness ! Isa, Answer me: What hand of Providence has brought you back To your own home again ? O, satisfy Th' impatience of my heart : I long to know The story of your sufferings.
8 페이지 - Vil. What can I say ! The arguments that make against my hopes Prevail upon my heart, and fix me more ; Those pious tears, you hourly throw away Upon the grave, have all their quick'ning charms, And more engage my love, to make you mine : When yet a virgin, free, and undispos'd, I lov'd, but saw you only with mine eyes ; I could not reach the beauties of your soul : I...

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